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Fairy Fencer F Long ago, a terrible war raged between two deities. Wielding magical weapons known as Furies, they sealed each other away and the remaining Furies were scattered throughout the world. Today, these ancient weapons are sought after by warriors known as Fencers. When a young man named Fang obtains a Fury of his own, he gains an unlikely partner, and the course of his destiny is forever altered... A world of magic and adventure awaits you in Fairy Fencer F! Take charge of your destiny as you brave dungeons, defeat monsters, and travel the world to collect all 100 Furies. But be carefulthe Furies are coveted by many Fencers, good and bad. Pray these powerful weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1088
Genre Role-Playing, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Idea Factory / Idea Factory

Fairy Fencer F reviews ( 7 )

SwitSwat, Feb 8, 2016

In terms of gameplay, it is very similar to the Neptunia Re;Birth games, which is a good thing, as it is a fun battle system. That aside, none of this games aspects are better than the Neptunia games, but it still manages to add quirky humor into the sometimes serious story. The characters, while not as memorable as the "Nep Gang," still have their charm. If you are a fan of JRPGs in general, or are already a fan of Nep-Nep, then give this a try.

pikafa, Jan 22, 2016

The game is filled to the rim with humor , and decent combat, great character design. transforming is cool. love the music,the drop rates are not to terrible, love the main character

SanctumRevel, Aug 4, 2015

here is the thing that i sometimes dissagree with the critics this not tales game or something similiar , while yes it does resemble few elements from other known rpg and that is not a surprise since allmost all games now copy things from other similiar games now as for the game dialogues and dialogues scenes can be boring navigation and world map could use a change but other than that it''s a cute little anime turn based rpg that deserves a peek

Kiseki, Dec 26, 2015

This game is an improved version of the game Argarest Generation of War. It has the same art texture, style and very similar user interface. The combat is still turn based but you are no longer on a board moving from grid to grid. Its now closer to ARPG where you move freely on the combat map and attack and activate skills. The story and character is ok, music is ok, but skill camera feels too close. The game graphics is a bit crude for a game of 2015 but the 2D art is really good. It feels more like a game for the vita though where you dont have much screen space. I have no idea why this is released for PS3 and PC, its not really fit for the big screen. It doesnt really look good. You do not need the character art taking up a third of the screen, and sometimes full screen for skills animation. Particularly when the 3d models look somewhat dated. it may not even qualify as 3d. The game is worth playing but dont think it will make you a super fan.

TsukasaHiiragi, Aug 10, 2015

Grindfest is the best word to describe Fairy Fencer F, horrible drop rates on quest items, low chances to steal quest items. Nothing but mindless boredom inducing grinds for exp/wp. These are the aspects that heavily let down FFF. Don't let any fanboy auto-positives persuade you that this game is good because with all the issues, the sheer grindfest nature, the highly missable content. Even die hard JRPG fans have a hard time sticking up for all the problems this game has, and I'm a major fan of Iffy! and Compa's releases, but this one is really is something that people thinking about buying need to research about first. Are you really okay with farming quest items for countless hours by loading/reloading dungeons in the hopes that the bad RNG system will give you the items you need? These are the major negatives FFF has. Sure, FFF has alot of positive points I could mention too, but some of the major design flaws sadly obliterate the chances of any redemption.

FogCityRoller, Aug 9, 2015

While the combat seems interesting at first, it can get repetitive and the WASD movement in combat is a failed attempt at spicing up multi-targeting. The dialogue in this game is SO boring and dragged out with very childish attempts at 'adult' humor. The art is nothing to write home about. What a way to get started on an adventure by having the protagonist come off as a lazy jerk. This game is only for most diehard JRPG fans with low standards for humor. The only reason I am giving it any points is because the soundtrack is rather nice.

dr9188, Mar 10, 2017

I'm sure other critics will be quick to argue that I might not "understand" these kinds of games, that it is unfair as an "average" gamer to give this a poor rating. Maybe they are correct. However, when the Steam trailer gives no hint that this is basically a stilted powerpoint presentation with only the occaisonal hint of gameplay, I start to question the assertion it's only made/sold for its target audience. Surely they didn't KNOW people would be less likely to buy this game if they saw the true nature of its cut-scenes? And I say this as a person whose favourite game of all-time is MGS4. Clearly I must have some resilience to cut-scenes, as well as the occaisonal powerpoint equivelent. This reminds me of a phone game... But at least similar games on Android had the tendency to show its true nature in its trailer. Maybe you could argue what the difference is between what feels like an age of unskippable dialogue with minimally animated characters on a flat bacdrop and any kind of rendering, it is still some fancy work for a lack of gameplay and basically exposition. You could then say I'm ultimately a graphics whore. However, when I watch something that I feel I could replicate with stock anime drawings and photoshop, that is maybe where I draw the line. The one advantage is, for the first time I think, I've been able to write a spoler-free review of this game. Unless you count my cut-scene revelation as a spoiler!!