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FIFA Manager 12 FIFA Manager 12 features improvements to virtually all areas of the game, including major enhancements to the 3D mode, finances, transfers and the calendar. Changes to the 3D mode create a more realistic experience, and include new logic, new player artificial intelligence, and marked improvements to tactics, substitutions and the conduct of opposing managers. In addition, a new intuitive user interface makes it possible for players to retrieve all the data relevant to the game within seconds and to issue precise tactical instructions to their teams.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1411
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Bright Future GmbH

FIFA Manager 12 reviews ( 6 )

eperdos, Oct 24, 2011

This is surely the best game in the series, next to 06 and 08 editions. For what is most important in this game, it provides a near to a logical and chalanging experience - though not without issues - . Training is back from old edition and mixed into a good, easy to understand but chalanging to master aspect of the game. Tactics are same as last year, but what it counts is that they impact the 3D. Budgets are improved and better calculated. These are all important feature that beneficaly impact the game. Also very important is the in general AI is improved and so CPU managed clubs are better coordinated, they improve facilities, stadium, buy or sell player according to logical planning. There are also other small small improvements like community features and others. Well, there is also a downside, as this game is not perfect. In 3D, it happens that players defend badly, without any reason to do so, ball hit the post too often. Nothing changed tactically, so you can`t order a player individually to short pass or to look for a specific target, other than that selected for the whole team. Small things don`t work as intended, as quick formation and you can`t personally calculate the budget any more. Overall this is an enjoying game, challanging enough, is fun to play, has extended database and with community help, is the most accurate football enciclopedia ever.

Curreri, Apr 7, 2013

I like the style and the graphic of FIFA MANAGER, much more better to navigate and interact than other management game. I'm not fully convinced about the AI of the match, even if it looks very good...

czle682, Jan 1, 2012

This is first, and also my last game from "FiFA Manager" series. I was Playing one of polish Second League teams, on highest difficulty level, and after 4 seasons i won Champions League. Are you actually serious? I must add one thing: That game is very easy to play for the newbies, and has got Amazing for manager graphics.

madruhi, Oct 26, 2011

I was exciting for this game, but it's just a disappointment for me.I was able to play myself in FIFA Man10 and 11 but I can't play myself in FIFAMan.12 and I felt like game continues without my control.I think it's the biggest fault in this game.But it doesn't mean FIFA Man.12 is very bad.It's still better than FM12.

KangarooKurt, Nov 7, 2011

Lots of nice bells and whistles, but when it comes down to it, this is a poor simulation. This offers you a bunch of ways to accomplish a bunch of goals, but it's a bit like an old RPG in that way - there's a way you're supposed to do it that doesn't allow for creativity or really learning much about being a manager. I can't imagine playing this game thoroughly and then being any closer to understanding what a manager's life is really about (I'm pretty sure it's not about having a social outing with your wife every two weeks before she gets angry).It's a small point, but if you have a spouse, it makes a difference who that spouse is in terms of her spending habits, but you have no input into it, aside from divorce, really. In my first season, she spent 80% of our money on frivolities! Forget buying a house or a car, we don't need those - she's buying diamond-studded purses! The point is that like the rest of the game, there are places where they just want you to accept the slim criteria and run with it, and often it's not well thought through.What I'm talking about, in the end, is that you can't interact with the 'players' or other 'NPCs' in a way that's similar to real life at all. I can offer a contract to someone, and either they take it or they don't... perhaps you can make another offer later... but you can't meet this person and use any kind of skill to sign them (or not). You can just look at the tick-boxes and make the guess that's closest to what has been programmed in - this doesn't feel like a simulation.And the 3D engine continues to be plagued by ridiculous behaviour. Players just do nonsensical things that no human would ever do - how about passing backwards while on a break-away? Or how about how my striker is trying to get free of a defender... the defender does a sliding tackle and misses... the striker should be home-free, but instead the defender gets right up and does not one, but two more sliding tackles! Not realistic in any way.If you want to have an arcade experience, buy FIFA 12. If you want a simulation, stay away from this. Football Manager is just much better, and you get the feeling that they're actually trying, unlike Bright Future/EA.

