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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward The Warriors of Light travel now to Ishgard a city-state mired in a 1000-year conflict with the dragons of the Dravanian Horde. Can our heroes reveal the ancient truths buried in Ishgard’s bloody history and help bring an end to the Dragonsong War? Can the Warriors of Light cast off the shadows that darken the realm?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3064
Genre Massively Multiplayer Online, Fantasy, Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Square Enix
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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward reviews ( 7 )

Ronivan, Jun 23, 2015

Heavensward was an astonishing expansion to Final Fantasy Online. The new landscapes are just gorgeous with great ambiance. The new flying feature makes the game incredible, enabling fast area traveling and a new perspective to the landscapes. Soundtrack are just wondrous too. The game development made a great work, and expect great things to come.

MisaCeliousa, Jun 25, 2015

Amazing expansion, added quite many beautiful areas, the flying feels fluid and amazing, the 3 new jobs are well made and fits right into the world. The story feels exciting and well thought out, excited to see future patches ^^

KluyaAether, Jul 21, 2015

It is in my opinion after playing FF14 HW and ARR, that Square Enix is the Disney of the Video Game industry. They should seriously have their own storefronts. They made their characters come alive. Its not easy for me to get emotionally involved with characters from a video game, but these guys did it. The music score was phenomenal and so were the graphics. I definately recommend a MMO/RPG fan playing this game.

akumarage1, Jun 23, 2015

Awesome expansion. Being a long time WoW vet, this is how you do added content. Not to mention the free content patches that add stories, dungeons, primals, gear ect after the fact. good job SE

ScottyTB, Jun 24, 2015

If you liked ARR then you will love this continuation of the story. Graphics and sound are unmatched in the mmo genre. Im enjoying this to the fullest. So much content has been added and Square Enix didnt skimp out on this xpac. Lots to offer here and it will help bring in newer players. Im looking forward to finishing the story and seeing what more they can do witb future patches. Long live subscription games, as long as they continue to deliver. This one does!

APOD, Jan 13, 2016

I'm Probably NOT the best gamer in the world. But man I love gaming. We had a first look at Final Fantasy XIV (14). I was just thrown in to an awesome adventure. Cool characters and awesome creatures are waiting for you in this MMORPG. ◄ POSITIVES ► ♥ Deep and detailed storytelling. ♥ Appealing graphics. ♥ Lots of customization abilities. ♥ Cross platforms (Players on Playstation can play online with PC players). ♥ Play with a game pad or use mouse & keyboard. ◄ NEGATIVES ► ● Confusing map system. You don't know where to go. ● Sometimes there is no music. ● Some times there are voice over to the cut scenes, some times there isn't. View my "First look at - Final Fantasy XIV" video here:

SweetJesus, Jun 4, 2016

Garbage : spent an hour triple checking spelling as the account I created for square enix on the website for some reason didn't "finalize" so when I tried to use it on the launcher it gave "ID or password invalid" went to the SE site tried a password reset, said "account does not exist" after 2 hours of WTF I went to the launcher and created an account successfully finally. then once the game loaded and I spent an hour creating a character just the way I wanted I find out the servers are "restricted" and I cant join the server my brother and friends are on until monday morning if I'm around to log in during the short time they lift the "restrictions"...?? WTF kinda BS is that... plus, not only do you have to buy "Realm Reborn" and the dlc "Heavensword" but you also have to pay monthly on top of those 2 purchase prices?? for a game that no mater what you do, you cant even create a character on the weekend ???? Square Enix is just terrible... terible terrible...