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EVE: Valkyrie A multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter set in the EVE Universe. The game uses virtual reality to give players the sense of being a real pilot in an EVE Online spaceship and will be released in 2014.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1315
Genre Simulation, Space, Combat
Company / Developer

EVE: Valkyrie reviews ( 7 )

QuantumDelta, Nov 26, 2016

In a sentence: FreeSpace 2 Multiplayer in VR. EVE Valkyrie is a purebred competitive multiplayer experience, there's a little bit of single player that alludes to the fairly rich lore, most of that lore must be found outside the game, though. If you want this for a singleplayer experience, I would suggest waiting, the developers are constantly adding content to the game, multi and single player, so it'll get there eventually, but right now, there are only a couple hours worth of single player content at most. Multiplayer, however, this game with it's dampened physics flight model is very much in the same vein as FreeSpace and the other hyper-competitive space shooters from the late 90s, FreeSpace itself, being used as a comparison should show you how high in regard I hold this game, the game (FS2) was long, long regarded king of the genre. If competition, fighting against the best, and team work, looking towards tournaments and structured competition is your thing, this is the best in the genre in a decade, and it's in VR. I've barely touched on the VR side of this in the review, the reason for that: It does it pretty much flawlessly. They have iterated on it many times and (once you deprogram yourself from wanting non-VR things (menus)), it's actually really intuitive. Try it first. Especially on PC. You'll be impressed.

jay_ck, Apr 23, 2017

Love it! I've been doing long play sessions of excellent space combat (focused on multiplayer). So much fun with wingmen on mics to play with. Zooming around using various classes of ships (fighter, heavy, support) with a variety of tactics, primary & secondary weapons, lock-on missiles, guns, phaser weapons, healing beams, flak weapons, helper spiderbots, etc. Cool, large environments...capital ships, asteroid fields with tunnels drilled through them, giant space stations, etc. It can be challenging, there's so much going on, and there are good players that can wreck you fast. But when teams are in better balance, you can keep improving and having great fights.

Fallenstars, Aug 5, 2016

Eve Valkyrie.... What and how to say it? Let's start with the plus: -the sensations of the game are really good, it's the first time in my VR expérience that I feel "inside" it for real. Many other games have something that break the immersion, but here, since you're sitting in this cockpit every move of your head "feel real" there is no motion sickness (at least for me) - the game is beautiful, it's worth remembering it, many times during my scouting missions I found myself idling between the maps, just looking at the sceneries. On my opinion the best one is the ruined battlefield, flying between those huge wrecked ship is something. Now, let's slide to the "meh" zone - the gameplay is correct. like other said, the gameplay (for now) is nothing too original, it's a space battle, nothing new here, you fly your ship, and pew pew! and lastly, the minus: - it's a game about multiplayer, so no campaign, no story to follow, nothing but some scouting mission that serve more of a "get used to the map without being blown up" - the music isn't really present, I can't even remember if there is music at all, paradoxalement, many eve online music fit perfectly with the game. To conclude: Eve valkyries is a standard multiplayer shooting game. BUT the fact that it's in VR and that the feelings are really good make this game so much better! EvE: Valkyrie take a new level of depth when you start to look around you, the game speed up, you react much faster, began to understand where and when to turn, speed up or down, etc. Yes, the gameplay is "basic" but the VR add a speed and a feeling that I've never felt before. The game is good, even playing alone, but you'll never enjoy it without a team, I had the chance to play with some squads and thanks to the ingame chat, you can talk without knowing each other, and there is nothing more satisfying than playing in group, flying in formation, tearing enemy ships apart seeing them not being able to be efficient, etc.

