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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Three years after the events in FINAL FANTASY XIII, Lightning has gone missing, and Snow is nowhere to be found. In a rebuilding world, Serah notices that something is amiss. After a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious man named Noel, the two set off to find Lightning.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2087
Genre Role-Playing, Console-style RPG, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Square Enix
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 reviews ( 7 )

Pukavac, Dec 12, 2014

Ever thought Final Fantasy 13 was a great game done badly? Too many melodramatic CGI cutscenes? Too linear? Too melodramatic? Repetitive? A more than one paper thin character? Well, I did. I loved FF13 but the entire time I played it I felt like it was missing something to make it actually stand out, become memorable and fun. Well, the devs seemed to have felt the same way too, after all the backlash, and so, we got ourselves a 13-2. Characters: This time around you get less party members, only two to be precise, but they're actually doing things, their dialogue matters, it reveals the story or adds up to the tension or intrigue ( most of the time ), they're no longer a pretty human shell with only one personality trait. Now they actually feel like FF characters we grew to love. Also, we get some glimpses of characters from the FF13-2, and they have actually improved, they actually feel more compelling and convincing this time around, although it's a shame they never team up with you on your mission. So, if you are like me and only liked Lightning, Sazh and Fang from the previous game, you'll be happy to hear that the new cast is just as good, if better. World: Hell YES! Open, not linear. Changeable surrounding, enemies and hidden treasures thought time gates! The way it should have been done in the first place Square! Combat: Like it or love it, the combat stayed kinda the same. However, this time it is more challenging, you'll die less in 13-2 than in 13 but, you'll also like it more as this time around you feel more in control, you have the option to disable auto-combat, and tho the battles seemed less challenging in13-2, the bosses really gave you a hard time, and it was harder to receive a 5 star rating, which this time around you'll actually want to work for, and be happy to see what kind of prizes it delivers. Also, cinematic actions are a new thing, you know, where you press buttons at the right time which decides the unfolding of the combat cutscene and the combat itself. When I first saw this I thought '' OH NO! Oh no no no no..! '', however it turned out to be quite easy and actually, pretty fun, I loved it really. You also get a third party member, beside our human duo, and that third party member is monsters you've tamed, selected among a whooping 150 ( I THINK!) different ones. Not gonna talk too much about this for the same of avoiding wall of text, so just imagine pokemon in final fantasy world, yup, tons of fun! Oh, and one more thing! Sometimes you get into fights that are not static, meaning the characters will run, ride an eidolon etc, and those really are super exciting and fun, but are too scarce sadly. Story: Even tho I liked FF13 story i admit that I actually liked the way it started, the whole branded by pulse thing, but the resolution and the actual bad guy and the whole divine reasoning behind it didn't really didn't work for me all that good. Now it's the other way around, it starts fast, exciting, intriguing right away, but suddenly slows down really fast, only to pick it up again later, and so on. I liked the story, I really did, but, the pacing was off in more times than one ( Think FFX ). However, I would take unpolished pacing over unsatisfying storyline any day of the week. Music: Loved it even more than the previous game soundtrack, but a few track seemed unfitting to say the least. Overall: very well done,memorable and truly FF-ish with a few hit or miss tracks.. Graphics: Sadly, and I did not expect this from a FF game, not much has improved over the previous game. It actually looks pretty much the same, some parts it exceeds the original and in some parts it even fails to meet the originals standards. Don't get me wrong, it really looks great, but the is literally no improvement over the previous game. The up side tho is that this time they took the time to port it to PC like it should be ported, and not like a cheap, money grabbing rush the previous games' port was. You get options to change resolutions, AA, and widescreen is well supported. Voice acting: On par with previous game, which is amazing. Not many voice actors could pull-off FF 13-2 sometimes really unbelievable dialogue, but they find the right ones for the job. Even melodramatic or cliche one liners which are like a plague stamp of the series sound, well, great and fitting. Also, both japanese and english dub is included, which is a great plus! Overall, do not scared of it being a sequel to one of the most controversial final fantasy games so far, and do not be scared of the '' - 2 '' in it's name ( looking at you X-2, you awful, awful, should-not-exister ) because it really is a wonderful game. It's fun, moving, memorable, explorable, it is a true FF game. It's like devs heared the fans pleads and took FF13, remodeled it to be more open, enjoyable and compeling like the previous FF games, and gave us FF13-2. Also, it's only like, 16euros. Pick it up! You won't regret it!

