Fallout 3 - Operation: Anchorage Crack/Patch

Fallout 3 - Operation: Anchorage Enter the simulation pod and embark on one of the greatest military campaigns of the Fallout universe – the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders. Experience harrowing winter combat using Fallout 3’s patented V.A.T.S. targeting system, and employ powerful new equipment like the Gauss Rifle, Chinese Stealth Armor, Winterized T-51b Power Armor, and more. Enlist today, soldier! [Microsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1374
Genre Role-Playing, First-Person, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout 3 - Operation: Anchorage reviews ( 7 )

spencerm, Feb 9, 2009

I don't know why ppl r bashin it but it is a great expansion and explains the randomnes of the outcasts with lots of new goodies and a higher level cap with new skills.

Nathan, Apr 23, 2009

Solid fighting action and a great deal, this expansion is worth the measly 10 bucks. I loved the game play, and got a bit of action rather rping all the time or having to scavenge the whole wasteland to find enemies, it provides a break from the fun and time consuming role play features of the game and makes use of its other features, like VATS. Only downside: bodies disappear when people are killed in the simulation D: Other than that, great price, great expansion.

Overrwatcher, Sep 10, 2011

I hate how everyone is hating on this DLC. This is for people like me who did not enjoy Fallout 3 because it was too slow and didn't use the VATS system to its optimal use. I honestly loved OA because of these reasons. I'm not one to care about story, atmosphere, graphics, acting, voice acting, or any of that stuff. The final boss was horrible, though(Extremely glitchy and far too hard). At least I got excellent rewards.

JeremyH., Mar 22, 2009

Decent, I suppose. The fighting just got really old after a while, I mean the first encounter with the stealthed dragoon guys was pretty cool, but, when you kept running around corners into stealthed snipers just sitting around, it got really old. I didn't even get 3 hours out of this, I was done in about 30 minutes or so. There was no real excitement after the first few minutes, just walking up to a corner and going 'I bet a flamer troop is gonna come around there.........yep'. The only real weapon loadout to use that was any good was the sniper pack as a missle launcher and a pistol was useless since you fight one unit that you really need missles for (actually, the Chimera goes down pretty easy without it); an assalt rifle which is also useless as just about all enemies are all stealthed with snipers sitting on rocks; and close combat was useless for the same reason. It was weird the way enemy stealth units would just sit and watch until you shot them to attack you, even as you were slaughtering their buddies and they had perfect shots lined up. The end was stupid, everyone just gets into a rumble over whether I got to take any of the useless crap in the armory, didn't even give me a chance to say 'no thank you, I'll just be on my way'. 5/10 for being somewhat enjoyable at the beginning. Though I wonder when Bethesda will let us climb like that.

MaximeG, May 24, 2009

This expansion didn't have enough contents to call this a "pack" ... not enough gameplay ( can easily beat Operation Anchorage in 30-45 minutes ) and the items you obtain only worths it when you're at the beggining. If you finished the game and downloaded it, it would be completely useless in my opinion ... Oh and for those who says it give a higher level cap , you are mistaken with the latest pack : Broken Steel.

juxtapose519, Nov 10, 2010

At first, Operation Anchorage feels a little bit more like one of the older Call of Duty titles than it does Fallout 3. You are given the false impression of something new and exciting; Unfortunately, it only lasts for about 20 minutes or so before you realize you're just running on a treadmill of combat and pointless dialogue. Once you wake up to the fact that that the full heath and ammo checkpoints make for an easy and hollow combat experience, you lose interest real fast, and it becomes a boring grind to simply get it over with. The ONLY reason to complete OA is for the indestructible power armour at the very end (or possibly the Chinese stealth armour if you care about stealth gameplay). If it's experience points you're after, your time could be much better spent elsewhere. The combat might be a welcomed relief if it weren't so repetitive. The fact that you can't take anything you find in the simulator back into the regular game, and the complete lack of karma and dialogue choices completely removes the RPG side of the game (a part that makes FO3 so awesome). In short, there's really no reason to play this expansion except to say that you did it and retrieve the rewards at the end and move on. Definitely a disappointing experience.

CF, Jul 11, 2009

An absolutely uninspired, shallow, linear experience harking on all the worst bits of Fallout 3. Is this what the expansion pack has become? Throw-away DLC nothings, most of which should have been in the game in the FIRST place (you know, letting you play after that crap main quest)? Thank god I pirated it.