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F1 2017 Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in the fastest ever F1 cars, and race some of the most iconic F1 cars of the last 30 years. The game sports an even deeper ten year Career, more varied gameplay in the new ‘Championships’ mode, and a host of other new features, both online and offline.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1471
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

F1 2017 reviews ( 7 )

Ember, Sep 18, 2017

Just got the game a few days ago (My first F1 game) and already put over 30 hours. The game does have flaws but the good most definitely makes up for the bad. I would suggest this game and here is why. Good: 1: AI does not follow a strict path like they did in previous F1 games (By what I have heard) 2: AI will fight for their position and will not just give it up, sometimes they will fight for it so much that they end up braking to late and running off the road. 3: Graphics are great (Much better than 2016's version even though its 1 year difference) 4: Lots of choices in F1 (Formula 1) cars from classic to modern. 5: Good career that acts as if you are a real F1 driver and not just a randomly created storyline. 6: Real F1 rules from Engine Swaping penalties as in if you got 4 engines you want to make those 4 last the whole season and same with gearbox. 7: Realistic damage mechanics somethings and F1 2016 and before has never had. 8: Engine damage. 9: Gearbox Damage. 10: AI difficulty adjustment from 0 Very Easy -> 110 Ultimate. 11: Easy to learn. 12: Each F1 team has different expectations as in if you pick Mercedes AMD you will be expected to do a lot and if you pick Mclaren or Sauber you are not expected much at all. 13: Each F1 team has a different spec car Mercedes AMG being the best car out there and Mclaren and Sauber being tue worst. 14: Can get contract terminated if you underperform. 15: Start out as a second driver and can work your way up to primary driver. 16: Can switch teams after each season. 17: Need to do practices for points for the R&D Tree to upgrade your car. 18: Has R&D Tree to upgrade your car. 19: Have to qualify to figure out what spot on the grid you start out in (Grid being position at start of race). 20: If you crash and your wheel comes off you will have to retire from session and you get auto placed to last or if you take out someone and he looses wheel first you will then be placed one spot or more above the person or persons you crashed. 21: Has choice of 2 lap to 100 percent race (2 lap being 2 laps a race 100 percent being 60-90 laps a race and then there is a 25 percent which is like 10-12 and 50 percent which is like 19-30) 22: Can turn off or on damage. 23: Can turn assists on or off. 24: Can turn racing line on or off (Race line being a line that turns red or green Red being Brake Green being Gas). 25: Can save mid race and or simulate the race. Bads: 1: AI can get to agressive and crash you into a wall. 2: Need to learn how AI plays/how they fight for their spot. 3: Best played with a race wheel but can be played with a game pad. 4: Has bugs but is being worked on so thats a plus 5: Online has major issues (But not really a online game anyway in my honest opinion) With that being said I do suggest the game and would say you should buy it and get anyone interested in the game or any racing sims to buy the game. The game like I said does have its flaws but the game for sure is better than it is bad. The online issues are being worked on but I dont play online with the game so I cant say much on that, the game is for sure best in career mode. (only played 2-3 online games)

RoboSheepz, Oct 18, 2017

Overall, the game shows some of the best racing game graphics ever, a great car handling model and a compelling career mode. The career mode throws you into the driver's seat of any team in F1 and pushes you to do your best to impress the team, improve your car, and score championship points. My only problems I have with the game are a few balancing issues (Raikkonen is OP and the Williams are a bit faster than real life. Also, the career seems very realistically paced which is nice I suppose, but can be a little boring or repetitive at times. The game is a good pickup if you are a big fan of Formula One or want to try out a less simulation-like track racing experience.

mykal123, Oct 18, 2017

Absolutely love it. The strategy around the quotas of parts available to you for the season adds a whole other level of fun. You can choose to focus on the upgrades that suit you best and grow your team in a classic career mode from bottom to top. Every season I enjoy more than the last when it comes to benefiting from the R & D. Really sucks you in and makes you feel like a real F1 driver. A few bugs here and there that I am sure will get fixed.

xverminator, Sep 22, 2017

The F1 2017 is a bit better than the 2016 version. The physics feel better in the cars as well and driving feelings. There is much more downforce and stability in the cars this year's version! The AI has improved slightly, but still, the AI cars still drive into you from behind, even though they have a free space on the sides. Does not know why they do not fix this better. I get up to 90 fps with a GTX 1060 with standard clock frequency with an i7 The sense of driving in the older F1 cars is superb and the sound has Codemasters really worked on!

OxalFire, Nov 4, 2017

Very good as what it is, a F1 game, no problems with it, sometimes it can get glitched with physics(very unusual) , it is not the ultimate simulator, but it is very well done. Good driving overall, the AI is very well done, sounds, visuals, HUD, and a very good driving sensation that gives someone that really loves F1 a lot of very good hours. And it has a lot of extra modes and features, that are very interesting, stands for being a codemaster´s game. Is very fun, well done and gives good driving sensation, but has some little problems that don´t affect much, but there they are.

axbu89, Sep 2, 2017

A few balancing issues that need to be resolved such as Raikkonen being so OP even when compared to Vettel and the Mercedes' and the fact that on seemingly any difficulty the AI is much faster in qualifying than in the race. Other than that they've added depth to the career mode with a more robust and complex upgrade system and the addition of classic car invitational races during the season to change things up. The cars are more enjoyable to drive, probably due to the actual changes to the cars in F1 this year and the graphical upgrades are nice whilst the game remains one of the best optimised cross platform games out there on PC. TL;DR: An upgrade in every way on last year but in need of some balancing and AI patching to be truly great.

DonMega, Sep 24, 2017

Really boring game for a casual fan. I enjoy watching f1 sometimes but always skip the crap before like qualifying. Well this game doesn't allow you to skip the qualifiers, practices or anything if you just want to race through career mode. Lost interest in the first race practice sessions as the game was trying to force me to practice every setup available on the first track. No thanks.