Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Crack/Patch

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Two of the Most Celebrated RPGs of their Generation - Now in Beautiful High Definition! Over 200 hours of gameplay, including the International version content never before released in North America. Relive the fateful journey with fully remastered HD visuals and rearranged music.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1400
Genre Miscellaneous, Compilation
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Square Enix

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster reviews ( 7 )

ViRALiC, May 15, 2016

Incredibly high resolution, lots of options, choice between remade or original soundtrack and complete keyboard/controller remapping on top of a great game. A great port that's worth your time and your money.

Watersson, May 20, 2016

This is the best version of Final Fantasy X/X-2. It is also probably the best PC port of Final Fantasy series' that Square Enix has ever gave to us. Just you know, it supports HD resolution, adds 5 "game boosters" (something like cheats), auto-save is also available here. What's more? We can choose between original or rearanged OST. There are no more "addons " (oh, I almost forgot about Steam cards and achievements) in this port, but we don't need any more of them! The game is perfect itself. What am I talking about? Everything! Story, soundtrack, battle system - everything in this game was excellent even in 2001. Now, 15 years later, we can finally :) play it on our PCs and all the things that I mentioned are improved. It is totally worth buying! P.S. Final Fantasy X-2 sucks a bit, it is like J-Pop Charlie Angels, in my opinion FFX was much much better.

Squeze, May 25, 2016

The Final Fantasy game I was waiting for sooo long! The port is quite fine, everything more polished it almost does not look anymore like a 10 years old game (or more?) A lot of possibilities, as the control mapping (but is suggest to use a controller) as the choice between original and remastered soundtrack (always go on original if it's your first journey). Only the soundtrack itself means a lot. Speaking about the game itself is one of the Final Fantasy together with the 7 and the 9 (maybe) that even a pc gamer should know and play. The adventure is great, so are the minigames (blitzball addict!) and the plot itself. Combat is turn based and is well defined and never so hard. A particularity of this game is the levelling system, based on a "sphereoghrapy" where you decide where to focus you characters (even if following the standard route is probably the best choice until midgame at least). 7 Characters means a loot of deepness and possibilities in each combat. The only bad thing is the framerate stuck at 30 fps, it might look a little "slow" compared to an average pc game. They just kept the original framerate. Some also complained about the huge amount of cut scenes and dialouge, but to me this is what build the plot of the game into its perfection together with the soundtrack. THIS GAME SOLD 8 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE, 4 million only on ps2, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Montyoctavarium, May 28, 2016

Forgot how good this game was, it looks great on PC. The only downfalls are the lack of ability of have Japanese audio with English subs, 30 FPS lock and controller support was pretty bad. Needed to try several controllers before the game would recognize one of them. For the price tag when it's sale, this is probably the best version to get at this point.

AndreRLZ, Mar 8, 2017

(ho giocato solo FFX) É difficile valutare un gioco cosí vecchio. Valutandolo come gioco nel 2017, visto che comunque l' HD Remaster é uscito su PC solo nel 2016, rimane un ottimo gioco, ma con difetti. Il gameplay rimane molto valido, é un classico jrpg a turni con una meccanica "inedita": l'utilizzo degli Eoni. Essi sono dei grossi mostri , ognuno avente delle diverse abilitá, che possono solo essere evocati 1 volta nell'arco di una battaglia da parte del personaggio Yuna. L'utilizzo tattico ed intelligente degli Eoni é fondamentale per poter sconfiggere alcuni boss temibili. Il gioco di per sé non é facile, é praticamente obbligatorio alcune volte fermarsi a fare del grinding. I personaggi sono quasi tutti interessanti, anche se alcuni come Wakka , Kimahri o Tidus un po' per il doppiaggio, un po' per come sono stati studiati, mi sono stati un po' "odiosi" in alcuni momenti del gioco. Altri come Auron , Rikku o Yuna sono invece molto piú interessanti e ben caratterizzati. In questa versione del gioco sono integrati vari hack come la velocizzazione del gioco premendo F4 oppure lo sblocco degli item e delle sfere, arrivando addirittura ai combattimenti automatici. Io ho trovato l'aggiunta di questi "cheat" molto intelligente, considerato che il gioco a un certo punto potrebbe veramente diventare tedioso per gli standard moderni (grinding). Ho semplicemente odiato molto le sessioni puzzle con le sfere da inserire nei vari buchi all'interno dei santuari per poter proseguire con la storia. Neanche tanto difficili, ma semplicemente puramente noiose e brutte da fare: inutili. La storia é un altro punto forte del gioco, dopo il gameplay. É una storia raccontata molto lentamente, forse troppo, ma originale ed interessante. Il senso di spaesamento che sa dare all'inizio poi é veramente notevole. Quindi nel complesso storia e gameplay decisamente validi, puzzle game rari ma brutti, doppiaggio discutibile, forse picchi di difficoltá esagerati/sbilanciati e alcune scelte di gioco come l'obbligo di dover giocare al blitzball poco "intelligenti", visto sia come sono state fatte sia come sono state proposte al giocatore. Merita se si vuole conoscere la storia di Tidus, Auron e Yuna e se si vuole un jrpg vecchio stile, considerato che comunque questa versione include le hack che limano tantissimo la difficoltá e migliorano l'esperienza (per alcuni).

