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FIFA 15 New to this year's installment, players have memories and will show emotion based on the context of the match. With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to pivotal moments on the pitch – bad tackles, missed chances, epic goals - as they would in real life. Refined commentary highlights unique fan reactions, while chants and behaviors will be relevant to country or even your club. New bench reactions, side line character animations, 10-man goal celebrations, and more will strive to keep you engaged in the story of the match. Your teammates and opponents now recognize what’s happening in the match and will adjust their tactics just like real players.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3917
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / EA Sports

FIFA 15 reviews ( 7 )

MrEthan, Sep 23, 2014

I played the demo and i'm waiting for the full game, but how can people who are used to playing this game on PC rate this **** below 6? This feels like going from FIFA 13 to FIFA 15 and not 14 to 15. Finally we get the next gen version. The graphics are amazing, the animations are far better, not perfect by any means though, but it's getting there. I rate this a 10 because i finally feel like i can say i enjoy FIFA more than PES.

Tubey, Sep 26, 2014

To get one thing out of the way quickly, there's no way, at all, by any standard, this game should score less than a 5 from anyone. I can sort of understand a 5 or 6 as perhaps people are a bit blunted by the iterative nature of FIFA and the lack of substantial improvement to modes like Career and FUT, so the standards you expect on a yearly iterative game may differ substantially to mine. But the core game itself is fine (odd random bug aside) with improved AI movement, greatly improved goalkeepers, a smarter aerial system where headers aren't the equivalent of a cheat mode and, last and least importantly, the graphics. The scripting arguments are, as per usual, stupid, but it's going to happen when a shot hits the post late on or you concede a scrappy goal, because nerd raging at the game itself is easier than looking at where you got it wrong. It's common in the Football Manager community too, it's the nature of the beast with sports gamers. As noted, bugs exist. I've played the PC and PS4 versions (the PC version, barring FUT, is probably the superior version surprisingly), and frame rate issues are real at times and ruin immersion in the game. But there's nothing inherently wrong with this title. Metacritic, for all its' plus points, will never reflect with a user score the games quality, so my advice is to ignore what everyone here says (including me) and play the free demo. You'll know inside 5 minutes whether you rate it or not.

orisnas, Sep 24, 2014

FIFA15 is a great game```````If you didn't have FIFA14. I think I should get a 50% off for FIFA15 since I've got a same thing last year,then I will give it a 8

Glorfindel75, Oct 22, 2014

This game is broken even after the first two patches. Goalkeepers are oily, the defence phase is utterly broken (you can score from the kick off or after you concede a goal, by mean of only two dribblings, and in general the AI in defense is firm and does not follow the action with criterion ). Playing against the CPU is terrible because the flawed AI. In addition, each opponent plays the same way: Real Madrid or Sassuolo. The new technology gol/not gol does not work. Handballs are not implemented, but the options provide thems. Results from other matches are not implemented well (often do not start altogether) in career. The Career is copy/past from FIFA 13 and 14: EA did no work for a whole year, once again. The game pace is too fast at normal speed, fast al slow speed. You can choose a lesser pace by using the sliders, but the AI responsiveness becomes even worse. The interludes during the game are too many and often you can not skip them. And so on... In this state the game is excellent as a basket arcade game. Footbaal is another thing. I hope EA comes out with a serious patch and not the usual cloud of smoke. I do not recommend the game to football fans.

JEFF45, Jan 21, 2015

Fifa 15, summary....simply useless...dumb as sh*t, again useless....full of sh*T...player intelligence **** the players in real madrid have super speed and their dribbling ability is takes ronaldo some moves to destroy your whole freaking team..defence is matter how u set ur players to stay back while attacking they keep going forward..i would never have bought this piece of crap if i knew it was so **** if u don't wan't your day to be ruined do not buy or play fifa 15

EaCheat, Jan 21, 2015

AI TEAM always has TEN Cristiano Ronaldo.unfair referee(OMG , core of sport! How come they call EA Sport!). just waste your money. I play it since I pay it. no more!

art4321, Oct 19, 2014

Another 50$ upgrade? . .