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Fe In Fe, players are enchanted by the natural surroundings as they uncover secrets, complete side quests, and meet the mystical creatures of the forest. Players climb, glide and dig as they voyage through the open experience meeting, interacting and rescuing plants and animals from the Silent Ones, the machine antagonists that are threatening the forest. Through unparalleled freedom of exploration in a world full of discoveries to uncover, players become Fe and never want to leave. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1292
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Zoink!

Fe reviews ( 1 )

SuperkenGaming, Feb 16, 2018

Fe A mix of charming, frustrating, and confusing Fe is a 5 and a half hour long open world 3d platformer with a dash of collectathon elements where you play as an adorable fox like animal out to save the forest from these not so adorable glowing eye jerks that are trapping your animal friends.. You’re sent to one section of the map at a time to complete a task to unlock a new song to sing... As singing is how you interact with the world... to learn a new language you have to help out the adult version of a certain animal... Youre able to sync up with the baby versions freely though, and they’ll help you through the worlds until you learn their language Learning a language can mean anthing from gathering stolen eggs, or freeing a giant deer and then climbing them shadow of the colossus style… these first 2 languages were the most clever and I feel as though the game quickly runs out of ideas for the remainder of the game.. As the charm going forward is almost completely gone... these new languages will help you of course progress further into the game, but will also help you reach new areas for crystals that you can use to upgrade your abilities to make traversing this world just a little bit more easy… but traversing is just never fun... the platforming feels clunky aside from the snappy and satisfying tree climbing, youll be falling to the bottom of areas numerous times just to have to restart your climb especially once gliding is involved And interacting with the world feels more like busy work than actual interaction.. Constant language changing with your wheel while you’re trying to figure out the right path to the marker on the map... The platforming isn’t awful though... its very passible, but the lack of polish is noticeable... Thankfully the beauty and the charm of this world makes up for all of this... the interactions with the different animals are adorable… the colors, the feel, and the music help immerse you into this world… Enemy encounters here are terrifying and are spread perfectly as well keeping this game perfectly paced… I never felt the game overstayed its welcome... Though the ending is definitely a head scratcher mostly because of how anti-climactic it ends up feeling and how lousy of a job the game does at making you care about its story ... The game just feels as though it ends abruptly and I felt no feeling of accomplishment I didn’t necessarily want more it was just like… um okay? But dispite my complaints I still enjoyed getting there... I appreciate the giant puzzle this game ends up being… the gameplay is constantly being changed, keeping the game fresh and engaging from start to finish... You’re never just going through the motions… youre always thinking and planning routes in your heads unfortunately though there just isn’t anything memorable here… It has the potential... The opening 2 levels showed promise… The game just drops the ball and forgets the great halfway through I give Fe a 6.5/10