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FIFA Manager 13

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1522
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / EA Sports

FIFA Manager 13 reviews ( 7 )

rjsb123, Apr 14, 2013

This is a good game much better than football manager 13. Has many more features easier layout and not just managing the players and transfers. You can do many more things on this game than Football manager 2013.

jayclark, Jan 2, 2014

Amazing great feature and have a outside world have kids and stuff amazing great good fantastic game I love it, its hard to get grips with thing on fm13 though amazing

Dragon_Fly, Jul 31, 2014

The only tragedy about this game is that it has been discontinued; Fifa manager 14 will be the last one we ever see... While I can easily play Fifa Manager 14 for another 5 years... I don't think the stability of the game will last 1 year without support and updates. I'm not a diehard fan of Football Manager in the same way that I like this game... But if both Football Manager, EA and Fifa were to team up to make one Futbol Manager game, that may be the most Epic combo game ever. The worst issue about this game however would be the memory and storage issues. I just purged my memory storage of save games and literally free up 50 gigs of space on my Hard drive; do not let your save games accumulate as I believe that at some point the saves corrupt and destroy hundreds of hours of gameplay. I just lost about 5 seasons of epic fun and I am not a happy camper. But I guess I will just start all over again as part of the excitement... I fear that I will never be able to completely fill the trophy book in this game. PS: this game actually does help greatly if you have 32-64 gigs of RAM; the more the merrier.... I wish I had 128... :(

huntersouls, Nov 28, 2013

Its so funny (ironic) see say this have bug and need this and more that..who game don't need patch?Fm13 better u joke right?im play cm 3 and for me Fm die in 2009 because fm 10-14 its just skin and graphics and so so so small improvements and updates not say still problems in transference in games so so unreal,gk like a boots,lot time players do moves stupids like fail with free goal keeper,...This fifa manager need just grow up more, u have more free,have personal life,interect more with players,select what stadium and country u wish go,so so complete. its matter of time this rule if FM not change they improvements

cottandy, Nov 4, 2016

Not a very good game, but the best football management simulator, comparing to the other ones. Introduction to the review: Let's start from the main thing. Keep in mind - everything that is poorly executed in this game is executed even worse in every other game of the genre. Too bad there are not a lot of the games like that. So the only reason for not a bad score is that you won't find anything better. After playing another game of Football Manager series, you realise that FIFAManager wasn't that bad. The review: One major exception for it not being a really good game is one of the main things in gameplay. It is an insanely bad ingame simulation system. But one good thing about it is a quick result option, which in 90% gives you more realistic results, than a very very bad 3D match watch option. So if you don't care about watching matches and correcting the tactics in the middle of the match, than it's not really a con for you... but of course you care! Why even playing a game like that if you don't! So it's a shame for EA, that their game has this problem. Of course it's not the only thing you need from it, but it's too major. Overall they chose a path of making the game unrealistic, which makes it easier to play, not spending time on learning the mechanics, etc., which is a mistake, because the main thing in sport management is realism. For example, adding to what is written above, it has an unrealistic transfer system, but better than in the other football manager simulators, as had been also written before. Repeatable conversations with players, which works in a wrong way. Very little dependancy of tactics/result, so you practically have no need of setting the right tactics, depending on the next opponent. You can play 10 straight seasons with just one formation. A tactic of buying the best players, strengthening your rating, plus keeping your players fit and not bad training standarts means you're the champion... And many other negative things, that you notice after playing a while. Little dependancy on individual stats, practically none. Everything depends on an overall rating of the team. So too little interest for the tactics and other things like that in the game, if you know about what is written above. The good thing is other management aspects, which however lack depth. No realism, as have been written before. These are financial, building, event management, training, etc. So these are not bad at all! You will like to play the game because of this. Also if you prefer not to do something in the game, because you're not interested in wasting time on it, you can just hire as many assistants as you want and make them do their job. BUT, AI won't ever make the job better than you, even if it's the best specialist in the game, but, however, the better the specialists the more positive impact they have on players individually, on the team, which is the main thing in the game, and on the organisation itself, which gives prosperity and good results, if you're making things right by yourself of course. So! THE BETTER YOU DO, THE BETTER THE TEAMS RESULT. You have a major impact on your teams results, which is the main reason for you to play FIFAManager. The sum: 7 out of 10. P.S. Too bad that FIFAM12, 13 and 14 are just the same - copies of each other (14 was a legacy game - nothing more have been expected). The changes are so minor, you won't even notice them. Some even make the game worse after changing some mechanics. FIFAM13 is the best of the series in my opinion. Too bad, that FIFAM14 is the last in the series. I'm sure they could make the game better, but they just stopped and made FM the only playable game of the genre now. Sadly there is little hope for another FIFAM game.

jcblackie23, Feb 25, 2013

The game play overall is very good giving you a detailed, comprehensive overview of managing a club. The game is majorly let down in the 3D simulation match engine. The games are SO unbelievably unrealistic that no matter how much you change your tactics, the team plays one way. You could focus on very short, cautious passes or a different tactic of very long, direct passes but the 3D match engine gives you exactly the same results. The teams cannot defend at all, I had a 5 man defence as PSV and still I was conceding 3/4/5 goals a match so ending up with 5-4 score lines gets very tiring very quickly. SORT IT OUT.

redlineroberts, Dec 26, 2012

Fifa manager 13 is just a repeat of 12 but with new line-ups. Things i dislike are while you are watching a match players go through each other when tackling or fouling, it looks clunky just like manager 12 In my opinion Fifa manager 08 was the best for game play i just wish it had 2013 players. But if you like this game good for you i suppose. P.s i have owned every Fifa manager game from my era.