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Fantasy General II Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their bravery and tactics against each other.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 83
Genre Strategy, General
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Slitherine / Owned by Gravity
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Fantasy General II reviews ( 6 )

jrralls, Sep 16, 2019

Did you play Fantasy General 1? If so, this game plays, looks, and feels exactly how you remember Fantasy Genera 1. Not how it actually was, but how it exists in your memory, ever green, but here for you to enjoy in the modern day.

jaboj, Sep6, 2019

Build up an army of bear riding barbarians and trolls to show the conniving undead empire scum what's what. Thanks to the "weapons" system, no unit is ever completely useless and you can take your army in many directions. Tactically and strategically engaging, this game lives up to it's predecessor.

Jizo, Sep7, 2019

Awesome fantasy strategy with RPG elements. Your troops collects XP, gains levels and perks, can be equipped with items. Game play is really deep and tactical. There is lots of single player content even there is just one playable faction for campaign. Haven't checked out multiplayer yet. Worthy successor for Fantasy General I. Totally 10/10 game! If you like strategy games or are new with the genre and like fantasy stuff, you should get this immediately!

greg555, Dec 15, 2019

Worthy successor. Only minor setback is overpower of missile units in contrast to the first game where normally they had support role.

jeffbizloc, Mar 28, 2020

Played about half way through 15 or so hours of Fantasy General II's campaign before it got too repetitive. I did enjoy my time the game just didn't evolve. Game(s) like: Fantasy General, Panzer Corps Pros: - Cool setting - Solid UI - enjoyed the look and feel of the maps. Though the overview screens were blah. - The upgrade trees were cool Cons: - You upgrade based on loot you find, but sadly that loot is random - After several missions the strategy of attacking/repeating/heal and using either your whole or flanking two armies became repetitive - Frankly I like strategy game where each mission is basically atomic - by carrying over troops/experience the game gets either really easy or hard

druout1944, May 18, 2020

A poor successor the fantastic original. I return to the 1996 game frequently and was disgusted how inferior Fantasy General II is; like a dumbed down rpg lite game with pretty graphics and agonizing pacing.