FIFA Soccer 2003 Crack/Patch

FIFA Soccer 2003 The World of Soccer: Play with all the best clubs, players and national teams. Powerhouse Detail: The Club Championship highlights the top 18 club teams with intense detail, including team-specific stadiums and chants. Total Ball Control: Use your feet and head to control the ball like never before. New Set Pieces: Use free kicks and corner kicks to set up a shot or even score directly. Game-changing AI: Computer opponents will adopt tactics based on the real game situations. [EA Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 859
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Canada

FIFA Soccer 2003 reviews ( 4 )

KarlD., Nov 7, 2002

Finally gameplay is something real in the FIFA series, and the pace in this year's game is awesome, the freestyle control of players is a brilliant idea and it makes the gameplay superb to play. Of course the graphics of everything in the game is just great, with some superb touches in replays. The soundtrack is also very good this year. My only complaint about this year's game is that it is very difficult to make headers in every occation, I hope this will be fixed in the 2004 game. Well after all, there is no Pro Evolution Soccer 2 on the PC (damn!), so stick to the FIFA series on your PC and you wont go wrong this year.

LewisJDC, Mar 14, 2011

This is one of the best football games i have ever played, and i have played a lot of football games. The thing that really separated this game from any other football game (TIF, PES etc.) is the fact that this really had atmosphere, and the graphics were not even matched until FIFA first appeared on the xbox 360, 4 years later. Quite simply one of the most classic games to have graced the PS2. Also, this game has such a great degree of control over the players, the user can truly feel the players' movements. Many people have criticised the free kick system in the past, and true, you can score from the half-way line every time, but still, the system gave the player far better control over free kicks than ANY football game since. If there were to be any criticisms of this game, they would be that the player movement is somewhat clunky, and that the amount teams included in the game is quite low. These criticisms however are all against games on the market today, a full 8 years on, with FIFA 11 being the main game for comparison here. To conclude then, a clear classic, and if i was judging this game in 2003, then it would be a 9 or 9.5, but as it is, today, it will have to settle for an 8. A great game though.

R.P.Pereira, Feb 20, 2003

Ey Mauricio O., Brazilian championship does suck, and no one in Europe realy cares a straw about it, just like no one cares about the portuguese league, which also suks. Defence in this game is realy unreal and the way players wait for the passes to reach them inside the area is absurd. Also, the menus could be beter. Free kicks are mutch better now!

CaioO., Dec 25, 2002

Good news: gameplay has improved a lot. Bad news: it still has a lot to improve. The menu system also got weird - they should have kept it like in the previous versions. And it still hasn´t got the Brazilian Championship. By the way, the Brazilian teams really stink in the game - the good ones are the British teams (and some Spanish and Italian ones). Hard to explain, because in real life there are at least some four teams that are better than Manchester, Liverpool and Arsenal. And in 2002 Brazil sent England home once again, as usual in the World Cup.