macfloam, Mar 23, 2012

Another year, another pile of garbage from EA Sports' German development team. I can forgive the poor Englisch (yup, that's how they spell it). I can even forgive the messed up voice overs that constantly refer to Man. Utd, Steven Gerrard, Ibrahimovic, etc. even though I'm playing in the Scottish 2nd Division. However, I cannot forgive how badly implemented the rest of the game is. There's a pre-match speech option before any game, with varying degrees of riskiness. If your team fails to achieve the specified criteria (which is horribly described due to poor translation), they lose morale and trust in you as the manager. Of course, this is backwards...if they fail to deliver, it's me who should be upset with them. The major problem is that the risk is not related to the difficulty of the requirement; the AI makes the speech risky by rigging the outcome! You could be playing a far worse team (i.e. Arsenal vs Ipswich), but if you say something like "This one's in the bag", then every call on the field will suddenly go against you, and you're almost guaranteed to give up a penalty shot, and possibly be reduced to 9 or even 8 men thanks to excessive red cards. The big selling feature of the game is the 3D mode for gameplay, but this is the very feature that ruins it thanks to horrible design. The vast majority of play goes straight up the middle. Even if you do play it to the wings, 95% of the crosses go straight to the keeper. Almost all of your goals come from your striker(s). The referees are card happy buffoons, handing out 2nd yellows as easily as they hand out your first, even though any fan of soccer knows that this is not the case. Your players don't scale back their aggressiveness after getting a yellow - you can choose between 3 levels of aggression for each player, but like so many things you get to decide, it has absolutely no impact. I once received 7 yellow cards in the first half of a game (2 of which were 2nd yellows, so I was down to 9 men). Meanwhile, my star player got tackled so viciously that he went off with an injury and we didn't even get a free kick. All of the players who received cards were set to cautious tackling behavior right from the outset.You can select an Offensive, Neutral, or Defensive bias for your team. This makes sense since if you were losing by a goal in the 70th minute, you'd want to push forward for an equalizer, or if leading by a goal, you'd want to focus on defense. However, when you turn on Defensive bias, you don't defend any better, but seem to score more often. When you turn on Offensive bias, you don't attack any better, but will give up 2 goals in 15 minutes just about every time!No matter how weak your team is, you always give a top team a run for their money (Celtic FC barely manager a 3-2 win against my 2nd Division Dumbarton), and when you play a far weaker team, you need to get lucky to win by a goal. I consistently achieve a winning record against the top 3 teams in the league, and a losing record against the bottom 3! The game is a gigantic cliche of upsets and ridiculous comebacks. I had a 3-0 lead in the 85th minute of a game once and somehow managed to lose 4-3 in penalties! So while Offensive Bias merely weakens your defense, for the AI it seems to triple their offensive capabilities. I played against a 3rd Division team in a friendly match, and despite gaining a 2-0 lead, my much weaker opponent managed to come storming back in the 2nd half to take a 3-2 lead. When I turned on Offensive Bias to try to equalize, they netted 2 more goals for a crushing 5-2 win..guess who made the mistake of giving a risky speech pre-match?I'm not describing situations that happen once a season either - this idiotic nonsense is the norm. Far weaker teams will almost always pull upsets, massive comebacks are almost guaranteed, and you will be reduced to 8 or 9 men 2-3 times a season. Unfortunately, the team that released this pile of crap has done it before. The forums are riddled with the same complaints for FM12 as there were for FM10, and FM9 before that. Rather than listening to customer feedback and improving upon a game with incredible potential, the devs are fully focused on releasing a bug-riddled pile of garbage called FIFA Manager 13. There are even player-made mods (called GPPs) that radically improve the game, so all the development team needs to do is copy one of these into their next patch, but they don't, because they couldn't care less about this year's product.Oh, and if you complain about the game on their official forums, instead of thanking you for your feedback, they're likely to ban you!Avoid this game and save yourself the frustration. Don't count on future releases being any better either. Until EA Sports learns to listen to their customers and allocate adequate resources to improving games they've already released, they will continue in this cycle of releasing garbage year after year.