Cuke, May 19, 2016

Sitting in a cockpit being catapulted into the dark unknown was the moment when I said, yes, the Rift was totally worth the price of admission. I glanced down at my arms and saw arms there, space suited and in the same place as my real arms, and I can't fully explain just how memorable that simple glance was. Sadly, the game gets repetitive quickly. If you've played Eve, Valkyrie is its opposite in every way, for better and for worse. I'm not a particular fan of Eve, so that's not an automatic strike against, but if there's one thing Eve has, it's depth. Valkyrie has none. It's basically Counter-Strike in space. Just a handful of small maps, brief matches between tiny ships, not much in the way of tactics beyond "shoot it until it dies, then shoot something else". All of that said, Valkyrie remains the most immersive experience I've had on my Rift. It stays installed for the occasional match, and because I start it up every time I'm showing it off to someone. That "wow" moment I had seems to be universal.

BetaTester_All, Nov 26, 2016

Here we go. I beta test this game when it came from its alpha version and I have played / tested every version from time to time and at the end every time was a led down so I will give you the facts about this game since critic here seems on a payroll from ccp. Game still full of bugs since its alpha: docking perimeters for some stations are wrong making bump out of station when you warp in and players take advantage of this to practically destroying your ship, an exploit ccp refuses to fix. Originally, object were able to collide in game and get damage but ccp could never fix their engine warp system so every time you warped into a space station you were blown to pieces so they designed the bump system (how unrealistic for an space sim) which by the way became another exploit were small ships are able to bump big ships so bullies can easily make you their prey. Another problem is the server can handle the numbers of players so they create the time dilation so those epic fights people talk about you spend 80% of the time almost freeze in space watching your ship get blowing into pieces in real slow motion like a photograph session. Another one, graphic simulation are wrong with most of the ships, detailed get lost since the company has never been able to fix the game cinematic of many of the ships. Exploit are just being fixed by ccp discretion of how they considered the exploit affect the game outcome doesn't matter to be a valid exploit that could screw few people fun if they keep their hardcore player base happy. The learning curve,you better have good friends in game otherwise, you wont have time to learn anything how to play it. The leaning curve is so hard that you wont be able to enjoy the game soon enough. You need to be an octopus to master so many details just to keep you alive. Also to earn the game currency is a tedious boring task if you are not a pirate or you arent part of a big corporation that is part of a big alliance in null sector. The game is divide in different sectors were high sectors suppose to be safe for newcomers which never is, low sector you start some decent pvp and null is where all the action but at the same time all the boredness happen depending on how big your corp and alliances are and how much of that null sector they control. EVE isnt a real space sim since is js just point and click multiple buttons in the right way to keep you alive in a pvp fight with the right gear for the occasion. As for the ship navigation system you dont have real control of the ship in a dogfight, You have to fit ship with the right gear for the occasion which that is the only good thing about it but it gets too expensive for the average player. They claim is a sandbox, well it isnt since ccp has to do some control damage especially in the game economy injected some additional variables into the game to keep it under control and the way they want. Some big corporation and alliances think they are running the game but at the end ccp do whatever they see fix to change the course of the game under the gameplay and economy itself. You have to be over 21 to play the game since everything is encourage here, especially scamming people since it is now an implicit part of eve lifestyle. Also bullying is pretty much common so you have to be a adult to play even though it doesnt matter if you are a mature adult or a psychopathic sociopath person. Therefore I advise concerned parents dont led their children to play this game at all. At the end of the day EVE has everything what is wrong in a video game today, full of bugs, difficult game-play, being play by the wrong type of people. However, If you dont mind that, well that is your lost and their win...

hexacetat, Jun 15, 2016

Its fun for maybe 10 Minutes, after you left behind the initial impression and surprise of the VR experience it gets old so fast. The space battles are boring and repetitive, im happy that i didnt waste money on this game.

Iracundus, Mar 29, 2016

Look beyond the superficial visual eye candy and the initial novelty of the Oculus, and what you have is pretty uninspired repetitive gameplay. Ultimately what gives a game longevity is good solid gameplay, not just visuals that players quickly grow used to and take for granted. This game does not have that.