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F1 2018 MAKE HEADLINES in F1В® 2018. F1 2018 is the official videogame of the 2018 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPв„ў. The new game immerses players into the world of Formula 1В® more than ever before.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 74
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Players Up to 20
Company / Developer
Codemasters, Deep Silver / Codemasters
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F1 2018 reviews ( 7 )

Oiolosse, Aug 26, 2018

Fantastic and aggressive multiplayer. Improved career mode. Halo, ers, ia improved, interviews. The graphic engine starts to weigh but in the playable it is the best car game.

JuanGomez, Oct 29, 2018

Es un juego de carreras muy divertido que se puede disfrutar si eres un profesional o un novato en juegos de este tipo. Gráficamente esta muy bien trabajado y las cinematicas antes de cada carrera te permite ser parte de la historia. Aún tiene algunos bugs y el modo entrevista es un poco aburrido. Los diferentes modos de juego ayudan a no aburrirte y los campeonatos clásicos le dan un toque de nostalgia a cualquier fan de la F1.

Kuestvire, Jan 13, 2019

One of the best racing games I've ever played. Most of my time spent in this game is in multiplayer, which is a lot of fun, and you can use bots in local play unlike with Forza Motorsport 7. I have played quite a bit of the campaign mode in this game however, and i can say it is wonderful, although some things could be improved. My biggest issue is the interviews, there is not enough variety in either questions or answers. Everything else is pretty much fine here. The sound design in this game is fantastic, you can hear everything going on with the car and the team radio really immerses you and makes you feel like you are in the car. The driving is some of the best I've ever played, it is responsive and feels good to push the limits in the corners. Graphics are a bit of a mixed bag here, they aren't bad, but they could be better when compared with other top racing games such as Forza. When playing with friends this game can get very competitive and is be a blast, and when playing campaign i get so immersed that i get mad at the npcs as if they were the real drivers. I wish there were more classic cars in the game, i would love to play as with a full roster of lets say 2006 cars, but you can't. Because there is only one or two cars from the years they have, you lose the intensity and immersion of the normal game by just seeing the same car everywhere on track. A small gripe i have is that it does not put your initials or number on your characters suit, however this is such a small thing it really doesn't matter. This game is definitely worth your time whether you want a multi-player or single-player experience.

Aphelion71, Oct 25, 2018

This is my first F1 game and I have been enjoying the career mode! The driving experience is a nice balance between a sim and an arcade racing game. As I haven't play any other F1 games I can't really tell if the games have improved or have been innovative, yet for a first F1 game I am really liking every aspect of the game mod.

Dacuno, Mar 20, 2019

Rating Graphics/Game-World 9.5/10 P. Content 6/10 P. Price/ Quality 8/10 P. Controls 9.5/10 P. Difficulty 10/10 P. Game time/length 7.5/10 P. Story 5/10 P.

metzgerov, Oct 24, 2018

I hate to rate this game so low but based on horrible Customer Service from Codemasters and the fact patch 1.10 broke the game for many without any response I have to rate it low. When it works this game is a 7-8 (Single player) Its not perfect but its by far the best racing career mode and the only F1 experience we can get. To be fair they have done a great job on the art, car handling atmosphere tracks etc. The car development is great in concept but its too easy to take a Williams from worst to 1st in the 1st season. Overall career mode (when working ) is a joy to this seasoned sim-racer In reality the FOM holds back many features that make Codies F1 games from being great. -No driver moves -No driver /team editor -Customized seasons/championship -New tracks -Realistic damage -New teams

fetalicecream, Oct 26, 2018

This version of Formula 1 from codies is not much different to previous versions. Same old animations, same old dozen skins used on team personnel, resulting in everyone working for every team, just a different colour shirt. The same old AI, which suffers from stupidity overload. They will stick to their assigned pit stops, no matter what. Which means if they bump their front wing, they'll pit for a new one, and set of tyres only to pit again for the assigned stop. The same happens with the changing weather, when its almost time to put on inters or wets, they stick to their stop for slicks, only to pit again a lap or later for the right tyres. The same happens when going from wet to dry. A racing game, with no VR. In this day and age, its ridiculous. Graphics have improved only slightly. Improved handling, which is 2017's with more refresh so the bumps are in real time. Input lag is almost non existent. Interviews is a nice touch, but doesn't really add a whole lot to the game, unless your a serious role player like the Youtube guys who stream the game 2 weeks prior to release. Bugs, Oh the Bugs. Imagine wanting to race online with your mates, and the track gets chosen and in you go, only for the game to load you onto a completely different track. you get treated to your mates driving all over the place because their circuit isn't yours, and they all get treated to you driving all over the place since you are driving your circuit. Utter Madness. Or how about the game spawns in your mates cars, on top of yours. These two massive bugs have been complained about since 2015, and codies haven't fixed them, since 2015. have a wander over to the official codies f1 forum, and see the metric tonne of other bugs that riddle this game and you'll wonder "how on earth did this get past testing". The answer is those same RPing Youtubers are the testers, and they couldn't test to save their lives. 2019 will be out in August, with a minor new coat of paint to the GFX, some drivers name changes and thats about all. ALL the same bugs will be there, all the same things that RUIN this game. Codemasters need a name change, to Codefailures, and the FOM need to take back the exclusive F1 license as its bringing their fine name into disrepute. If this game is not on sale in the bargin bin, AVOID it like the plague.