ComradeJonathan, Mar 14, 2015

This title is amongst the best I have ever Played. You play as a young girl searching for her Goddess of a sister (both internally and externally) alongside a man sent by your sister to aid you, as you solve time anomalies and paradoxes in order to piece a broken world back together. Throughout your journey you meet some very interesting and occasionally melodramatic characters and watch yourself develop from a scared girl waiting for her hero into an avid fighter and competent problem solver. I get 60 FPS with my Radeon HD 7850 GPU, FX8350 CPU and 4GB DDR3 (aka a moderately high end PC) @ 1920 x 1200 resolution, 4k x 4k shadow resolution, and x8 AA, which is amazing for all intents and purposes. Unfortunately It crashes If I go any higher at all, assumedly from my RAM bottleneck. The game itself suffers from random crashes every once in awhile and it may be because I am using high end settings with only 4GB RAM. The controls are pretty good for a console port, and they are customizable, which is really all that matters. Anyhoo the game itself is amazing which is why I give it this particular rating. This is probably one of the best final fantasy titles ever released.

0hope, Dec 12, 2014

Where to start with this one, ah yeah there is something funny when you check game description and features and then find there highlighted ability to change resolution, texture detail and volume sliders! Those are thing that should be standard for PC games. But then memory from last FF floods my brain and i came to remember how that one didn't even have volume sliders so yeah XD This one is actually fairly decent port. Have not had any major issues like with last FF13. Game was running smoothly on 60fps most of time, there ware some hick ups but nothing major. And it actually supports widescreen and most important the freaking ability to actually change resolution. This PC version have both japanese and english dub just like last one but this time without major increase in space taken, guess they did learn something instead of just dumping copy of movies with different audio. Now about game it self. This time around you have only 2 playable char and this is good and bad. Bad in sense that if you dislike both of them there wont be much redeeming chance. But this way there is far more character development so the story doesn't suffer from that issue much. Wont spoil anything regarding story it self but you don't really need to play last FF 13 to understand this one even though story is continuation of that one, well kind off. Combat is more or less identical, meaning real time ATB system where you pick commands only for your main char while other two act depending what preset you have selected (AI controlled). Yes i said two because 3nd party member is a monster(almost any monster NPC) which can be captured and added to your team. That is new part added to game its fairly interesting one. How ever combat still feels flawed in part that you never feel like you have complete control over your characters. Thing is monster do have hit boxes and its possible to miss or getting missed by just moving around or jumping in air during some move but those are random things which are hard to time or predict. And in some rare cases monster collision can even prevent you from getting to its hit box. But over all its nothing worse then FF 13. Game do suffers from some repetitiveness but over all i dare to say its best FF from FF 13 trilogy. And its worth to mention that all 'DLC' are already added into game with exception of certain that couldn't be ported because of some copyright laws and BS. Its only 16 euro on steam, not over all that expensive so i'd say its worth your money if you never had chance to play it or just want to replay it. Final score 8/10

Nyakuya, Oct 20, 2017

Una historia muy interesante empañada por un pesimo port. Utilizo medidores de consumo, mi procesador esta al 20%, mi placa de video al 60%, y el juego corre a 20 fps siendo que podria utilizar el resto de mis componentes para aumentar el rendimiento, pero no, porque está mal programado y ni teniendo una PC de la Nasa lográs que funcione bien. La historia del juego me gusta mucho, y eso de poder elegir que decir cada tanto lograr sumergirte mas en los dialogos, (aunque las opciones que elijes no tengan mucha importancia, si que aveces te harán reir, y si que te meten mas en las conversaciones). Otro punto negativo es que solo tienes 2 personajes en TODO el juego para utilizar, Serah y Noel. Listo, ninguno más. (La saga final fantasy se ha caraterizado por tener varios personajes jugables... Excepto en este caso que utilizas a los 2 mismos todo el rato). El combate, la progresion, y lo de utilizar mounstruos en tu equipo está genial... Pero es repetitivo debido a las pocas opciones que tienes, (ya que como dije arriba, solo hay 2 personajes jugables durante TODA la historia). Los mapas dejan de ser tubos alargados como en FF XIII (al fin), y esto es una mejora total ya que al anterior final fantasy ni siquiera lo terminé por repetitivo y cansino. Ahora tienes mapas con varios caminos concectados entre si, no lo suficientemente grandes como para perdertes y tener que revisar el mapa, pero si lo suficientemente "grandes" como para no tener que caminar todo recto y ya está. Estuve jugando al juego con un joystick, y esto me hizo dar cuenta de otro problema del cutre port que es. Cuando usaba el joystick, la interfaz seguia mostrando el teclado, y mostraba las teclas, pero no los botones del joystick. Esto hubiera sido menos molesto si este juego no tuviera quick time events, ya que debido a que me mostraba que botones del teclado pulsar en lugar de mostrarme los del joystick, se me complicaba muchisimo adivinar que boton era el que tenia que pulsar. Pros: - Buena Historia. - Buena inmersion. - Exploracion mejorada en comparacion con FF XIII. (No mas tubos en lugar de mapas, pero no mas mapas gigantes en los que te pierdes. Mezcla perfecta) Contra: - Pésimo port que empaña la jugabilidad por completo. - Pocos personajes y opciones que vuelven a los combates muy repetitivos. - Te permite usar joystick pero sigue mostrando el teclado en todo momento en lugar de los botones del joystick, (convinado a los quick time events, es horripilante).

