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Final Fantasy XIII In Final Fantasy XIII, you will embark on a journey through the cityworld of Cocoon and the outerworld of Pulse. Along the way, you will encounter diverse allies who will fight alongside you. Execute powerful attacks with weapons and magic, and summon the enigmatic Eidolons with an evolved Active Time Battle system. Experience seamless transitions between real time gameplay and in-game cinematics. Do you have the courage to face your destiny?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3252
Genre Role-Playing, Console-style RPG, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Square Enix
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Final Fantasy XIII reviews ( 7 )

d33pak001, Oct 13, 2014

People here are complaining for the smallest of reasons. This game is a visual treat with some of the best music in games. It is an AAA RPG which is linear for most of the game. Remember when we were blaming Square Enix for launching it only on the consoles? Well its here finally on PC now so stop complaining and start getting immersed in the world of FFXIII

EL1TE, Oct 15, 2014

For the record my rating is: i like (10) and i don't like (0), not saying 10 is a perfect game, my ratings don't work like that, simply i either like, or i don't. The game itself is bad, the port is mediocre due to the lack of options we could have, such as set a resolution, but i still like it. The Soundtrack is probably the best part of the game, people spend a lot of time in pretty much "corridors" until it gets interesting, and when it gets interesting, for those who didn't give up it's nice, not really nice but nice, i wish this was a somewhat open world game like all other Final fantasy games i've played, or at least that i could travel from place to place somehow and discover a lot of secrets. SPOILER AHEAD: Anyway, people spend a LOT of hours doing pretty much the same before it gets interesting, and that's frustrating, it's normal people don't like the games, the story itself could have been a lot better if characters had some depth, in the first mission there's a whole lot of people dying and the characters don't seem to care at all. Thanks to Durante we can unlock the base resolution and the game looks a LOT better, making it enjoyable to play over the PS3 version i've never finished due to boredom, overall i like this game despite the first part that's boring.

Kain666, Oct 12, 2014

Final Fantasy XIII is an amazing game if u use the GeDoSaTo Tool. I loved the Mods and the Kristarium Techs to Build up the Characters. The Graphics are also stunning and the fighting system plays as well. So finally check this game out it´s a great peace of a cake.

Cinnamoan, Oct 18, 2014

i dont know, but the entire game is like running on hallways. yes, there are different surroundings, but the boring feeling of running and running is just there. it's linear compared from the previous parts. no more leveling system. no more ff-standard loots. no more exploration. you just need to follow the target location. keep running on long, wide space hallways. story is fine. character dramas still there. but, the over all gameplay, what happen? ff12 is better. still, i keep playing just to finish the game. good thing i like vanille. lol!

123456, Mar 10, 2016

Picked this up on Steam Sale. 15 hours in and the story is a strange mix of confusing and blindingly obvious to the player but not the characters. For some reason the characters feel the need to react with a gasp and stare down the camera lens rather than just say "What do you mean?" or "Tell me what you know!" The characters are unnecessarily childish, even the weird old guy who happily goes along with it all. Your girlfriend tells you she is breaking up with you without giving a reason. Do you ask why, or fall down on your hands and knees and punch the floor hopelessly? Their outfits never change either, during flashbacks or otherwise, which I found particularly irritating given the game's focus on aesthetics. There is no open world, just long corridors. The locations may have looked good in 2010 but they are very repetitive now (this is perhaps a harsh criticism due to the game's age). The whole game thus far has been a series of paths with a few battles and cutscenes on the way to a boss fight. You can't get lost. The battles themselves bounce between challenging, tedious, fun, and flat out awesome. You only control one character, and control is a loose term - more of a suggestion of what that character does. The fights are much quicker, which can be fun, and swapping paradigms, or stances - like tank, dps, healer, buffer, debuffer - can be quite fun. However, for 99% of the game so far you only have 2 out of 3 character slots filled as you switch between pairs of characters, sometimes leaving you with a tank and a healer to try and kill an enemy with a large HP pool. Not impossible, but not necessary either. Having Lightning in your team makes things much more fun however, and the stagger system combined with the paradigms can make for some interesting gameplay. 75% of battles though can just be won by mashing one button, but that is just simplifying the repetitive actions from previous FF games of selecting the most effective attack for most of the trash/grind battles. Not great at all, but I will try and finish it.

Kristaoss, Sep 27, 2015

Des couloirs à plus finir, une histoire mignone, candide, trop pour moi. Les mécaniques de jeu mettent 20 heures à se déployer (sans déconner) et même rendu là, je trouve les combats répétitifs et ennuyeux. Il est beau, ça oui, et les cinématiques sont de grandes qualités pour certaines quoique c'est parfois bizarre les différences de direction artistique qu'il peut y avoir entre elles (ou de techniques de réalisation, je ne sais pas). J'ai lâché l'affaire au bout d'une vingtaine d'heures, avec la sensation d'avoir été pris pour un con. (Oui ça m'a prit 20h, parce que je suis têtu pis j'avais sans cesse l'espoir que le fun arrive mais non...)

KaienShiba, Feb 11, 2015

The instructions for playing game is a dismal failure when you can't get past the opening, the keyboard setup is just plain stupid. I can only assume that it gets worse, if you can past area 1 aka the beach.