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Event[0] Event[0] is a sci-fi narrative exploration game where you build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home to Earth.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1333
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Ocelot Society / Ocelot Society
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Event[0] reviews ( 7 )

aragorn0X, Nov 30, 2016

I really liked it. Intelligent, very good "sci-fiction" atmosphere. I liked to write "orders" to AI terminals ! very original. Also the AI chats. It was very fun and relaxing to play !

VasylKnei, Jan 24, 2017

That is just perfect! I really impressed by this game. It's just for those who know about Stanley Kubrick and one of the greatest film "Space Odyssey 2001".

Dianouille, Sep 23, 2016

Event[0] is really unique. It isn't a game that you play, it's a game you live. You never have the feeling of resolve puzzle or make strategies. You're just here, in this abandoned spaceship, and you talk. You talk for real, with that AI who really seems to be someone. You talk to understand what happened, to progress in the ship, and to save your life. Graphics are really beautiful, and immersive. Sound is just AWESOME. The game is short, ,yes, something like 3 hours for the first run, but I play it 3 times, to learn more about the story, have some different relationship with the AI and view the different ending, so I don't think that matters.

karmasleeper, Sep 14, 2016

Extremely short adventure game with a few light puzzles. The game consists of moving your character from room to room chatting with an AI program at computer terminals located in each area. You can ask the AI questions and try to get answers. The AI is pretty decent at understanding complete sentences. Dialogue options are very limited, however, but this works to create the illusion of evasiveness on the part of the AI and is a great way to raise more questions with you, the player. I finished the game in a little over three hours in one sitting. There is too little content. I'm ok with not being able to ask the AI questions repeatedly to uncover nuggets of truth, but the characters, premise, and outcome deserved to be fleshed out more. I don't know if there are multiple endings. The game uses save slots and autosaves, so I can't simply load a save at THE crucial plot point. I have replay the whole game. This isn't that big of an issue since the game is so short, but it is tedious enough to be discouraging. Ultimately, the game is too short for the ambitious questions it attempts to ask. What could have been a bigger story simply isn't, and what could have been a real cat and mouse game with the AI is more like Simon Says and 20 Questions. Still worth a play at a discounted price.

minix2poo, Sep 21, 2016

6/10 Short comment/Kurzkommentar/一言感想 EN/ First of all, usually I don't recommend games without a score of at least 7 out of 10, but in this case I will make a small exception. So it is more a limited recommendation. What is this game about? You will land on an empty spaceship, and will search for a way to get back home. You will get support by the boardcomputer, which can be contacted through so called Terminals. To communicate, you need to input the text yourself by using the keyboard. It is just this new kind of concept that fascinates. Indeed it really gives you the feeling, like if you would be communicating with the AI, and it makes you feel like if you were cooperating with the AI. Overwhelmed by the AI's reaction at the beginning, you might get a bit disappointed later if you start to recognize that the AI's reaction is also limited. But still, this is a good idea, which I hope will be a good example for future games. About the current Metascore of 80+, I think this is a bit to high, since the game is REALLY short. Btw, since you will have to communicate in english, basic knowledge of english is essential to play this game. DE/ Erst einmal vorab, normalerweise empfehle ich keine Speiel die für mich keine 7/10 erreichen, dennoch mache ich hier eine Ausnahme. Es ist daher eher eine engeschränkte Empfehlung. Worum geht es im Spiel? Du landest auf einem verlassenen Raumschiff, und musst einen Weg nach Hause finden. Hilfe bekommst du vom Bordcomputer, indem du mit ihm über bestimmte Terminals kommunizierst. Zum kommunizieren musst du den Text selbst per Tastatur eingeben. Es ist einfach dieses neuartige Konzept des Spiels was fasziniert. Es gibt einem tatsächlich das Gefühl, als würde man mit einer AI kommunizieren, und mit ihr zusammenarbeiten. Anfangs noch überwältigt von den Reaktionen der AI, kann es nach einer Weile dann doch etwas ernüchternd wirken wenn man merkt dass die Reaktion der AI doch gewissermaßen eingeschränkt ist. Dennoch eine gelungene Idee, die in Zukunft hoffentlich Schule machen wird. Was den momentanen Metascore von 80+ angeht, finde ich diesen aber etwas zu hoch, da das Spiel SEHR kurz ist. Zur Info, da man nur auf English kommunizeren kann, sind Grundkenntnisse in der englischen Sprache Pflicht. JP/ 先ず手始めに言っておくと、普段は10点満点で7点はいってないとゲームをお勧めしないのですが、今回に限り例外扱いさせていただきます。なのでどちらかというと、将来に向けて期待するという意味での限定的お勧め扱いです。どんなゲーム?無人の宇宙船に辿り着き、帰る方法を探すといったものです。その際、要所ごとに点在しているターミナルを通じて会話ができる船の中枢AIのサポートを受けることになります。AIとの対話はキーボードを使って自分でテキストを入力することにより行われていきます。個人的にはとても斬新に感じるコンセプトでした。まるで本当にAIと対話し、AIと協力しているかのような錯覚に陥りますので。勿論初めはこのAIの反応に感嘆するも、時間が経つにつれAIのリアクションにも限界があるのに気づいてしまうのはある意味仕方のない事かと思います。それでも、アイデアとしてはとても凝ったもので、将来的にこのゲームを模範とするものが出てきてくれれば良いかなと期待を膨らませていただいております。現在の80点+のメタスコアについては少し評価が高すぎる気がします。如何せん、プレイ時間が余りにも短いので・・・。因みにAIとの対話は英語で行われる為、プレイするにあたり少なくとも英語の基礎知識は必須となります。 Pro/良い点 +Nice game concept/ゲームコンセプトが良い。 +Immersive/雰囲気(どちらかというと環境か)に飲まれる。 Con/悪い点 -To short to be a game. Feels more like a demo/短すぎてゲームというよりdemoに思えてしまう。 -20Euros are to expensive for such a short game/この短さで20ユーロは高い。 Example for In-game performance/パフォーマンス例 Win10 64bit GTX 1070 i7-6700k 16GB DDR4 RAM At 1080p, max setting: FPS 80 - 110 It uses round about 8GB of your SSD/HDD space.

