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Fate of the World: Tipping Point Revised, rebalanced and expanded, Tipping Point is Fate of the World as it's meant to be played. Take control of the GEO through the five original missions, plus the “Cornucopia” and “Earth Day” update missions, and the “Denial”, “Migration” and “Extras Pack” DLCs.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1189
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Red Redemption / Red Redemption
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Fate of the World: Tipping Point reviews ( 5 )

AdamR, Dec 20, 2011

Lets get the bad out of the way first. The UI is not good. I mean sure, making a useable UI to represent the factors that go into earths economy, politics, energy, enviornment, population...it's a daunting task, but the overwhelming amount of information, the limited feedback of the consequences of your actions (Barring having a few PHds in a few fields), and the lack of meaningful representations in a few areas (Which is a more eco-friendly outlook, Green, Altruistic, or Communal? Yeah, I don't know either) compounds the limited and usually tangential in game wiki, and frustrating qualitative information when you really need something quantitative. It can be frustrating. But underneath is a true gem of a game, one that could be a tipping point for games as a medium. This, people, is how you make a educational game that's every bit as fun as an entertainment game. It feels like a true sim, and hippie haters rejoice, blindly pursueing the greenest of policies will do the enviornment more long term harm then good, on top of an economic collapse. And above all...This game is HARD. The easy mode is welcome, because you will be challenged. But the game needs to be hard: The underlying hypothesis is that making things work in the next century to keep out earth liveable and prosperous will require a lot of hard work and sacrifice is an invaluable lesson, and the breathtaking detail that goes into climate models and fossil fuel harvest adds as much realism as you want.Oh, and when you play Oil Fix it, don't worry: We all hate India.

Superkeks, Sep 17, 2012

It's a frustrating game...but it's worth giving it a try! You have to rescue the world as a leader of a natural agency. The soundtrack is outstanding, the complexity is more than deep, so you can take a long time to play your turns. But I can understand: for those who don't want to think in a game and don't like serious topics it's cruel! I recommend this game for all who ever want to rescue the good things in the world - BUT: don't be frustrated; not often there is a good end!

Bronnen, Oct 8, 2011

A fun and incredibly difficult game to get used to.Missions are comprised of scenarios and set goals you need to meet, but you're plagued with tons of things in the way. You might need to raise the human development index throughout the world, but have earthquakes, rebellions, rising sea levels and rising temperatures.The game is really simply, and takes only 5 minutes to learn how to play, but it will take hours to master.A fun and very educational game.

LevelsAndGear, Nov 2, 2011

Fate of the World: Tipping Point is hard to review, as the game is very deep and complex. While very well made, I fear it will have limited appeal. FOTW:TP is a detailed Earth Sim, where as the head of a UN like group, you are tasked with solving major world problems like the economy, environment, global health, and more. You do this by assigning agents to the major regions of the world, and for each agent you have, you play cards that will enact policy into the next turn â

iseeall, Jun 14, 2017

It's a management/simulation game where you control a fictional UN-like agency. The game is educational and teaches you about global world problems (environment, poverty, political stability), making it valuable in a sense of how a good documentary film is valuable. But as a game, it's ultimately not much fun to play. The good: - educational; also shows how difficult it is for the well-meaning green activists to fight with the short-sighted population and those "in denial" of the looming ecological catastrophy - it's difficult, you need to balance a lot of things The so-so: - graphics - functional, 2D but lack style - music - it's there, functional, but also lacks style The bad: - GUI is poorly designed. Selecting cards each turn is a pain because you need to scroll and scroll and scroll.. You can toggle filters but they don't help much. The clumsy GUI makes this game unnecessarily harder than it already is, and harder not in a fun way. Maybe the whole systems with "cards" was a design mistake. Simply having a vertical scrollable list of actions available for the selected region would work better. - the game puts just way too much data in front of you, and this data isn't clear or fun to operate with. E.g. you will have GDPs per capita, human development index, emissions and other things which will have values like 53,457 and growth rates like +3.8%. You can track all that across regions, and every turn all of this data changes. This is simply a **** of boring numbers. I know that's what economics looks like but it's simply not fun, at least to a normal person. No one enjoys reading UN's reports or statistics journals about poverty or unemployment in Africa. Good strategy games don't bog players with such unnecessary realism and instead present everything in whole numbers below 100. Just check how abstract and simplified economy is in such great strategy games as Civilization or Master of Orion. I'm pretty sure this game could simplify it's stats&data system a lot, with very little perceived reduction of realism and a large increase of accessibility and fun. You can try this game once, to get a closer look of what environmental issues feel like. But the boredom of the huge data sheets combined with clumsy GUI will scare you away pretty soon.