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Face Noir Black Thursday. That is how the press rechristened that October 24th, 1929, a day in which U.S. began to face the darkest years of his history: the Great Depression years. All the great values professed by this nation vanished within a couple of months, the American dream was dead and trust in God begun to shake. Few years had been enough for people to show their real side: false, mean and, above all, open to bribery. But the one thing I would have never imagined is how far corruption had gone; so far that somebody would actually try to bribe God. And now here I am, a gun barrel pointed at me, a corpse on my conscience, and a young lady to protect. How could this ever happen? How is it possible that everything has stemmed from a series of coincidences? Do you believe in Destiny? ...I don`t. [Mad Orange]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1485
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Phoenix Online Publishing / Mad Orange
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Face Noir reviews ( 3 )

byblo, Jun 4, 2014

I rarely play games with such smart gameplay and atmosphere. It require common sense, which is something rare these days on video games ^^; Almost everything makes sense on this game, and the gameplay is smart enough to prevent the player to simply randomly click everywhere to unlock events without knowing what hes doing. The characters are also nice and well made. One of the problem/weakness I noticed was the streets and others locations were a bit too clean and lacking some population. Would have been nice to meet some random people on the streets. People asking you for a smoke, lose womens, poor souls sleeping on the street, angry people on phones, cats walking, ect... But no big deal. I read there was only 2 devs, and the amount of work they provided is just insane.

angelikmayhem, Aug 4, 2013

A good homage with a few typos. Face Noir did a very good job of giving me the noir-style storyline I was hoping for complete with twists and turns, but was not a total success do to the introduction of certain supernatural elements that felt a bit contrived. Overall, the game was interesting with puzzles that tested my skills and characters that (while numerous) I cared about deeply. Pros include a cool mechanic where you connect facts to formulate new questions, a dark storyline with a bit of humor mixed in, and a great soundtrack with some nice instrumental jazz to set the mood. Cons include Italian-to-English conversion problems, issues with historical accuracy, and a horrific options menu including no possible way to change aspect ratio. If you're into film noir, then you'll like Face Noir provided you're not a stickler for historical accuracy and you're willing to forget a little supernatural deus ex machina. It did well and considering that it's their first game, it did better than I expect. As always, full video review on my YouTube channel.

Nimbus1701, Oct 5, 2013

Many years ago, this game may have been a bit more appealing. Voice acting and artwork are reasonable. The story is "not bad" like a midday movie that you don't bother turning off because it's not offensive. It offers an interesting "join the dots/clues" mechanic, but other than that, it's not what I'd call progress in Adventure Gaming.