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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3029
Genre Sports, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts , EA Sports / EA Sports, EA Vancouver

FIFA 17 reviews ( 7 )

dema81, Oct 14, 2016

This Fifa is very good. A lot of players, licences. Graphic is super. Carreer mode is the best ever. I don't understand the low score. Only on pc the users are so with fifa 17.

Squeze, Oct 2, 2016

This FIFA game maybe does not look better that the previous (at least for the 15 hrs I played) but I would say it looks different at least. The Frostbite engine makes player moves look more close to real ones (but not perfect still). Graphic itself is very good. Unfortunately players do look like real ones only in major team (especially premier league). The AI can be strange somethimes but it's fully customizable (like misses ratio, fouls ratio, goalkeeper ability) by option so you can tailor your experience if you find something is not working properly.. What I feel it's while you mastering the game you will score pretty much the same kind of goals plenty of times.. maybe too many, you just hit the bar and you luckily have one of your that tap in into the net..on 12 goals i probably did 8 like this... even online, that's boring somethimes and dont feel like a real match. Online mode is certainly rich, there's the football club, there's online season, online coop seasons, tournaments. I'm not much into online still but I fill like there's plenty to do. "The Journey" mode is something new too but we're probably not this playing much (it's just a short story mode), So my initial review (might update it later) it's overall good 7/10 what is good and what not?: + Rich Online (but nothing different than previous fifa) + Frostbite engine that is certainly an upgrade in my opinion + A lot of teams, as usual. + Customizable AI - Take patience to master and can be boring at the beginning (especially if you're like me and play with weak teams ;) - Unrealistic transfers, AI just buy everything they can afford. - Not much accurate players face except for the main ones. Like 50 players do look like real, 2000 dont. - Very, very stupid soundtrack, I remember back in 00s and 90s, soundtracks were awesome... but this.. jeez..

SkilletX_EST, Aug 27, 2017

Bad penalty and corner system. Physically strong defenders. Example, When i play with Coutinho defenders just pushed him away from the ball. The game decides when you win and when you lose. The game passes incorrectly. Still waiting for good football game, lastone was FIFA 15. I do not reccomend to buy this game.

OMRRED, Jul 17, 2017

Horrible Horrible game it's a mix of dog **** horse **** and pig **** which makes it supreme **** **** not a shed of realism in this game the passing feels terribly awful sliding tackles too (Fifa 2003 had better sliding tackles than this game ffs) defending algorithm is pretty much nonsense (or should i say non-existent) don't even want to talk about the ball physics and physical contact (believe me fifa 2011 did a better job on those 2 areas) EA really did surprise me tho cuz i never thought for a bit that there could ever be a ****tier footy game than Pes 2014 well they changed my mind Fifa is making more sales now for sure but in 4 years time Konami will have no competition at all they already butchered EA in terms of gameplay if they fill the license gap sometime in the future Fifa will have no chance

israngk, Jul 4, 2017

First of all, I really like footballl game, and I'm a big fan of FIFA series. I've played all FIFA series since FIFA 97. However, this FIFA 17 is a really piece of **** and crap. I've played around 200hrs and I really regret playing this fuxxing ****ty game now..I've just played this crap cuz there's no other football game. (Don't mention about's worse than FIFA) The whole game play is controlled by AI. If AI want to win, you will lose no matter how you are good at playing the FIFA game. All loose balls go to AI player, and AI easily score a 180° turning shot from the outside of penalty area. Your AI defender even make a way for opponent forward to score while you can't switch control on that AI defender for no reason for a moment. Your player make a mistake in simple pass during the game. These are what happen AI decide to win. What is worse is that your AI player's off-the-ball movement. It's really ****ty.. When you tackle and posses the ball, your AI player come close to you even at the moment to break the opponent's defense line. And when you cut inside from side line to penalty area, your AI player come and block your way. This is really fxxking crazy. I'm really wondering if developers even know about real football. I bet they don't know about football at all. They wouldn't make football game like this fxxking **** if they knew about it. Lastly, EA server is poor.. I enjoy playing FIFA17 with my friends in PRO CLUB, but it's really hard to play well due to the fxxking lag.. there's always lag in multi-play server. EA never fix the server problem. They just to put their all effort to make new player cards for Ultimate game. They are just crazy for money and don't care about customer.

andyadrian, Mar 14, 2017

Scripting, momentum, scripting, momentum, scripting, momentum, 1000 times. This happens with a 1 gbps optical fiber broadband conncection. Worst FIfa ever. I have over 500 hours played only with fifa 17 and other few thousands with the older ones, so I know what I am talking about. This game is made only for money.

Nigme, Sep 29, 2016

Even the Frostbite can't save this arcade, scripted ping-pong. Gameplay is horrible as always in FIFA. + Graphics, story Mode, licenses. - Awful gameplay (scripting, AI cheating, ball physics). My score: 0.3/10