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Finding Paradise A story-driven experience about two doctors traversing through a dying man's memories to artificially fulfill his last wish.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1445
Genre Role-Playing, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Freebird Games / Freebird Games

Finding Paradise reviews ( 6 )

Malienus, Dec 15, 2017

Kan Gao did it again! After waiting for more than 2 years for this, I played "Finding Paradise" minutes after it was released and completed it in one go. Roughly about 6 hours. If you've played "To The Moon", you will feel right at home as "Finding Paradise" is in many ways the same as the first game in the series. That is not to say this is a criticism. So we have another dying patient that has a wish which the two doctors Neil and Eva will try to fulfill. These two make a great comic duo yet again and their jokes will make you laugh. There are some references to "To The Moon" and some other winks towards pop-culture. I did find it interesting that during one scene, Kan even reflects through the characters on how mixed of a reception "A Bird's Story" had (I loved it, btw). For some, the interface, graphics and limited 'gameplay' will be a minus, but we all know that it is the story that makes "Finding Paradise" a real gem. And this one will stay with you as well. While we explored more of a 'love' theme in "To The Moon", "Finding Paradise" touches more on regrets, loneliness and growing up. And yes... someone will be cutting onions again towards the end. Even though I guessed it this time, I am still going to say it didn't disappoint. The soundtrack is where the game shines as well. It's a masterpiece by itself and I will listen to it once it is released. Just to give you an idea how great it is - I deliberately stayed longer in some rooms, just so I can enjoy the music. And we will have some cameos from "A Bird's Story" and "Quintessence". So... grab some tissues, switch off your phone and just enjoy playing it. You will not REGRET this. Thanks, Kan.

JurgenRamnball, Dec 16, 2017

This game shows how important it is when a story can transmit us its feelings. I never cried so much in my life before as in the ending of this gem, it moved me even more than To The Moon.

stasiu1999, Dec 17, 2017

I played to the moon , all minisodes and now finding paradise, and all i can say is how great those games are. This is the best game, if you want cry, laugh or just have nice afternoon.

marillasky, Dec 15, 2017

That RPG Maker jankiness is still ever-present, but it doesn't matter when the story, and characters can put the most polished AAA games to shame. If you liked To The Moon, go in blind. There are a couple of spots where it loses its shine, but overall, everything's alright.

nevadatan, Dec 18, 2017

After 6 long years of wait since the launch of To the moon we finally get our hands on the next interaction of the story. My biggest worry with this game, given how amazing the previous one is as an experience, that it would fell on the shadow of it's predecessor's glory and end up mediocre. I am so glad to have my worries dashed away as Finding Paradise proves itself to be able to stand as a great experience on it's own as well as a proud sequel to one of my most beloved games. While To the moon focused on the story of Jhonny, Finding Paradise thrives on the low developed points of the previous game by establishing the universe, the characters and and the world itself a lot better, as well as the ethical and philosophical discussion on the job our two main characters do. While not as touching and tear jerking as the first game, it doesn't even try to be, leaving you wondering more about it's central topics than sad. The slapstick humour is back as well and more powerful than ever before, making the interactions between these characters and story really amusing and enjoyable to watch. I would heavily recommend replaying everything up till now, from To the moon as well as A Bird Story and the two special Sigmund minisodes as it is almost mandatory to catch all the references thrown around in this game. As for the graphics, not much has changed, but I seemed to notice a bit more of details put on the characters animations as well the environments. Part of me expected a more developed interface as it was in the mobile version of To the moon, but the nostalgic feel of the old interface wasn't so bad. The music, as expected is amazing. The fantastic work by the music team of Freebird Games as well as Laura Shigihara not only is beautiful sounding, but also complements the amazing story perfectly. I was glad to notice some new remixes of old songs as well, giving them a fresh feel. The gameplay is where a big part of the low points of both To the moon and Finding Paradise manifest themselves, being made in rpg maker and all. Things like being able to walk diagonally as well as a running button would improve it drastically since you need to do a lot of exploring to catch the more hidden plot points. The puzzles to prepare the mementos were changed and are now a lot more interesting. While these puzzles were pretty simple and more of a breather from the heavy emotions in To the moon, in Finding Paradise they are a lot more intricate. Nowhere near hard, but still needing to use your brain a bit more than the previous game. It has been a long wait, but a well worth one. Congratulations Kan Gao for another great game and amazing experience. Hopefully the next iteration doesn't take another 6 years. But hey, if it does, I know it's probably well worth the wait.

Violett, Jan 20, 2018

First thing you need to know - this is not an action. Not. Completely isn't. Totally not an action. You just slowly and steadily reveal the story of the game ... sloooooowly ... yawn ... Also, I'm not a fun of NES graphics, with the exception of Isaac and SMB - action games where you focus on gameplay, not on bad graphics - but here you cannot close your eyes on it.