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EverQuest Prepare to enter an enormous virtual environment-an entire world with its own diverse species, economic systems, alliances, and politics. Choose from a variety of races and classes, customize your character, and begin your quest in any number of cities of villages throughout multiple continents. Equip yourself for adventure, seek allies and knowledge, and experience a rich world of dungeons, towers, crypts, evil abbeys-anything is possible-even planes and realities beyond your imagination. Meet new friends from around the world to face epic challenges. Make yourself a noble human knight, a vicious dark elf thief, a greedy dwarven merchant, or whatever suits your desire. [Sony Online Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1391
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Sony Online Entertainment / Sony Online Entertainment
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EverQuest reviews ( 6 )

CarlC., Mar 1, 2007

Great end game content. Great deal, for 30 bucks you get the original + first 12 expansion packs. Devs make a new expansion every 7-8 months. Massive World. PvP isn't good tho.

XidariaP., Nov 3, 2003

Now listen to me... you will buy this highly addictive game... you will spend endless hours of enjoyment... you will eat, sleep, & breathe Everquest ! -Xidaria

mijxero, Apr 3, 2015

This is an old game that has gone through a lot of ups and downs. I have left and returned multiple times, but that is just it, I always come back. Other mmos I have left and forgotten while this one stays with me. It is one of the few games left that has the balls to say, clerics are healers--no you don't get a dps spec. Some classes excel at things and are better at things than others, while everything balances out in a way. I hate how every mmo now wants everyone to do everything the same. Rogues should not do the same as a wizard, that is why wizards have a limited mana bar. This game is challenging and takes some learning, but it is one of the few mmos left that don't let you frolic through zones without a care as you mow down everything you see. Without challenge all rewards seem pointless, and this game makes it feel worth the effort.

marc5477, Dec 31, 2014

The 1st fully 3D MMO, was a major success, that drove the gaming industry to look at MMO's seriously. Developed originally by Verant, it was an amazing experience for gamers of the time. Unlike previous MMO's which were limited to 2D or isometric 3D, this MMO brought exploration to the table and a huge world with dangerous environments, punishing monsters around every corner, boat rides and massive raids like none we had seen before. Classes in the game were static with very little wiggle room in customization but each classes was very unique and had a purpose (for the most part). The game employed the old trinity class system where you needed a tank, cleric and dps class to beat difficult enemies. This created a problem for many who played hybrid classes not being able to find groups since their characters were not as effective as others playing a "trinity" class. Nonetheless, groups formed, people solo'ed when they had to, and raids still took place with friends and family playing together regardless of classes. The nice thing about Everquest is that due to difficulty, almost all progression was worthwhile be it quests, crafting or just level grinding... at least, that is how it was early in the game (up to the 3rd expansion) and that is how I wish to remember this fantastic game. Unfortunately, when Sony purchased the game, the game quickly spiraled down the drain with additional content that was lazily designed, poorly tested, and clearly meant to be a time sink rather than a fun time for all. Sony made unilateral decisions regarding how the game should be played and they designed all new content that way polarized much of the subscribers until finally, everyone turned their backs on Sony and moved over to WoW as soon as it hit the shelves. But that is a long story for another day.

Jaz, Feb 24, 2013

A great game at its time, also there were too few of them then It defined the MMOs for the time to come, yes even WoW, i know WoW fans may find it hard to believe it. Now some of its legacies were good, some not, still that was the Original!! In many aspects i haven't seen a better MMO like classes with role defining abilities, immersing world (even day/night had a major impact) etc. Still its lack of soloability, and the raid oriented content of later expansions left it with a relatively few dedicated players in major guilds and the rest moved to EQ2 or WoW mostly.

Deadeyeye, Feb 26, 2016

Shadow of its former self now. Customer Assistance is also beyond a joke after all their lay offs, ontop of that the reps I've dealt with have been dismissive and unhelpful.