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Feist Outwit a sprawling forest full of secret danger and fierce creatures in the world of FEIST.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 864
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Finji / Bits & Beasts

Feist reviews ( 6 )

poppyzzz, Jul 23, 2015

Stumbled upon this game via GOG for £8 only played about 10 hours but so far so good. The artwork is great and you can tell alot of thought was put into this great game. For the price it's an absolute bargain ! love it highly recommended!

Fernanda12345, Jul 27, 2015

This game and not very good and only good and excellent all gameplay feels like I'm playing Super Mario Bros. In addition to graphs that remember the game Limbo but until cool not to mention the epic sound track that game and very good, and epic you recommend play.

StrykerVilla, Oct 15, 2016

Many people will cry this game is "tooo harrrd". And it is. Metroid was difficult and it's venerated. Feist has innovative yet brutal platforming physics action not found in many games that I've seen. Its not pretty, its not easy, but neither is surviving in the forest when everyone wants to eat your flesh. Feist is...feisty. Are you?

SuperkenGaming, Dec 10, 2016

Feist an annoying platformer Feist is a 2d side scrolling platformer where you play as this little furball looking thing trying to rescue your mate from these giant monster fur ball The game is great to look at, it’s simple, and the platforming feels pretty perfect as well… However it’s just not fun to play… There are 10 levels in this game which can take you anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes each to complete with a good run… This game personally took my around 3 hours to complete thanks to the frustrating 2nd half… Every level feels very Samey though… No change in the art direction, which kind of takes away the initial wow moment when you start playing.. The beautiful background quickly gets muted as it doesn’t change enough to regrab my attention… There’s a noticeable lack of themes here… The gameplay here is thankfully pretty basic... you can jump, push items, pick up sticks, logs, and rocks to kill enemies with… You can even use some of the enemies as weapons themselves… And there even occasional bosses you have to take out with the environment.. Or weapons… These are all very tense but rewarding moments... Where the game starts to fall apart is the moment it adds these annoying spider creatures.. They’re completely random feeling and unpredictable… And seem to spawn infinitely so killing them does nothing... its frustrating having to deal with them while you’re trying to figure out where to go... And really left a bad taste in my mouth for the remainder of the game… They just don’t stop showing up… Which turns the game from being more about challenging you with small puzzles and platforming... to an annoyance… Deaths stop feeling earned and start to feel cheap…. And death really starts to feel cheap later on in the game when the game starts to lag and chug along when a lot of things start to happen on screen.. Feist is a beautiful game… But the beauty fades fast. I give Feist a 6.5/10

Klotz, Jul 26, 2015

It's more a jump n run than a puzzle game (like Limbo). That must not be a bad thing per se but Feist didn't get me hooked at the end. The distance between checkpoint are to big for a game where you die a lot imho. So you will do a lot of backtracking. Furthermore 15€ for ~ 2.5 hours playtime are too much for my taste.

SanctumRevel, Jul 25, 2015

poppyzz comment must be fake or missinfromed or tries to get people to play it 1st thing game is short like 2.5 hours and we all have seen the limbo make alike game this one is no different same formula nothing really new that compels me to try it it s about time to stop making limbo like games and try inventing something original until then for me is just simple game