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Exit the Gungeon Exit the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon climber immediately following the adventures of the misfit ‘Gungeoneers’ and their journey for personal absolution in Enter the Gungeon.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 70
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Dodge Roll
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Exit the Gungeon reviews ( 6 )

kevinmaggedon, Mar 21, 2020

After years of loving and playing Enter The Gungeon I'm happy to say Exit The Gungeon is a great game. It was beautiful graphics mixing smooth and pixelated graphics flawlessly. The controls feel responsive and I feel in control at all times. The only problem that keeps this from being a ten is the fact a lot of people have a problem with the controls I changed my control layout before the game started and had a great experience. The problem isn't that the controls are bad just that the default controls for controllers are not well chosen.

MaoZedong, Mar 18, 2020

while inferior to the game this spin-off is based on, it still has much of enter the gungeon's charm. I like the concept of the gungeoneers having to escape the gungeon, and while it takes a bit of time to get used to the new controls, it feels good to control.

joselor, Mar 20, 2020

Exit the Gungeon is for me a very fun game, but it's also quite strange : it's a mix of platform and bullet hell that can be very difficult for newcomers, with a particular gungeon charm. The game-play is very fluid and good, and it's got a lot more action than Enter the Gungeon. The whole game is made to make you shoot, move, dodge, but not to make you explore, and that was something pretty cool in Enter the Gungeon. Anyways, this game is good. Buy it.

lemoland, Mar 25, 2020

XTG is NOT a sequel to Enter the Gungeon, it's a spin-off and should not be considered a full time adventure for over 250 hours, which I have in ETG. Exit is a well-done, game. However gameplay is something that could prove harsh to ETG veterans; It's ultra wierd if you have played Enter for quite some time. XTG is a GREAT game. No matter what everyone says, give It a try, even if you'll have to use torrents

Smile_Bot, Jun 23, 2020

6/10 Exit The Gungeon, Is a side screen Platformer with bullet hell elements included inside of it's game play. This Game is clearly a spin off that has much less polish and less quality in it's craft compared to The Original Gungeon. Exit the Gungeon seems to have had love put into it, but these are still my opinions when comparing these two titles, I don't think Exit The Gungeon is a bad game but it is lacking in places. Game Play The Game play in this game compared to it's predecessor feels a little flimsy, and seems to be missing the meaningful hint of skill that was contained in every segment of the Original game. The guns seems more of a chance if it will lock onto the correct target, and having the guns be randomized every few seconds makes the strategy of what weapons and what chests you try to acquire is gone. The new jump action seems neat but adds no more variety/strategy then the original dodge roll already did. Taking away the reload action and the ammo count gets rid of the rhythmic timing the original had making it a guess when your bullets will be delayed. The balancing seems to be either a hit or miss from interaction to interaction, comparing two bosses,The Low Priest is a great consistent experience while GungaMesh seems to be a unfair fight. Writing The Writing in this game took a step up, having more interactions with characters like Ox and Cadence begin to interact more and have more banter. However, the slow sort of sadness that the original is nearly all gone, you get glimpses of it here and there but this game doesn't carry as much purpose or faint desperation that each character subtlety carried. The game is much more light hearted Originality Their is very few things that are this games idea, most things in this game are heavily reused as well as ideas. Their is 5 returning bosses with twists and 6 are original to this game. Nearly all the enemies are from the previous game and all the items are from the previous as well. All in All this game's most original concept is adding hats... Final Thoughts After finishing this review i can say this game is not bad, but is not a proper continuation of Gungeon. The Game would have fared better if it was it's own thing, if this was a regular arcade shooter I don't think this would make me as disappointed as I am.

PLATWA, Apr4, 2020

The game was very disappointing. The game came out very crude. A lot of bugs, incorrectly working weapons, broken combos, etc. I hope that the developers can improve the game so that it becomes playable, but for now it is trash