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EVE Online The spectacular space combat, commerce, and exploration game, whose breathtaking graphics, special effects, and intricate gameplay provide an experience unlike any other. Played on the Internet, this massively multiplayer online persistent world game takes place in a universe teeming with life every hour of every day. Take on the role of a spaceship captain cruising around the universe, trading, fighting and communicating with other players and create a life beyond imagination.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3381
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Simon & Schuster / CCP
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EVE Online reviews ( 5 )

wotan343, Aug 30, 2012

This is the best "game" in the world. As ever, a reader should discard any review of a multiplayer game where the reviewer has failed to play the game with other people. Lo and behold, most of the negative reviews on this game are from people who start out saying "I spent a day figuring this game out" or "I couldn't get into it" or "who plays this piece of crap" or "I like the character creator herpderp". If you aren't willing to take the time to play a multiplayer game with multiple players, you've never played it. That's rule number zero. Rule number one is increasing reward for increased risk. With EVE, this is true ingame and out. Risk more time and more resources, put yourself out there and meet new people and you may well be rewarded with endless fun and the best gaming experience there is -- or your name might be googlebombed if you try to become an internet celebrity like The Mittani did. Risk your ship and your ISK and you might make it big, or you might get ganked on the way there. The trick is managing those risks. Rule number two: EVE can be modelled as one big series of prisoner's dilemmas. Is the chatty guy in local out to get you? At what point should you grab the loot accrued with your newfound friend and run? Are the people around you whom you have chosen to risk trusting going to take everything from you tomorrow, or while you sleep? Rule number three: specialize. Yes, there are people smarter than you who have been playing this game for almost a decade. Yes, you may never catch up to them. But skills work such that no one character has them all, and this is unlikely ever to happen as CCP grows the game. If you choose a niche or playstyle (do your research) and if you apply the resources to hand intelligently, and better yet if you team up with people you can trust, nothing can stand in your way. A corollary of this is specialist knowledge: don't hand out the tricks of your trade for free, or you won't be able to charge as much for them. And so, I leave the rest of the rules for you to discover. Here's a rubik's cube. Go **** yourself.

galaxy366, Oct 23, 2010

Graphics looks beautiful, from the models to the effects it a plus for a 2003 game!If you like space, and like MMO's then this is your game.For me award for best 2003 MMO game.

El_Burrito, Dec 5, 2010

Pros: Free content upgrades about every 6 months, a lot of gameplay potential if you can find it, good graphical quality for ship models and stations (however the backgrounds and most of the effects are still very lacking).Cons: Terrible community, terrible tutorials (there are jokes about how the game has a high learning curve, how ever this is only because the tutorials are rubbish and 99% of the community are too retarded to help), boring game mechanics, scams.There is a point where having it possible to do scams in a game adds a new depth to the game, but when every single contract, market offer and person is trying to scam you, it gets old incredibly fast.The game is a sandbox, which would be good if there was a lot to do, but really there isn't. There aren't really any goals even hinted at. You can set yourself goals but chances are you'll quit the game before you achieve them. You can pretty much either go into Industry, Missioning or PvP, but they all play out pretty much the same. Lock onto target, activate modules, wait, then repeat or warp out.You would think that a game set in space would feel huge and open, but EVE Online is possibly the most claustrophobic game I have ever played, when warping between things, it feels like you're in a small room crammed in with a load of other people.Over all the game is worth a try, because 300,000 people can't be wrong, the game can be fun. How ever most PvP results in who ever has the bigger blob wins, industry is all about who can sit around in a belt wasting all day, while they make as small a profit as possible thanks to macro miners ruining prices of minerals and products. Missioning results in you asking for a room full of NPCs, warping to the room full of NPCs, killing all the NPCs in the most mind numbing combat any game has ever made and then warping back and asking for a new mission.The game really needs more focus. I just don't understand why anyone would really want to play EVE "Spreadsheets" Online all day, with pretty much you're only reward being more ISK, or a destroyed ship.

Andrivullar, May 11, 2015

First off, allow me to introduce myself, i'm Andr. I've played eve online since 2007. I've done every possible thing there is to do inside of eve aside from supers. I started with just andr, but eventually my account numbers kinda grew as i explored more of eve. Anyways, eve WAS a really great game, but ever since they lost their economist [iirc he left for a better job] the game went down hill, but only because of their current leadership. Allow me to also say that some of their rulings involving multiboxing [multiple accounts] have gotten actual hand-eye-users banned. And now you see from my perspective of why I want my mains persona [older than my eve toon, i've had it for 10+yr] removed from their "monument".

wulfenger, Oct 2, 2015

Rogue moderation. Will ban you for no reason or if you differ in opinion with staff. This company is founded in another country so they follow a different set of rules. Also unethical gameplay within game with no cap on how far someone can go.