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Far Gate Seattle development house Super X Studios brings us this 3D real-time strategy title set in massive, constantly changing and moving 360В° space environments with 16 missions, 3 unique races, and over 75 distinctive units.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 827
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
Microids / Super X Studios

Far Gate reviews ( 3 )

[Anonymous], Jun 11, 2002

This game really looks good on my Geforce4 and I haven't really noticed any camera control problems - they're a lot like the game Homeworld but obviously you need a good graphics accelerator. It has some depth to the story but is basically a good remake of the aforementioned Homeworld with better graphics.

Emory, Oct 31, 2001

This is a remarkably good game. If you can manage the camera in Homeworld, you can handle this game. Basically this game is to Homeworld what Warcraft was to Red Alert. Due to the fact that it was an independent publisher there is less polish than Warcraft had, however. The only problem I encountered is mastering the formations and movement along the z axis which isn't quite as easily accomplished as with Homeworld. Unlike homeworld, however, space is much richer in Far Gate as you explore planetary systems.

JoshW., Mar 22, 2002

Homeworld-style 3D RTS. Not quite as stylish but still playable and has some promising features - levels set around complex solar systems instead of empty space, 3 totally different (Starcraft-style) races with unique units, drag-and-drop squadrons (very good idea), modular space stations to build, and an unusually well-implemented level editor. Graphics & sound are good (look out for the tug-ships!) although Homeworld is slicker. I am enjoying this game - but try the demo first!