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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel This latest entry in the post-nuclear "Fallout" series is not the third chronological installment, but rather a spin-off that takes place between the first two episodes and which shifts the focus of the series from its original RPG, story-based roots in favor of strategic, tactical, squad-based combat.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2248
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Interplay / 14 Degrees East

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel reviews ( 5 )

akalla21, Mar 8, 2012

Fallout Tactics is a great game. Anyone who says this doesn't deserve the name "Fallout" hasn't played Fallout. The story is great, entertaining, and engaging, and straight out of the Fallout fiction. While the RPG elements of the previous two Fallout installments are mostly absent, Fallout Tactics gives you complete control of each member of your party down to the clothes they wear, the guns they carry, and exactly what they do. As you travel the wastes, you can pick up additional team members and types, making the customizability of this game and replayability immense. I have played and replayed this game multiple times, as the graphics and gameplay have stood up over the years quite well. My only complaint is the linearity of the storyline, but even then you can just go wander the wastelands if you feel like it, which is fun in itself (albeit dangerous). I wish I could find a game as well put together as Fallout Tactics these days.

GolovA, Nov 22, 2015

No, this does not feel like the Fallout we got used to. But to an already established fan of the series this is a worthy intermediary step before the dive into the world of FO3. Tactics sports just that - tactical combat, which by itself is fun, but on top of that a decent story is overlayed. As a long and big (u got it!) fan of the series i enjoyed the game thoroughly, and played through it a couple of times.

CooterPatooter, Jan 26, 2012

I don't understand all of the critical negativity surrounding this game (outside of Metacritic, that is!). It was never meant to be a direct sequel to the first two Fallout titles and yet it gets judged as if it were one time and time again. It's a combat strategy game with some adventure/RPG elements set in the Fallout universe. It also happens to be fairly good. It's aged reasonably well and I recommend it, as long as you're not planning to hold it to the light of the original Fallout titles.

NatsumeAshikaga, Mar 23, 2015

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is a tactical shooter set in the Fallout universe. A group of dissenters split off from the main Brotherhood in the Core Region. In part it's to escape the strict nature of the Brotherhood, but also to chase escaping militant Super Mutants from the Masters Army. The game fills a nice niche, taking place between Fallout and Fallout 2, in the still to this day unexplored mid-west United States. The good: Solid tactical game play. Some big voice talent such as R. Lee Ermey as General Barnaky, and Ron Perlman narrating. Not to mention that all of the main characters, and many secondary characters are voice acted. With it's isomeric view it hails to the first two Fallout games with a good deal of homage. There are many objectives in each mission, and the better you do, the better the final outcome of each mission. But if you only complete the base objectives expect to get berated a bit, and if you mess up expect to be berated a lot. But if you fail the voice of your commander will encourage you to try again. As a strategy game few even today can actually match it. The addition of usable vehicles, which your characters can shoot from is nice though. The bad: Unlike previous games in the Fallout franchise this game is entirely linear, about all of the exploration you get is in each mission. While this can net you needed equipment to use or sell it can get a bit tedious. The game is also repetitive, very much geared for strategy fans more than RPG fans. RPG fans may find the strategy gameplay tedious. On the other hand Strategy game fans may find the RPG elements tedious. Other notes: This game has a ton of items in it, which can be good for players who like more micromanagement, but bad for players who don't. While linear it has a good story to go on with. Still purist fans of Fallout won't like this game at all, but more hardcore fans hungry for more Fallout might just. Again for people who like to micromanage, there are tons of squad members who you can customize quite a bit, from armor and weapons, to skills. Final note: The massive graphical overhaul, diversity of weapons, more tense background music, and simplified combat system all add up to huge potential. But due to the nature of the game it makes a terrible RPG. Still it makes a better than average tactical strategy game set in the Fallout universe. Despite this it's strategy elements will probably disappoint most RPG fans, and the RPG elements might make the game too confusing for many strategy fans.

koval321, Dec 6, 2014

Random encounters are super frequent, outdoorsman skill allow to skip most of that pointless fights (which actually don't give you any benefits whatsoever) but it is so frequent that sometime you made only one millimeter on worldmap between another encounter. So that skill is absolutely necessary here not mention other skills which seem to be useless. Its totally linear game there is no free exploring on map so this map could be even removed as its FAKE (you cant discover ANYTHING beside special encounters) For that am give zero. In real strategy you should have every locations available or at least parts of it accessible, visible on map. And you should be commander who lead and plan some strategy make decisions. This would be tactic. Where what you get is linear shooter with Fallout style graphic. Its NOT Fallout just because it have similar gfx and stats system. Without freedom of exploring and entire adventure part that is pointless. They should at least make some poor dialogs and poor quests so it would be modified by fans into Fallout 3 Am played Awaken mod and it almost works as adventure game so cant understand why they cut off best parts and give that shooter. Ok it look good and may keep you busy for while but reality is that they broke game and its bit pointless now. Somehow am enjoyed even that broken game so what would be with all this missing stuff? Definitely epic 10/10 game, but this is zero because am feel its broken.