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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture transports the player back to the brief moments leading up to the apocalypse to explore the choices people make when they’re faced with world-shattering events beyond their control.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1792
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
The Chinese Room , PlayStation Mobile Inc. / The Chinese Room

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture reviews ( 7 )

tggoulart, Apr 16, 2016

Groundbreaking graphics (nearly photo realistic), detailed world, throughtful story, atmospheric. It's a masterpiece of a game and a one of a kind experience.

patras, Apr 17, 2016

Love this game, it's a shame that it suffers from poor optimisation but I hope there will be some patch for the issues. The game is absolutely stunning otherwise.

jacob_lukas, Jul 5, 2016

How should I begin? This game is wonderful and it's definitely not for everybody. Some unkind voices may call it 'boring walking simulator', but I would rather look at it as some kind of a bookish experience. It has great, emotional narrative that unveils story piece by piece. It has stunning, beautiful graphics. (dynamic shadows of clouds!) The music is just marvelous, orchestral scores fit the overall vibe perfectly. I could listen to them even without the game. As I said, it will not satisfy everybody, because gameplay is minimal. The game is hardly interactive and focuses purely on an experience of the world and story as it is. It's like reading a book. And watching a book. And listening to a book. :) The same concept was used with their previous creation 'Dear Esther' (great short story btw). It may sound paradoxically but this game is not really for playing but for exploring the world and story . Hey, at least you can drink tea or eat crackers peacefully while enjoying a journey ;)

kamhagh, Jun 8, 2016

You spend the entire game following a light and wondering wth just happened? oh and buy some glue you're gonna have to glue your "W" key :) and there are many problems but i wouldn't really recommend it :( sorry..... wasted my amazing day :(

Winterspark, Apr 27, 2016

If you have ever been to a village in Surrey on a weekday morning you don't need to play this game. Its exactly the same thing. Pretty but empty villages until all the people who work in the city come back in the evening.

stop9091, May 7, 2016

A very infuriating game. Important premise: I like exploration games, so this is not a "this is not a game!" type of review. Having said that, the problem with this game is very simple: the Chinese Room company has very talented artists, but they're completely inept at implementing a videogame. The graphics, musics, voiceovers are wonderful, but the game is terribly implemented: The 3d engine is very slow; his is the absolutely slowest game I've played in the last year (on par with Gone Home) - it will stutter even at 720p with modern, relatively highly specced hardware. The approach to controls is too "puristic", and it just doesn't work. The "run" functionality seems to work sometimes but not most of the time. There is no jump; this is in line with the game, except that after 10 minutes of playing, I already got stuck in a place without exit. The walking dynamic is very strange; it's supposed to mimic real life (so it has a fast/slow cycle), but it is not appropriate for a videogame. To wrap up, play a "demo version" (cough cough...) before buying it, as youtube playthoughs will not give you an idea of how infuriating this game is.

DanMat, Apr 3, 2017

Maledetti bastardi. MALEDETTI.BASTARDI: mi hanno inculato con Dear Esther, mi hanno inculato con questo...ora basta, per me è boicottaggio puro da adesso in poi; non appena vedrò scritto The Chinese Room anche solo in un angolino non guarderò più nemmeno il trailer. Bastardi. Passi il walk simulator, passino i controlli di merda, passi la lentezza estrema del gioco...cazzo il doppiaggio è superbo e la storia ti prende....MA LA TRAMA...perché sempre TRAME DI MERDA??! Perché?!?! Nessuno, nessuno...ripeto: NESSUNO sembra interessarsi alla QUALITA' della trama...tutti che elogiano o criticano il gioco a livello tecnico...ma cristo di un dio in croce ma vi sembra normale una trama basata sul fatto che l'estinzione della razza umana la decide una cazzo di scienziata pazza in preda alle mestruazioni che sclera perché il marito si va a bere una birra con una ex e allora via, tutto il mondo a puttane!? Ma porco dio...ma di cosa stiamo parlando qui?? Ma questa è gente da rinchiudere, ma chi l'ha sceneggiata sta roba, la Boldrini? Se ne incontro anche uno solo di quelli della Chinese Room gli spacco i denti, giuro. C'hanno la fissa della fine del mondo e del suicidio? Beh gliela giustifico. Ma che cazzo...