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F1 2011 In F1 2011 players will be challenged to ‘Be the driver, live the life, go compete,’ with wide-ranging technical and gameplay advancements on and off track and vastly extended competitive and co-operative multiplayer components. F1 2011 will feature all of the official teams, drivers and circuits from the highly anticipated 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, including the current FIA FORMULA ONE Drivers’ World Champion Sebastian Vettel. The 2011 season also sees the debut of the 2011 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF INDIA at Delhi’s Jaypee International Race Circuit and the return of the iconic Nürburgring to the calendar.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1857
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, Formula One, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

F1 2011 reviews ( 7 )

PAOLOwmp67, Sep 3, 2012

Brilliant, fantastic Formula One game! This game has amazing ultra graphics, realistic F1 car models, authentic look of the drivers, greatly designed tracks of F1 2011 season. So many awesome details, car setups will keep you chasing for better lap times in time trial. Lots of different settings to play with, definitely a lot to master as you progress in the game. Definitely the best F1 game up to date, although I miss podium celebrations and a parade lap. New feature in this game is the co op championship online with a friend. This is so much fun with a good friend!

XDavidX, Nov 23, 2015

The game is just amazing. I love play this game. For me this game is amazing ! Nothing more to comment because this game is amazing ! I rate this 10/10

InsidePCgaming, Nov 26, 2011

All in all this seasons F1 title is easily better than last year. I'm loving it and I have plenty of racing sims to be playing, however this is the one I choose to play. The sense of speed is felt while racing with a wheel and peddles. Force Feedback has been utilized really well. Going over any bump or kurb is felt through the wheel. Xbox360 controller works just as fine. Found no problem using the controller. This is one game I will be recommending to anyone that has any interest in racing sims. The PC version is obviously going to be the pinnacle of all the formats available. Having it released on pretty much all of the formats brings the game to a wide gaming audience and leaves no reason not to have this in anyone's collection. Must buy in my opinion.Read the full review @ www.insidepcgaming.com

vhscampos, Sep 25, 2011

The game is quite hard, compared to Dirt 3, for example. The first times I played I had to pick the amateur level of opponent's difficulty.As the other games from Codemasters, like Dirt series, F1 2011 is too "casual". In the driving aspect the game is realistic, of course, but in general it is shallow. You don't get the feeling of a story running on.

B3ckett, Nov 8, 2011

A great game. A terrible continuation.If I look at F1 2011, it's great. The graphics look as the should, the addition of KERS and DRS systems makes racing a bit more fun and challenging. Yet the lack of more obvious improvements and new features when compared to F1 2010 makes me feel I've wasted my money on this one.If you've never sat behind F1 2010's wheel, then feel free to buy it's successor and enjoy the life of a celebrity driver.On the other hand, if there's a F1 2010 box near your TV or computer monitor, think twice. It's almost the same game with a new number and few improvements. Not enough for the money they want you to pay for it.

nf0rc3r, Sep 27, 2011

Great game but still with its flaws. A lot of flaws that exists in the 2010 version such as the Incapable AI and the lack of fuel simulation has been fixed.However some problems still remains. For example AI never crashes (Unless its caused by you). Its very unrealistic that every car finishes every single race.I also had one race where the rain stopped 2-3 laps before the checkered flag. Every single AI car pitted for option tyres 1 lap before the end of the race. Needless to say i chose to stay out in Intermediates and that netted me an easy podium.Its small flaws like these that spoils the fun of the game but still, it is a pretty great game if you can overlook these and I would recommend it to any hardcore F1 Fans.

Cthulhu_Lives, Nov 13, 2011

Hideous bugs. Again. The 11/11 bug that HighwayUK mentions is the worst of the lot, but if you check the race sim forums you'll find pages of reported issues. Virtually unplayable for multiplayer because of the 11/11 bug, but also because there is no way to remove wreckers, and there are A LOT of wreckers out there. There are also a lot of hackers who've taken control of the top of the online leader boards.The game does not match real life physics, so if you're looking for a game that shows you what it's like to drive an F1 car, then this is not the game for you. You'd probably be better off with the next release of rFactor. If you're looking for a realistic-looking arcade game and don't want the multiplayer feature, then give it a try. The career system is okay, but they've shortened the longest possible career to five years, down from 7 with F1 2010.I desperately hope the F1 franchise will be taken from Codemasters (the company name is ironic) and given to someone who can write code.