Frein, Apr 2, 2015

This review is based on 13h of gameplay and I have plenty of experience with the FF series, including FFXIII, which I beat. FFXIII-2 is in many ways similar to FFXIII, however, it's clear that the designers wanted to address some of the criticism FFXIII received. They removed the endless linear corridors, for instance, however, not all changes were for the better. While the linear corridors are gone, the quite open ended nature of FFXIII-2 struggles to keep the narrative tight. Most of the side quests are completely uninspiring and even the main plot seems to be riddled with C-grade sci-fi writing. Despite the time traveling theme, Chrono Trigger this is not. As I mentioned earlier, I have not finished the game, so take this with a grain of salt, however. The story may well improve later on. The most significant step backwards, in my opinion, is the character progression system. FFXIII-2 also uses the crystarium, however, this time it works differently. You can unlock available roles all the way to the end at any point of the game, which can lead to extreme variance in character builds. Also, optimal allocation of CP (exp in FFXIII) is an exercise in spreadsheet porn, which is extremely poor design. Basically, if you allocate CP to your various roles in the wrong order, your character will end up with worse stats. The tutorial doesn't even properly explain how this works and there is no going back, so you're basically screwed if you don't follow a guide from the get go. The weapon upgrade system from FFXIII is, thankfully, gone. The original system had shocking design failures that are no longer present. This time you hunt specific monster materials to modify your equipment in multiple ways. It appears quite confusing and not really worth the effort at the point in the game that I am at, however. Why can't we just go back to FFIX? Or even FFVII? They had much more functional equipment systems than these bloated messes. Instead of a third character, in FFXIII-2 combat the third party slot is occupied by a tamed monster. Monsters can have only one role, however, you can "equip" up to three monsters at the same time, which simulates the effect of having a character with three roles unlocked. The monster taming system is perhaps the best example of the systems bloat the game suffers from. Almost every foe you face can be captured, but capturing is luck based, so you may have to grind for a very long time before the game decides to award you with the monster you were looking for. Additionally, every monster type has a unique growth profile that can be further modified by feeding it different types of foods (monsters don't level with CP like characters do) and there are multiple tiers of each type of food with more advanced food types being required to level your monsters past certain points. There is no way of knowing how your monster grows and what abilities it will learn without looking into a guide, so you make significant resource investments with blinders on. As if this wasn't enough, there is also Infusion, which is essentially you feeding a tamed monster to another tamed monster in order to transfer over abilities. All this encourages massive grinding accompanied by countless spreadsheets if you want to have any direction with your monster game. It's like trying to breed a competitive Pokemon tournament team, the thought of which sends chills down my spine. Finally, because the monsters follow the same role system player characters do, they don't end up feeling all that diverse or unique despite having a some traits and abilities unique to monsters. Then there is the music. Let's just say that this is not your Dad's FF and the soundtrack is a 180 degree departure from the Uematsu masterpieces of the PS1 era games. I guess some people enjoy the extremely loud dance-electro-pop-whatever, but personally I find it extremely annoying. Why are there lyrics in just about every track? Why does it have to constantly blast into my ears like I was in a disco? Why can't I turn the music off or reduce the volume? The lack of volume controls seems insane even if you were confident everyone is going to love your soundtrack. But how does it all run on the PC? Pretty much identically to the patched FFXIII PC version, which is to say pretty damn poorly. It's not as disastrous as FFXIII was at launch as you can make all the same adjustments to resolution, AA and so on that were initially missing from FFXIII, however, the wildly fluctuating frame rate is still there. It doesn't matter how powerful your PC is or how low your settings are, the game is going to stutter, even if you implement some of the third party tweaks and workarounds that have popped up. After the first 13h of gameplay, I would rank this below FFXIII. While the original had its obvious flaws, it had more balanced gameplay, less bloated design and the story was more interesting and sensible

scarfake, Dec 19, 2015

game is improved. 13 was lineer but nice game. 13-2 is not lineer and you can choose your decision in dialogues. soundtrack is perfect. i like new bodhum. graphics and cutscenes is great. cutscene actions is really good but port is terrible. it is really bad port. you should play on ps3

jvmcnk, Dec 18, 2014

They fu..ed this game with merging the auto and manual saves to a point of no return. Hate it. Rest is nice and worth playing if you tolerate the auto-save system.