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F1 2014 Gamers can refine their skills and win medals by taking part in bite-sized racing challenges in an expanded Scenario mode, featuring a range of different scenarios based on real-world challenges and moments from recent history.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1144
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, Formula One, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters Birmingham

F1 2014 reviews ( 7 )

thebushytail, Oct 27, 2014

Here's one thing very few people, critics or users, are talking about ---> car handling has substantially improved. I own all F1 games from Codemasters, and I consider this iteration of simcade F1 cars to be the most challenging, interesting, and enjoyable to drive. The biggest difference? If you push too hard into a turn and slam the brakes in a desperate attempt to still hit the apex, the front wheels DO NOT lockup and the cars DO NOT understeer straight off the track. Instead the cars have braking oversteer which can lead to a 4-tire-drift around the apex, which requires accurate throttle/brake input and appropriate steering to correct and minimize the time lost. That's right, these F1 cars like to drift under aggressive deceleration. And that is incredibly more fun than locking up the Pirilli's and cutting a chicane to regain control and speed. Is it accurate to the real motorsport? Perhaps not, but it's considerably more fun. Second biggest difference: Holy crap, the torque. I haven't driven every car yet, but if you load up that rear axle mid turn on a sweeper while pounding up through the gears, full throttle will result in lighting up the rear tires. Throttle control is critical; turns that were flat in F1 2013 now require some throttle manipulation to keep the car on the a fast racing line. You can also go deep into the rev's without losing too much acceleration, a pleasant situation because the gear ratios are fixed. Why are people not talking about these improvements to car handling and the positive impact it has on the gameplay? I imagine most people use a joypad, and I don't know how these changes translate a stick and a couple triggers. Or if they have a wheel and pedal setup, they keep some driving assists on, completely negating the fun of pushing the fastest cars in the world while exploring the limits of grip. As for what everyone else is saying: Yes, in general there is less content and Codemasters should have anticipated this response. But if you have the racing peripherals and the skills to drive with all assists off, you will be surprised at how much fun it is to toss a Codies F1'14 car around the race tracks. 10/10

Thombie, Oct 17, 2014

I agree with the general copy+paste opinion about the game but it's still a pretty good game. It's better than least years iteration and it has the new engine rules and other details that's important for someone who actually enjoys F1 in real life and with a game perspective. Realistically I'd give the game a 7 or 8 but to counter the other clueless reviews I decided to be "just as clueless" but on the opposite side of the scale. Please try to be somewhat reflected when reviewing a game rather than childish and butthurt over minor details.

MarcoVanDexter, Oct 17, 2014

Absolutely championship mode is excellent, realistic graphics and sounds can not be disputed. Not much difference from the previous game. (excluding audio and car) old wine in new bottle. so true :d

Skeptosaurus, Oct 28, 2014

I own all Codemaster Codemaster F1 games. This one has the most challenging physics model, crisper graphics, better AI (marginally) and overall had so much potential. Austria and Hockenheim tracks are worthy additions. But, the thing that let's it down most is the p2p multiplayer set up. The F1 Server is even more temperamental than 2013, if that was possible. The F1 2015 release will determine Codemasters fate wrt keeping a stranglehold on the rights to this game. I hope they create something special but, most importantly, they have to nail online gameplay (lag and drop outs must be minimal or non-existent). Their preoccupation with keeping the casual console gamer happy is getting tiresome to the PC league racing community.

tigerskin84, Oct 17, 2014

Copy&Paste game. avoid it if you can, is a mod from 2013 with 2 new tracks... at least the last year game had the classics cars and a bunch of new tracks, this year F1 2014 is the same with awfull sounds noises like in real life season and it feels unpolished come on!! mclaren doesn't have the actual livery is the same from the pre-season test

RzrTrek, Oct 17, 2014

If you like paying for the same game alá copy and paste style over and over again, then this is for you, if not, ignore this crap release, it's a lousy console "childish" arcade racer at best with some of the industries worst physics, super stiff, impossible to drive of the track, unless you are new to the racing genera or an idiot, outdated graphics, especially the shaders and shadows, not working as they should, bad audio design and the whole new "environmental" crap that have poisoned formula make me sick, no kers, zero refuels, and again, it's the same game that was delivered last year, and the year before last year, and the year before last year, and the year before last year, with a few more tracks and new skins, but for your own health and safety, save your money.

MrMeow, Oct 17, 2014

ctrl c ctrl v That sounds about right, Good job lads *Slaps £30 price tag on it* Okay guys now go back and work on the real project we've been working on.