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F1 2015 Honda returns and once more forges an alliance with McLaren, which also welcomes back Fernando Alonso. Sebastien Vettel moves to Ferrari and, alongside a new generation of exciting young drivers on the grid, will attempt to halt the winning start Mercedes have made in the new era of FORMULA 1. The race calendar for 2015 also features a new circuit, with a return to Mexico for the first time in over 20 years.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1472
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters
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F1 2015 reviews ( 7 )

ADHGO, Jul 19, 2015

I like this game it is better than ever in graphics and physics,,the feel of driving reminds me with f1 2002 by EA sports, it is fast and challenging, I didn't suffer any glitch or crash to desktop like i read in some review, it would be better if could use the mouse in menus

Talex, Jul 28, 2015

Should be a disclaimer that I DON'T PLAY ONLINE, AND I DON'T MIND ABOUT CAREER. Please keep that in mind, as the multiplayer is broken and the career being removed has caused temper tantrums in many other reviews. The AI are wonderful. They race, they do not just simply drive around the circuit like they used to. They try daring overtakes, not just on you, but on each other, and the other cars defend realistically. They are prone to dumb mistakes, which is odd for Formula One drivers (except Pastor Maldonado), but all of this leads to dramatic, exciting races. The TV style is quite nice. I like it, all in all. They needed to record more audio for the commentators, because you will hear repetition a lot, but you hear the odd interesting observation, and all in all it is a nice little touch. The graphics are lovely. The game really shines (literally) at the night races at Bahrain and Singapore, and (not literally) in wet races. There will be the odd graphical glitch, such as a flickering wheel, but I (possibly not everyone, just me) have found that to be quite rare. The only bad looking part of the game is the driver faces. The game is a bit unstable. That is also an understatement. There will be glitches. There will be crashes to desktop. It is not in a good enough state to be released. Some computers handle the game better than others, I have found. Codemasters are releasing patches frequently, so this won't be a problem in a month or so. If you are a die-hard F1 fan who doesn't mind about career, buy it. If not, wait a bit. It will go on sale and the bugs will be fixed, and it will all be wonderful.

RJW, Jul 10, 2015

Ok, first things to note, I play on an Xbox One gamepad so my review of the handling is based purely on that. First thing you will notice when entering the game is the new menus. They are much better than the previous few with brilliant flow and depth, including mini video's to explain each game mode, much in the way of PCars. These work well and when you select a team/driver they have a little animation that looks up to the camera. So good so far. The next thing you will notice as a big change is obviously the graphics engine. Overall I would say the graphics are good. Nothing more, nothing less. They have included lots of nice effects and the resolution is obviously much higher. The frame rate more or less sticks around the 60 mark when racing (30 in replays) and that is a massively noticeable step up for next-gen. However, there are issues. They seem to have applied an unusual amount of blur and haze to the engine that gives a soft fuzzy feel to the game rather than bright and detailed. I'm not sure if it is covering up a downgrade in the graphics to get the frame rate up or whether it was intentional but I certainly don't like it and compared to project cars, the graphics are not as good. The handling for me is the best so far, certainly. Having not driven an F1 car this is hard to judge but certainly it’s the best mix of consistency and agility that I've seen so far from the CM F1 games. You get a good amount of wheel spin when exiting corners but it gives you enough feedback to correct it in time and you get a real sense of when the car is sliding rather than cornering, which I like. The AI are a lot more fighty than previously and they are faster which will please the best drivers amongst us but there are some odd moments when you will hit you from behind rather than go round you which is again reminiscent of PCars. The difference being that it probably should happen there but it's not really suitable in an F1 game. However, I much prefer this to how it was in 2013 where they point blank refused to overtake you until you had invited them in for a cup of tea and exchanged phone numbers. There were a few racing glitches that I had noticed. In a 25% race, both of the Mercedes cars pitted on the same lap, leaving one to render itself out of the race essentially. I don't know if there was another reason (damage etc.) but it wouldn't have happened in real life and therefore is a bit annoying. There is a bit of artistic licence in terms of car performance but the game does need it to be enjoyable. Now onto the more negative parts of the game. The one thing I'm struggling with so far is that the game isn't immersive enough into the F1 life. CM have included some TV-like scenes which are a nice addition but I feel they didn't go far enough. The podiums are missing national anthems and the animation is practically the same every time. (20 seconds or so) You no longer see the driver get out of the car which is a disappointment for me and the garages and sitting the grid are very sterile. The garages need more going on and the grid sitting needs so much more life. They need to have people moving about, the grid walk in real life is like the beating heart of the race, and so much tension is built there that its integral to the race weekend and CM could have done the same thing. Once you go to the race from the sterile grid, it instantly starts the lights and the timing seems to be same every time. There is no tension at all. I'll cover what could change this later. The championship mode (1 season as a real driver) does include much more commentary and additional scenes that I do like and they work well. Crofty and Davidson do a good job introducing the drivers. I haven't completed a race on this yet so I won't review it too much. The 'Pro Season' mode is as advertised. Essentially the same but you don't have a hud and you're forced into the more difficult settings and into the car. Purists will find this mode enjoyable but for me, it’s a little too difficult. (Not that they should change that). Big things are missing from the game for. For a box-office sports game to be released without a personalised career mode is devastating for me. The most enjoyable part of the games for me previously was imagining that I was the driver, seeing MY character win races and championships and essentially 'living the life' as 2010 stated. I miss not being able to take a team to the top performance wise and to enjoy it when you get there. I miss having to defend my titles and possible hopping teams! I know this is a racing game and I should just enjoy driving round the tracks in the best engine to date but for me it's not enough. This must return in a big way, including parade laps and cool down laps (optional setting). More immersion CM! Overall, I do enjoy the game. Multiplayer works but is glitchy and you might not feel you have a reason to play without career but if you love F1, its worth getting.

tigerskin84, Oct 30, 2015

This game is a complete mess, is broken , it crashes, its bad optimized, the new graphics are nice but full of bugs, let it pass is not worth of your money, i hope codemasters start improving their games of their gonna loose a lot of players.

Mastodon, Apr 13, 2016

It's comical how the fanboys tell us to ignore the lacking career mode and the overall poor gameplay this title has to offer. You know what is really sad? EA Sports NASCAR games had better physics. Nuff said.

GarethK, Sep 17, 2015

Terribly port without even being shown the polish. One example is that the menu buttons aren't even correctly mapped. I couldn't exit out of the leader board screen on time trial as the menu though me pressing B was in fact me pressing X.

MEberhardt, Jul 28, 2015

Glad Steam now have refunds to not lose money in titles so bad like this one... Even if I pick an F1 game from the same codemaster in playstation 2 you would find a game better polished and more complete. Lack of career mode and inability to create my own profile killed it from start.