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Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse Mankind teeters on the edge of extinction, clinging to the bones of the old world while trying to recover long forgotten secrets. The Grand Canyon is the last bastion of humanity. The Shiva virus, which wiped out nearly all of humanity, has left the survivors and subsequent generations altered. The virus caused mutations, some of which were benign, some malignant, and just some incredible. It is your choice to either rise above the hardships of the post-apocalyptic world and rebuild what was lost or embrace the destruction and erase the corrupt world that remains. Where will you stand in the fight for Fallen Earth? [Steam]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2397
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
SouthPeak Games , Icarus Games / Fallen Earth, LLC
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Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse reviews ( 7 )

Atech66, Aug 2, 2012

This game is so far beyond what i expected its rediculous The crafting enables people to create about everything in the game and if you play the free to play you can still win and have everything anyone else does it just takes longer. The story is wonderful the graphics are solid if you can crank them out it looks really good. The towns and NPC's really make the game come alive and i spent 5 bucks at the game store and recieved a freakin ton of welcome gift items free as well as unlocks for crafting, character slots, chip limit all unlocked and stays unlocked.. i stopped playing wow after 6 years and this is the first MMO i found that i can really dive into. Picture Fallout and road warrior as an mmo and thats a rough idea of the setting. deff 10 from me and there is not more limited trial its wide open to anyone @ 60 hours i am just leaving the starter town if that gives you any idea. great game play it

Kara, Dec 25, 2009

Game is great unfortunately, many people just do not have the patience for a game with such a steep learning curve and slower rate of leveling. But for those that give some effort its well worth it! (imho)

avernus, Feb 1, 2012

One of my favorite MMOs. Bleak wasteland, crafting everything you need, eating contaminated stuff and using your mutant powers to stay alive. They have gone free to play so there is no reason not to check it out.

DeliberatlyOffensive, Oct 7, 2009

At last something innovative in the MMORPG Sector. Exceeds all newly released MMOs in quality and ambition. It is Old-School by design, has a excellent crafting system and is fun to play. If you don't like Mainstream Games like Aion and if you want a challenge this is just the Game for you. The environment is very atmospheric and well designed, the seamless world design is a great thing too. I only rated this with 8 because I'm not at the maximal level. 9 or even 10 will be appropiate if this game is able to entertain people at the maximal level.

LordStrongpant, Apr 13, 2012

This game didn't do it for me. The developers seem to have put a lot of effort into the equipment, crafting, and skill system, which is complex and vaguely interesting. But the game is really let down by substandard graphics and a poor combat system. I lost interest before I really got to explore the game much and didn't try the PvP side. But hey it's free to play (not sure what you get from paying) so I'd say for anyone interesting in a post-apocalyptic themed MMO check it out it might do it for you.

James, Oct 10, 2009

Very disappointing. The game itself has a interesting and well made story concept, but the graphics engine is horribly lacking. Add in an extremely repetitive quest system and the fact that there are no little things to help keep your interest, I'm forced to suggest that everyone keep away from this. Maybe if they fix the huge lag and stability issues. Not to mention the lack of content. Maybe then it will be worth playing. But even then it certainly will never be worth the monthly payment plus the upfront cost of $50.

Matrix30815, Jul 6, 2014

Don't go near this game!!! The developers told me themselves they don't care about players just money! That is why it is pay 2 play nothing more nothing less. If I can figure a class action lawsuit I would because the developers and GM's don't care about anything but themselves the developers probably came from EA it's that bad!! Metacritic doesn't care either or they would only play free to play then review the whole game!