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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Experience the epic saga of the eastern lands of Orience! Switch at will between fourteen characters with unique weapons and abilities! An all new type of FINAL FANTASY!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1739
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Square Enix
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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD reviews ( 7 )

jennya10110, Nov 1, 2015

This game is what an makes a great final fantasy game great battle system and awesome looking cutscenes and epic boss fights like most of the final fantasy games did have but what they lacked was an almost perfect hack and slash battle system that i'm very font of since Kingdom hearts so i enjoyed it more then other final fantasy games and sorry but this story isn't decent its great if you follow and read a little into in the library there is alot of lore surrounding this game and i think this game is maybe a prequel if not an sequel to final fantasy 13 because let's see the facts: l cie, promise, crystal the game is refrencing if not in the same world as Final fantasy 13 and i love that because i loved final fantasy 13 i ddin't care that it was linear i just had fun knowing all the characters and beating the **** out of monsters but back to the point all the bad reviews are nonsense and for what the price is its perfect for that money even the best deal and by the way if people say that the HD is kind of a lie PLAY IT FOR THE PSP FIRST AND COMPARE THE **** TWO i swear the diffrences are big between teh PSP and the PS4,Xone,PC HD port and it really helps final fantasy back on the tracks they were on and even better i think this game inspired the battle system of the upcoming final fantasy 15 and i love that idea alone. but seriously if you ever see the game on store shelfs don't even think grab it go to the counter pay for it go home install and enjoy alot of replayabillity because you want to keep playing and see how conversations with other characters goes and there is always something new to be discovered This was my review of Final fantasy Type-0 HD (PC)

danekon1, Aug 24, 2015

Ignore the bad reviews, this game is really good and has a decent story and there is nothing lame about it. The battle system is way easier for new beginners to play the game because it's not that hard as an RPG Battle system, talking about FF12 like battle system. The music in this game is something beautiful to hear when you are playing this game as well. The graphics are very well made for a game that has been firstly made on PSP, considering that Square Enix did a good job. The only cons this game has is that the port to the PC has slight bit of amount of problems but it's all getting fixed and if not the community is friendly to help each other out. I'm myself in chapter 6 and I can't stop my self from playing this amazing game. My opinion to the bad reviewers is that if you are looking for a game that has decent graphics then wait for Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain and be amazed then, but don't judge this game harshly because it is really good.

Raider8799, Aug 19, 2015

Game is OP. Awesome battle system keeps the gameplay fresh, a huge cast of characters is great to work with a share the focus, and the setting/story is honestly very interesting and quite unique. Final Fantasy is back baby...

Soujirop, Aug 22, 2016

This game is an action RPG that takes place in a traditional FF world, which makes for a very interesting setting and a narrative that will quickly hook you. Graphics could be better, since some very important textures are not remade in HD (like chocobos), and the artistic direction is under average if compared to other FF games, but most of the time the game looks good enough. Music is awesome and very on point, gets you kind of emotional sometimes. Gameplay is the best aspect of the game no doubt. You play with a group of 3 characters you choose among 14 available, and they all play completely different, have various possible builds, and overall are difficult enough to master to be rewarding. The story, meaning the context/background, is a classic for a final fantasy game BUT at the same time, FF games are known for having deep characters with great personalities, personal goals, etc. This is not the case in Type-0 and it's probably the biggest flaw of the game. 14 characters are too many for a game to give them enough time to develop through the story, and so this makes for a group of 14 flat personalities. Still I'm confident you will like the group as a whole. Finally, the ending is awesome and makes up for the little flaws you will find throughout the adventure.

Tatsumakiloko, Sep 10, 2016

This game finds itself in a position between awesome and lame, right in the middle. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and even finished the PSP version, this one brings too few things that we can call new, but the game itself is great. Why would I say it's in the middle of lame and awesome? Because this game works like this: Your squad is deployed in a good, great, amazing mission and you fight your way to victory. By the end of the mission, you'll see cutscenes and storytelling. After that, you are free to go to map and there is a time counting for you to grind yourself a better level for the next mission. Basically, mission day - grinding - mission day - grinding - mission day - grinding. You can even argue with me saying that "hey, but there is side missions to solve in the meantime", well, those side missions, all of them, are "kill 'a number of' monsters in a specific area". That's it! All of them are like that. No real quests, nothing interesting for grinding in a game that's all about grinding. But the mission days are so great that I can't help myself but to go grind and get strong for the missions. Overall the game is worth and the ending might be the best in the series, is a great story, not easy to follow, but great. Also, as a port I'd say Square Enix did a fine job. I assure anyone I found no problems with the game execution. Don't come here complaining about graphics, this game came from a PSP system and this version is not a remake.

Cyph3rPunk, Aug 23, 2015

So where to start. I load up the game and see that the graphics options are extremely limited and only support two resolutions. Neither of these resolutions are what my laptop OR my desktop PC use. Whatever, Ill start the game. The game managed to piss me off right at the get go with the opening cut scene. It faded to black and time skipped ahead 1 minute at least 4 time. Then I noticed something odd on the main menu - No way to quit from there. This usually means we're headed straight into crappy port territory. I start to notice little things, like how some of the textures look updated, while the rest of them look straight off the PSP. I also noticed a way to tell who is a main character too really fast - Their mouths actually move. The rest of them have their mouths only move up and down, and its rather jarring watching two people talk with the different articulations. The plot is very typical Final Fantasy, and I did enjoy the combat. The multiple different ways things are fought out (Overworld directing troops and inside sieging cities) is a pretty neat feature. I'm starting to notice that certain people will always be better than the others. The guy that does massive damage with a katana, but leaves himself open for 5 seconds after an attack is completely useless right now. Other characters have similar flaws, but they can be worked past. Most battles have been simplified down to using someone with a gun or a bow, and alternate mashing attack and dodge. Take 0 damage in every fight. On the off hand I get hurt, someone usually just heals me up. Other minor things that bug me so far: Mouse does not disappear when idling. Why cant the analog stick be used for everything (menus require DPad use) Random sidequests given to you that take you to areas where you get one shot at that level even if you have been training Menu lag when trying to use an item Impossible to target people to harvest phantasm if they have died and you switch targets. Dialogue boxes that stay on screen for up to 10 seconds that you cannot skip. Usually Moogle tip boxes. Voice acting is all over the map. Some really good voice actors, some other people that should stick to just doing Hentai. Overall, this game feels rushed to be ported, and had little work to improve it over the PSP release. For a game releasing at the $30 price point, there are much better options for you to buy.

Crackfarmer, Oct 20, 2015

Awful ports. Not playable on Pc at all. Capped on 30 fps and 2005 Graphics, i don't see how they came to the "HD" in the Title. Totally disappointed in the pc porting at all.