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FIFA Soccer 08 FIFA Soccer 08 challenges players to master the skills required to play like a pro soccer player. Fans around the world can experience the same highs and lows of real-world players and tackle the challenges they face on a daily basis. FIFA Soccer 08 puts you on the pitch to defy the odds, perfect your skills, elevate your game and rise up to win glory for your club. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1506
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Canada
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FIFA Soccer 08 reviews ( 5 )

WamiqG., Oct 11, 2007

A fan cant wait to get his hand on the new edition of Fifa. well i was not impressed on 1st look but started liking to graduallt as i played on. Flaws - 1. Superhuman Goalkeeper 2. Long range shooting from the front of the net still sucks. 3. It's unfair to people who play the game on keyboard, not to hav skills control... Expected a hell lot more from you guys.

ShammyS., Nov 1, 2007

It's sad really, this game is really no different than FIFA 2007, it's definitely not next gen ready. Doesn't even come close to the GFX of the new PES 2008. Very disappointing, but hey it's what I've grown to expect from EA.

Wardelson, Feb 25, 2016

Second and last part i've ever played FIFA and propably last i will have played. Nothing has changed really except microtransactions for retards that has been introduced later.

TitoN., Dec 23, 2007

I'm very, very disappointed. having played all the other fifa's i thought this one would be superior, sadly its not. First off the graphics are bad, like someone stated before how its 2007 yet they made the crowed in the game 2D. very sad, plus you'd think the characters faces would improve. 2nd thing is the controls, very slow.. and not 100% half the times, pass to top right and sometimes it goes bottom right or even just right. i also love how you can be literally 5 meters from the net, and still miss it... by yards, explain? makes me wonder, these guys are professionals, how could anyone miss a shot like that. 3rd. go go goalie, the opposite team can play with just its goalie, since scoring on him is impossible, "he shoots.. oooh the goalie pulled a triple back flip to a double aerial and saves the shot".. no thanks. 4th. glitches, i love when the ball is passed.. slowly.. and goes through my player, or when it passes by them and they just stare at the ball as it passes. oh anyone else find it impossible to steal the ball when your behind a player.. but when you have the ball and their behind you its not so hard. comeon.. what are you guys in EA doing over there?.. letting the college kids take this one for you? waste of money, big time. im not sure why im giving it a 5, garbage.

fifa08_pcsuckssucks, Dec 9, 2007

worst game ever 07 was so much better the defenders suck and they changed the switch button, the computer can just run down the field then your AI guy switches and misses a tackle and they walk into the goal, i hate this game, they should have just released a patch for 07 with the updated transfers and uniforms, worst fifa ever for the pc, great on ps3 or 360.