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Falcon 4.0 Falcon 4.0 is an extremely detailed Simulation integrating a fully dynamic, realtime Air, land, and sea war in which you take part as an F-16 pilot. Running on any OS platform capable of supporting Directx 5.0 and above. Falcon 4.0 not only simulates a fantastic and versatile fighter, but also a very versatile product. With 4 years of hard work behind it, it is the ultimate Simulation experience for all enthusiasts. [Falcon 4.0 HQ]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1232
Genre Simulation, Flight, Modern Jet, Combat
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
Atari , MicroProse / Atari, MicroProse
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Falcon 4.0 reviews ( 2 )

MikeS., Oct 30, 2005

If u like pure simulation, pure boredom of ingressing to the target, and 5 seconds of hectic action where u can get shot down my aircraft, AAA, or SAM's, and if u survive half an hour of egressing. Then this game is for u. With all the patches this game is as real as it can get. graphically speaking its not perfect, but we are here for the simulation. If u love fighter simulations.then this astonishing game has to be on yr shelves. ohh by the way.. never lend yr falcon4.0 cd to a friend...

JonnysBeard, Apr 24, 2015

Back in the day it couldn't get any more real than this and even today it holds up exceptionally well thanks to further unofficial development. Due to the age of F4 I highly recommend BMS 4.32 as it improves graphics, gameplay, support for modern systems and has a very active community up to this day. Compared to more recent simulations like DCS the one thing making Falcon 4 stand out is it's dynamic campaign which allows strategic moves all the way through. The AI will 'frag' missions for you (depending on situation and tweak-able priorities) but you can always set up your own flight with great detail. The best thing about this: other pilots can join any time and everybody can save a copy of the current progress making cooperative campaign play very easy over a long period of time. As with every modern sim it's not necessarily easy to get into but the documentation is expansive and the community very friendly and supportive. If you played DCS and want a multi role fighter in a dynamic and often unpredictable environment with lots of things going you should love it.