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Faeria Faeria combines the core values of Strategy Card Games together with a Living Board, giving you the ability to shape the board as you play to create mind-blowing strategies. Each game of Faeria is not only unique, beautiful and fast-paced but also highly competitive.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1248
Genre Miscellaneous, Board / Card Game
Company / Developer
Abrakam SA / Abrakam SA
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Faeria reviews ( 3 )

Magnethead, May 1, 2017

Faeria is a free to play digital collectible card game with strategic elements from board games and its own unique blend of it all. The market is full of F2P collectible card games right now, so the question is: why invest in or even try Faeria? I'll try and give as nuanced answers as I can in this review. So, when is Faeria that one game you're looking for? - If you play or played Hearthstone and you're frustrated with the 'dumbing' down of the game and you miss elements of strategy like the game used to have. When should you try Faeria out? - If you like collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Gwent, whatever and/or you like board games and strategy - if so, then this is something unique on the market that you absolutely should check out! The game has the usual features; buying packs, playing draft to get packs, a ladder to climb, deck creation and fun with trying different combos and colors. The option to grind every card in the set or simply buy them all. A lot of its features will be familiar to players of similar games (like Hearthstone) but Faeria's ideas take it to the next level. Every turn a player plays cards from his hand, he pays with Mana (calle Faeria but works the same way)- like we're used to - but then they also build the board with lands. These lands allow the player to play cards of different colors (like Magic the Gathering) but at the same time they create the board on which you play. It's a truly brilliant concept that adds strategic choices to every round and adds a whole bunch of interesting scenarios to consider. Right now, the meta is really balanced. There's aggro, there's different kinds of control, there's actually a bit of everything. No one deck is clearly better than others and very few ideas are completely unviable. The art in Faeria is the best I've seen so far, perhaps only matched by Elder Scrolls. Of course, that's all very subjective but that's my opinion. The board interaction is still very 'board-gamey' but they've continually made it more and more responsive and animated with time. I can't really say how the game pans out economically because I've had a full set since forever. The game gives you a lot of gold simply to play but your decks can hold three cards of each so arguably there are more cards to get per set. My instinct is that it's less expensive than Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone but I can't honestly be sure. If that aspect is important to you, I suggest you find specific posts describing this aspect of Faeria. But bottom line is: if you like strategy and card games at all, you should check it out. You don't need to invest any money to check out the mechanics, just give it a chance and see what you like!

nitorita, Sep 9, 2017

INTRO After playing this game extensively and enjoying it quite a bit, I ultimately decided to uninstall it. At first glance, Faeria is a beautiful card battling game that is "F2P" and doesn't require you to pay anything to access any of its features. However, the game does have microtransactions, and they are primarily of the "pay to save time" sort. GAMEPLAY Since the game is relatively new, there aren't that many cards out, so you will come across a ton of repeats. Because many of the cards have their own animations and effects, expansions take a while to release. The game doesn't only feature card battling; there is a small field control strategy mechanic as well which gives the player a bit more to do and differentiates it from other card games. The number one issue with the game is that it is a massive unrewarding grind where most of the cards you receive are pretty much garbage. The only things actually worth spending currency on are the expensive unlockables. Overall, the gameplay itself is fine and it's nice to spend some free time playing Faerie on the side. MULTIPLAYER There isn't really any multiplayer in the game besides battling against random people on the Internet. I haven't tried it out yet myself (I enjoy playing against the AI more), but I assume everyone who is battling probably has the best decks in the game already. (Which you won't get for a very long time.) Co-op does exist, but it's so, so minor that you can pretty much assume it doesn't exist. "PANDORA" There is a unique mode in this game called "Pandora" which is very enjoyable to play and is pretty much the only reason why I've managed to convince myself that the game isn't just a cash cow. Essentially, Pandora is a "roulette" card battling system. You're given random cards to form a deck and you play against "waves" of enemies who get progressively harder with each win. This tests your ability to figure out strategies on the spot using unfamiliar cards. Unfortunately, Pandora is also placed behind a paywall where you're only limited to one sample run each day (three wins at most) unless you pay currency for it. A full run is limited to nine wins, which also sucks since you can't keep playing after that. Meh. SUMMARY In summary, my score of 7/10 isn't because the game is bad per se, but because of all the paywalls that exist which force you to either spend dozens of hours grinding currency or spend significant amount of real money (easily the cost of an AAA game at release) to unlock extra features. If the developers made it easier to farm currency, I would give this game an 8 or maybe 9 instead. At its current state, it's pretty much an Early Access game. It's "finished," yes, but the lack of content doesn't warrant a recommendation. I highly suggest holding off for a year or so until the game has matured and the developers have made it easier to grind currency.

night4, Oct 16, 2017

Pros -Satisfying cards and attacks -Depth of strategy thanks to land placement -Graphics -There are OP cards -LOTS of single player content Cons: -Loot crates -Crashes -Trashy freemium style microtransactions -Attempts to capitalize on cosmetic items too much, too soon (at least Hearthstone has done this over time, and in a restrained way) -Battle music almost non-existent, even when turned all the way up -Lack of battle sound effects -Recruitment system is not explained anywhere, and encourages players to post their in-game name on sites like this. At least when it crashes, it saves single player battles, not sure about multiplayer.