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Fallout 4 As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 63065
Genre General, Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout 4 reviews ( 7 )

Vordulak06, Nov 10, 2015

Fallout 4 ended up being way more polished than I expected, I'm kind of blow away by how detailed some of the graphics are. It looks fantastic. -For the first time in a Bethesda game you can create a Skinny, Muscular, or Fat character. -The animations are really slick, the best I've seen from Bethesda so far. -The gunplay feels nice and tight, and you now have the option to melee attack with firearms. -There's tons of crafting in the game from cooking to chemistry to upgrading gear to building. -Different armor is available for each limb, it's not just bodysuits like in Fallout 3. -The perk chart is well done and perks have requirements before they can be levelled up.

TheSpud, Nov 17, 2015

This game is insanely polished and insanely in depth. While yes there have been some changes people forget that the lore has America diverged into 13 vastly different comonwealths. The only gripe I have is with the X01 armor, which could have easily been explained as the enclave being in the commonwealth a while ago but having to leave. Otherwise I couldn't think of a reason not to buy this game.The side missions are amazing and unique, the factions are morally grey with hidden reputation that will leave you with or against them and there are many good quality moral choices about which path is right. A game that will leave you questioning how you define humanity.

sefrabu, Nov 12, 2015

I'm starting to believe that most of Metacritic user reviewers are a bunch of paid haters, considering how much acid comes out of them on the very day of the release, especially from those listing what the game lacks after, probably, an hour of gameplay. So I will do the same, but quite opposite: I'll write my first GOOD impressions. After around 15 hours of gameplay I'm catching myself thinking how to manage my free time to spend as long as possible in this postnuclear wasteland. It's worth notifying that 15 hours is probably the total time I devoted to Fallout 3 and New Vegas alltogether, as they didn't work with me. I spent a number of (satisfying) hours with the first two Fallouts, so I'm not a complete stranger to the series. The graphics are medicore indeed (switching from Witcher 3 was a bit painful), and the third person perspective is predictably inferior, but I'd say these are the only drawbacks of this game. The artstyle and the atmosphere is perfect. The perk system works nice. The crafting system can draw lots of your attention. The settlement creator feels like a game in a game. The story, at least so far, is interesting enough to keep going, although it's hard to skip sidequests, which, though interesting as always, have the tendency to dilute the primary experience. All in all, I highly reccomend it and can hardly wait for the next Elder Scrolls.

Xmire, Nov 10, 2015

It looks like developer team really didn't enjoy the process of... well... developing this game. Its just too mediocre. - The main story drama.. looks ridiculous. Would be much better without it. - Core gameplay - fine, but the RPG elements are weak. - Dialogue system - gross, especially on the PC. - UI is too slow and disturbing. Especially when using mouse/keyboard.

ippiki, Nov 11, 2015

Ce jeu n'est pas un Fallout c'est un synthétique ! kill him! il en a le corps mais, pas l'esprit. Donc pour une promenade shoot'm'up dans un univers qui ressemble à un Fallout cela peut le faire mais, pour un jeu acide avec un bon scénario et des rencontres atypiques travaillées on passe son chemin ! Enfin grande déception pour un monde ouvert plein de contenu mais, du contenu creux.

bajjycom, Nov 12, 2015

Totally useless crafting, boring explorations. Every dialog — crude piece of commonness. Graphics — Drake face. Jolly wasteland... JOLLY WASTELAND, CARL. Either past 7 years Bethesda did nothing, or their employees are complete f*cktards.

NoirDetectiv, Dec 7, 2017

I played the Fallout series for a long time, I always liked the atmosphere that prevailed in that post-nuclear world, the World that you could believe in, because there were certain rules of the world that he did not violate, there were a lot of thoughtful stories, there I could decide the fate of the whole wasteland, earlier the elections were not divided into good and bad, they were divided into bad and terrible ones, this world wanted to come back again and again ... But one day everything changed.Bethesda that was famous for thoughtful worlds made with obvious love, refers to Fallout to to crap without thinking in Laura not interfacing, and basic interest side quests. They scored on interesting quests for the sake of creating a weak shooter with elements of urban development, which might be liked by gamers of a new show. I do not want to see how the series that I loved under the pressure of major studios turns into a project designed for casual players who have not gotten out of their mother's womb ...