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Fallout 3: Point Lookout (Downloadable Content) Buy a ticket and hop onboard the Duchess Gambit, as Tobar the Ferryman takes you to the strange seaside town of Point Lookout. What secrets does the dilapidated boardwalk hold? Who lives in the sprawling mansion? Why is the Punga Fruit so important? And what horrors lie in the depths of the murky swamp? Point Lookout is the most open-ended DLC yet, and allows you to explore an entirely new and expansive gameplay area any way you’d like. A completely new questline allows you uncover the town’s hidden secrets, and wield powerful new weapons like the Double-Barrel Shotgun against the swamp’s dangerous, and deformed, denizens. So venture to Point Lookout, if you dare. Just pray it’s not a one-way trip. [Bethesda Softworks]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1805
Genre Role-Playing, First-Person, General, Western-Style
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Game Studios
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Fallout 3: Point Lookout reviews ( 5 )

whitespider999, Mar 4, 2012

Absolutely the direction dlc in fallout 3 should have universally gone. And consequently the best dlc for fallout 3. My only complaint is the length, which is a little short. It has a few standout moments that are very memorable as well.

somethingguy912, Nov 2, 2013

Point Lookout is a aesthetically pleasing, rich and sometimes disturbing DLC that gains my interest from the environment alone, completely unique and absent from the Capital Wasteland but still nourishing the sense of post acopalyptia. I only played Operation: Anchorage on the Xbox 360, so before people think that i'm attempting to bring the rating up, I also have this for the pc, which is my preferred style of playing any game, period, just so as long as my pc can handle it. Anyhow, the missions themselves are wrestled uniquely, the main quest being somewhat indifferent from the environment, however, in a way throwing me back to the faction-based quests of Skyrim's civil war and so on. That particular quest confused me a bit, not by the narrative of the work, but of how a battle between two great minds were in the setting of redneck county and of the marshlands of Maryland. The experience is compelling nonetheless, seeing the beauty of the mechanics finally unfold, webbed with environments blooming with interaction and a sense of awe. The rednecks themselves are also interesting, but also quite disturbing too, having to fight the most downtrodden of the inbred, with a noticable hint of radiation trailing off their autonomy. Of all the DLC's I have played from FO3: Point Lookout, like New Vegas' Mothership Zeta, will be one of the few that I will be willing to come back to play again.

Veuth, Feb 13, 2015

From my personal experience, I didn't enjoy Point Lookout due to the sudden stretch in difficulty, but it is a great DLC nonetheless. Having a Western-Style hill-billy DLC mixed with scientific concepts is unique and perfectly fitting for the post apocalyptic environment. Those that found the other DLC's too easy will be either pleased or shocked (like myself) with the much higher scale in difficulty. Just like the other DLC's, the main campaign is short but there are side-quests and other ways to occupy yourself in Point Lookout. Characters are quirky and interesting, with a dangerous decision at the end of the campaign.

Dree, Jul 31, 2009

While I enjoyed this DLC the most, I have slight disappointment about this particular DLC. Anyone who enjoyed Shivering Isle, will feel that this DLC is almost copy-and-paste version of Shivering Isle. The themes.. swampy green enviroment (rather than Wasteland feeling, this is Dementia.) Classic go-and-fetch quests, the tribal worshipping high-tech-comp. (this is where insane dremora god being worshipped by lot of insane folks.). There is no other energy weapons/power armor other than the microwave emitter. (which by the way is nothing but a copy of mesometron with different stats.) This is a good example of how a dev can recycle their previous content and sell it to the fan base. however, the main story was sorta fun. (but too short.) Explorable dungeons were above average. and thankfully the monsters/enemies were tough and added more challenge, which is why I give 7/10 instead of 5/10.

pepikJS, Sep 12, 2014

I had enough of those god-damn swamps after 20 minutes. Enemies are stronger than super-mutant on steroids, there's basically nothing in there. The best mission is about finding agent China, at the end it will give you some swamp riffle, which is just simple rifle eating 10mm ammunition. But the main quest end, holy molly, I was promised to get some big reward, rite? And what was that reward? Mesmetron and few grenades? Are you kidding me? Mesmetron I can get at Paradise Falls for free, holy flip! So basically at the end of the main quest the reward is practically NOTHING! It was boring, I was happy like a little turtle when I leaved it and came back to DC, you know.