GRANITsalvo, Apr 13, 2017

The premise of this game is very interesting. Sadly, I'm not even an hour in and that interest is waning. I'm worried that what I tough was clever may just be pretentious. It is also very difficult to be comfortable with this game: - Movement is only forward and back with the left and right mouse clicks....it's very restrictive and triggering some sort of agoraphobia. I'm going to assume that it's intended that way for effect, however being in the navy, the confined spaces don't trigger that for me....however not being able to move intuitively does. So....it doesn't work. - 15 lines of dialogue in, and I don't feel that the computer gives a ♥♥♥♥ what you say. It also uses sentences that are difficult to follow. Like someone that doesn't really want to talk....and you are not sure what to say that makes sense, but the game hangs because it needs you to type something to move on. Example: Me: Who are you? AI: The room next to you has a comfortable lobby [...waiting a few minutes.....door cant interact.....] Me: are you going to open the door? AI:Thank you for your trust, organism. [door opens] AI: Here it is. The Lobby, in all it's glory. [running out of things to check and stuck in the messy room, so I try to type something] Me: What happened here? AI: There is something that requires your attention. Me: What is it? AI: I mean business. I really can't follow this....it feels like I am stuck in a stage play without the script and the other actors are just continuing with their lines to keep the play rolling. - The game highlights "...it's about Empathy, show some", however you are forced into 3 roles for your character : California Hippie (the game said it, not me), Philippine war refugee that moves to California, and Brazilian slum survivor that magically appears in California (literally "Somehow you ended up in California"). I find this insulting. It also hints that many of the responses are scripted. As a side note, I've visited the Philippines and have had a fair amount of interaction with the culture and I still find it arrogant to assume that I could empathize with someone growing-up in the fighting there. I also dont wish to return to California, so any future relations to that will also be difficult to empathize with. All of this shouldn't be here. I think my expectations where too high...I was hoping on an evolution of ELIZA from my MSDOS days blended in with some isolation psychology. So far I am not feeling that level of sophistication. I can't even immerse myself into the environment with out freedom of movement. I will still play it and hope for the best, but (even though I don't feel that my typing is abstract) the AI just seems to ignore me and reads a script. Giving it an average until I can feel engrossed into the world and when the AI feels like an AI. Seriously, it should understand sentences like "Who are you", "why is the door closed", "where is everyone", and "what planet is that?".

natanfk, Jan 22, 2017

This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Imagine a game focusing around an AI. Now imagine that AI doesn't work, not even a bit. That's Event[0] in a nutshell. I prefer to play 30 hours of Ride to Hell: Retribution than play this game.