Sanastusa, Jul 5, 2016

When I saw this remaster come out for Playstation I almost broke down and bought a playstation so I could enjoy the memories of these two games. I still have my Final Fantasy X-2 strategy guide with notes written across the pages from my journey in Spira ten years ago. When I saw that it was going to released on Steam?! Happy thoughts for weeks. I will try to be unbiased through my review, no promises. Final Fantasy X To fuel my fire even more to play the remaster; Many years ago when I played this game I got stuck on one boss and in my innocence of youth I couldn't beat the Bevelle dragon. Eventually dropping the game all together, and skipping to X-2 when it released. I had my revenge this time around. The HD parts of the game are really nice and enjoyable. Increased features in the faces of most characters added more life to them compared to back on the ps2 game. Sadly it was only on certain parts of the game. You would go from HD faces to the flat features. I wish it was more consistent. Gameplay and combat are the typical turn based combat. Character progression is done on a huge sphere grid giving you the ability to branch characters off to how you want to build them. Granted some ways are blocked off so to start it is a linear path of building but later levels and spheres give you the chance to rework the characters. Story is decent. It starts off very slow, leaving you wondering what the hell is going on and why. Once things pick up you find a purpose to keep playing. Even though Tidus is considered the main character, I like to view Yuna as the main spotlight. The growth of her character is the spotlight in the game and continues into the sequel. Also I find Tidus annoying and the dialogue he utters is a instant face palm with a shake of the head. Some problems with Final Fantasy X: The Blitzball. The mini game is fun at first, I remembered playing it a lot before but then I recalled...I never won before because the difficulty is a large curve. The AI teams play x10 better then your team in any match. Its not impossible by any means to win. Just the odds are stacked against you. If you look online you see that there is a game glitch that you can do to always win. Camera control in the game is nonexistent and there are hidden chests on most off camera shots. You can only catch them between switching scenes and get lucky to spot the chest. Movement from frames lose their fluidity. Often leaving you to release the joy stick and move it again to continue the proper direction. I also wish the developers added some hints into the game about the hidden celestial weapons that you can unlock for each character. When I reached the end and was having problem taking out the final boss fights I did some research and found out about these special weapons for each character and the 3 special aeons you can get. Granted it just gives me another reason to play in the future. Final Fantasy X-2 I got the remaster more for this game then Final Fantasy X. I still have my ps2 and a copy of Final Fantasy X-2, I never wish to get rid of that memory. Surprisingly this game could be my all time favorite FF game, beating FF7. Everything about the game had me captivated before and still holds the magic. Combat is tweaked from FFX; Still a turn based system but on a faster scale. They add some limits to it so a monster cant bash you to death if you cant make up your mind on a skill. Now the whole turn is based on how many individual turns each character (including monster) gets. A monster could attack you 2-3 times before all your characters take their attacks. It adds some speed to the game and quick thinking. For the remaster release they released a special video in between FFX and FFX-2 to fill in the gap of story. Thank you. It was not hard before to fill in the gaps between games but now it is done for you. The story for FFX-2 blows away the first installment. A treasure hunt to find a loved one that leads to you saving the world at the same time. Classic. Paced between five chapters, with only one chapter (chapter 4) feeling uneventful. Which oddly enough is where my favorite part of the game comes to play, Yunapalooza. Character development leaves the sphere grid and now takes form in dress spheres. There are a wide variety (With two special ones added with the Remaster) dress spheres that gave the wearer ability and stats. Each character can use any dress sphere and you have to use the sphere to level it up and learn skills. Within one playthrough ending at Level 65 I was able to master about 3-4 dress spheres for each character, out of the 19 total.

ZaPaAl, Jun 4, 2016

I liked it first, but it's gameplay is thoroughly boring. It has very nice, even memorable scenery, story is ok, characters can be fun at times, but mostly quite infantile. It's very obvious, this game is built around grinding. Grinding for items, grinding random battles again and again, against the same 3 or 4 enemy types. One of the mini games let's you dodge lighting 200x in a row, with lighting every few seconds, and dodging with a keypress. Or, you must swap in all characters each battle, even if they have nothing to contribute, otherwise they receive no experience, and stay underdeveloped for battles where they must fight. When exploring the streamlined story areas there is hardly anything to discover, only some chests are hidden from view, due to the locked camera. If you think all of this mindless time wasting sounds fun, this game is for you. But really, consider viewing it as a video.