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FIFA 16 Games are won and lost in the midfield - in FIFA 16, the midfield matters. Stay in possession with patient build-up play or ping clinical passes through space to start an attack.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3809
Genre Sports, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Sports

FIFA 16 reviews ( 7 )

DrCatman, Sep 22, 2015

Best football game in the market, PES has again lost against FIFA. It has improved everything that was poor made in FIFA 15, added new modes to FUT and career mode. It's fluid, slower which makes it realistic and the visuals are great. If you want a great football game, this is your game.

Jaxpo, Oct 14, 2015

I am enjoying the game. I have played both this at PES 16 and in my opinion FIFA 16 is better. It feels faster to me. I do think career mode could be a bit more interesting. So far in my career there are very few events of any type happening.

BigDaddy20, Sep 24, 2015

Well, another year another FIFA. Every year I play this game and I think to myself: " this game can be much better". I don't know why EA keeping such low standards. The graphics is the same as fifa 15, and the gameplay is pretty much the same except it is slower this time and that's a good thing in my opinion. Positive: + It's still fifa... the same formula that we get each year. +The gameplay is slower, in my opinion that's a good thing. +Cool celebrations Negatives: - As to release, there are some bugs that I believe will be fixed: * I can see the power of the shot/pass of my opponent * the names of the player displayed having the ball sometimes are incorrect - The movement of the players still feels unnatural and clumsy - Goalkeepers are still very bad (!). Especially on one on one situation, they don't slide towards the ball (the same problem was in Fifa 15) If you never played fifa, than its 6/10, slightly above average, but if you are like me, playing fifa each year (I started with fifa 01) than its 4/10 - Fifa 15 with players updated to their current teams. Thanks for reading my review.

aduzer, Feb 19, 2016

The WORST EVER enjoyabillity beyond the fact that the AI is always always always always wining no matter the team and the referee will always show yelow and red cards - an "every day" fact. Extraordinary poor career play. Online Pay to Play. All the players online play roughly the same teams. IT is a MAJOR dont give a **** from EA. Uninstalled even tough I paid!

ddaan9, Oct 5, 2015

If your are like me, you where itching to buy the new game to try it...BUT I"M WARNING YOU. DON"T SPENT MONEY, OR WAIT WHEN IT IS VERY CHEAP. We don't love FIFA, we love the potential FIFA has, remember that before buying. People with bad reviews are the die hard players, the good ones are from people who played 10 hours and than bought a shooter, or are little kids. Let me explain. The game engine dictates if you will win or not.....Yes, sounds strange right? First there are random passes, See 2 guys free, it sometimes passes to a defender not in the screen. Than you have the the passes are not consistent. Sometimes they will be passed in front of the player sometimes behind the player, sometimes to nobody. And I'm a great passer, prefer to play without assistant, but online it is impossible to win in the higher leagues. Fouls can be very random. Shooting, sometimes it is hard, sometimes i pressed the button longer and am in the same position, but is a weak shot. Another thing ALL BUGGS FROM FIFA 13,14,15 ARE STILL IN THE GAME. Didn't improve a thing. Basically they changed the player stats, made them look a bit nicer, added a new passing feature that is far from being finished, made strength more important than speed (a 90 speed player can be outrun by a 45 speed defender?????) and they had a new game. Online you ask?? Same problems, plus a lot more! People still abondon the match and you will not get the points. But there is something new. The engine has a huge error somewhere that disconnects you during a game (average 1 in 5 games sometimes more). EA knows this, but they don't fix it. Like always...... Conclusion, everything they promised to fix, is left alone. Everything they actually try to fix is done in a way that made even worse than it was. The game isn't more real, the game is badly written. This is one of the few games in this age where when you loose while doing everything perfect.... They get that one point for the graphics. Although still a bit outdated for 2015???? Probably saving it for FIFA 17,18,19, because how are they gonna sell the game otherwise. PS: if you are a football/soccer fan you will not like this game. Every basic move (passing, shooting, controlling, etc.) is messed up. Safe yourself money, time and disappointment and buy a different game. Play beautifull??? it is more play awkward.

robocat99, Jul 9, 2016

scripted POS. offline is a cancer to PC gaming. 0 fun. EA can go to hell. not touching another EA title ever. most inconsistent PC game I have ever played. DLC packs are a total ripoff. and to top it all off apparently Inform and Non day 1 cards have broken chem so they were never worth more than a non inform card.lying, cheating company. they would rather steal your money and lie to your face than fix their broken POS

Hangar18, Sep 24, 2015

Yet more scripted nonsense from EA. It just gets worse each year. It's at the point now where it's really a footy mgt game without most of the mgt aspect(!) as you have no control over the outcome. You pick the team sheet sure, you have that "freedom". But in reality there's no guarantee an 88 rated player won't have his stats dumbed down to oblivion nor a 52 rated players boosted to Pele status. It seems each players stats just go into some random number generator for the each game, changing perhaps only around the 40-45m mark or 85-90. Very predictabl