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FIFA Manager 11 FIFA Manager 11 tasks players with managing of a football club and features new lineups and tactics.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1209
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts

FIFA Manager 11 reviews ( 7 )

kieron, Jan 18, 2011

Fifa manager 11 is a really good game it learns you how hard it is to manage a football club because you got to watch you budget in the bank as you could get bankrupted by the players you sign and there wages you pay for. The graphics of the game are really good and better features then fifa manager 10.I recomend this game to anyone so go and get this game and take you team up higher then real life good luck!!!

patoso13, Sep 3, 2011

Este juego es una mezcla potingue de manager y presidemte, Es que el presupuesto del real madrid es de solo 5 millones, anda ya, puto juego de mierda, que no vale ni una mierda, copias desde el 2007 y encima todo pasa superrápido y aburrido. Me gusta millones de veces más el football manager.

footballfan, Jan 16, 2012

Very disappointed with the game. After years of playing Fifa Manager 08 with rather few problems & bugs I decided to upgrade to Fifa Manager 11. Apart from rather very few innovations 3 years down the line there are much more bugs in the game causing it to crash much more often than the earlier versions. Cannot recommend it at all. The 3D mode is as disappointing and uncreative as it always has been. I am done with FM and will now play the competitions version.

Dancey, Apr 4, 2013

The out of game stuff is fine, however, everything else is disappointingly bad, the in game features are shocking, everything about it, new bugs and irritating glitches, this is awful

Thyariol, Aug 4, 2011

It could be a really good game. But for people loving the 3d-modus it's a waste of time. At the beginning, the 3d crashes 6 or 7 times a season. In season 4 it crashes every time (pc is up to date).Enough said.

gmreviewer7, Feb 5, 2011

So why did I buy this game (and each iteration since 07)?1. I love playing FIFA and controlling players on the field. Feeling the rush of excitement as you put passes together and score great goals.2. I love the managing aspect of football. Designing my own stadium, transferring great players, managing club finances and immersing myself in the game through news stories about my club and players.I have played the regular FIFA games but their club management features are very lightweight and broken. I have also played games like championship manager and football manager, but one gets bored not being able to take part in the action. Watching little dots on your screen can get boring after a couple seasons.So here came Fifa Manager, with the option to manage your team AND play in 3d mode! Wow I thought, this is a dream come true! - NOPE -Although the managing part of the game is decent (not as good as CM or FM) the 3d gameplay where you can control either one player or whole team is a DISASTER. I hate using caps so I am sorry to have to do so, but my (and the entire game's community on forums) frustration at how bad 3d mode is has pushed me to do so.I can list numerous reason why this is so, but all you need to do is go to the official game forums to see the level of aggravation. To top it off, the game's representatives only respond when its about time to release the next version.TLDR - If you are looking to buy this game in the hopes that it will be the best of both worlds in terms of football team management and gameplay....then LOOK AWAY....RUN....NO REALLY RUN FASTER!

link1107, Mar 11, 2011

This is f***ing **** The same game three years in a row!!! Stupid 3d match physics!!! I hate FIFAM 11!!!But there is something new.. For Example new songs and... bugs...