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F1 2010 In F1 2010 gamers will take on the full, expanded grid in a variety of game modes including Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trial and an extensive, innovative Career mode. F1 2010 will also feature a highly advanced damage model, fully dynamic weather system and extensive competitive multiplayer options.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1875
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, Formula One, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters Birmingham

F1 2010 reviews ( 7 )

bruster, Sep 24, 2010

Finally! A complete simulation that captures GTR 2's visual timing. Be aware, open wheel, F1 handling is awkward in corners and chicanes until you get enough practice. Try different teams - in the first career competition, the Indian team's F1 is easy to drive and outperforms the Virgin team's entry - by several seconds.

WillKill, Dec 2, 2010

A rewarding game with great sim functionality and physics. This is the most fun F1 game I have played in my years and I must say, Codemasters now dominates the racing genre. Its slick, fluid menus with perfect musical melodies really appeal to the feel of being a driver. The cars are pleasing to drive. Force feedback is great and keyboard play is fun as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes realistic/semi' racing.

cjm, Dec 14, 2010

Another excellent Codemasters racing experience. I've never driven an F1 car, so I can't comment on how realistic the handling of the cars is. Set on Hard difficulty, my best finish so far has been a 7th place (still on my first season.) You really have to get to know the tracks for this one, because the speed of the cars does not allow for much reaction time between corners. Most of the frame rate issues noticed by other reviewers are caused by the hardware they are using, not the software. You need a decent gaming rig to run this game, I'd say at least an amd 5770 card for a single 1080 display, plus all the supporting hardware. (Maybe the console versions are laggy? See, there is still a reason to have a gaming PC.)Anyway, I give it a 9 because the tires do puncture a little too easily, you don't see that so often watching F1 races on TV. Stick to the recommended pit stop strategy and it's not a big problem. Using a force feedback steering wheel will tell you when the tires are about to go, the front end starts to push and you can feel the wheel lose resistance.Don't buy this game expecting Burnout or Need For Speed, you're not going to win every time, probably not even once during the first season unless you're playing on Easy difficulty.

Zuxx, Oct 26, 2010

An 8 for me.A great game with some bugs that can compromise the full experience like the popular fuel bug or the random crazy punctures, and an AI upgrade is required, even at legend i can do a 5th place with a Lotus.But overall a good game also considering tha a bug-fix and improvements patch is already in work.With and mid-hig end PC F1 have great graphics, just wait for the upcoming patch.

Valleymsx, Sep 11, 2012

There really couldn't be a better time for Codemasters to release what is undeniably the best Formula 1 videogame since 2002. As the F1 season heads to Singapore next weekend and the final five races of the season, no less than five drivers are still in with a realistic chance of winning the championship and the vast majority of races so far have been unpredictable battles which were fought for with tooth and nail. Guaranteed thrills and spills now come bundled with the experience of an F1 race weekend, which is far more than could've been said of the sport eight years ago when Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 was released. So, Formula 1 is back atop the mountain again from the armchair enthusiast's point of view and we all know how much couch potatoes like a decent game to supplement their viewing.

Xipe, Sep 24, 2010

Beautiful game that is marred by its arcadey gameplay -- the physics implementation isn't there at all --, poor AI and half-finished career mode. Best skipped for racing fans.

Onedude, Jul 25, 2011

Psysics/Handling, timing system, gameplay, various bugs, look and feel......hmm dont know what to say other than it just doesnt feel right. rfactor simulator three years ago felt like a real simulator but this one....I was very exited but after trying it, i got very dissapointed. I rate the games as a simulator only.