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Firefall Earth will never be the same. After the Crystite Wars, humanity inadvertently invited the worst enemy ever conceived: THE MELDING. It surrounds us. It forces us to live in pockets of land protected only by the accidental discovery of repulsor technology. We continue to fight for land. For technology. For power. For our very survival. JOIN THE FIGHT.Red5 Studios Red 5 Studios presents, FIREFALL, an online team-based action shooter. Join your friends in an epic online campaign across a vast open world to stop the Melding and fight for the survival of humanity against the army of the Chosen. Advance your army and character through technological upgrades. Level up different character classes. Compete for supremacy in various multiplayer game types. Push back the Melding. SAVE EARTH
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3265
Genre Shooter, Sci-Fi, Action, Third-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Red 5 Studios / Red 5 Studios
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Firefall reviews ( 7 )

DawidRyba, Aug 18, 2014

FireFall have delivered many great things since it was first released (closed alpha) and I can only say the game can be insanely fun, unlike other MMOs FireFall feels a little different, it's a game that you can hardly compare to other MMOs, which is good.

solardawning, Jul 29, 2014

Firefall's finally launched, and it was worth the wait. Red 5 studios has completely remade the game that was known for it's 'eternal' beta, and now has a real gem: It has the progression and content flow of an MMO, but the fun moment-to-moment gameplay of a shooter. I'm having a blast. Only question on my mind is: which battleframe (character class) to level up next?

enokibigshot, Aug 23, 2014

It's a good treat for sci-fi shooter enthusiasts; aliens, lasers, splosions, jetpacks, high-tech vehicles, and more. Great visuals (a lil too heavy on the lens flares on higher settings), nice ways to traverse the beautiful open-world, and all-in-all a good PvE experience. PvP is not that existent yet, I think, which for me was a plus, didn't want anyone interrupting my operatic space exploration. Item store content is a bit too tacky for my taste, but it's great in a sense that it's not P2W. Great game for a small effort and cashout.

Berhodes, Aug 8, 2014

Very Solid MMO Shooter Game Free To Play and absolute NO Pay to Win. You don't just HAVE to do quests, you can do ares missions, events like tornado, or Incursion event, and pls. do like 2-3 hours per day before you review it negative

amarlestudamire, Sep 9, 2014

Just this week was a slew of new updates, plus a big one on the 12th. It was kinda a rocky launch but the devs are putting up face to complete their promises bit by bit. I like that. Add the continuous dev support to an already okay game, and you get a good game. Some notes: It's PvE centric, so PvP addicts beware. The PvE gameplay is great though, and is an excitingly explodey shooter experience. People will tell it's got loads of traveling to the point of boring. Honestly, it's probably just bored people speaking of how bored they are. The ways of travel are great, and complement the bouts of action really well as interludes. It's a pretty scape, and there's awe-inspiring group bosses that threaten the world. Good solid experience all in all.

VideoVillain, Jan 4, 2015

I beta tested this game from its inception and followed it faithfully until now. It had so much going for it, then right before it launched, they changed directions and ruined it all... similar to the way Tabula Rasa switched gears or Star Wars Galaxies switched gears. They did it to please the masses, forced into it by their Publishers when the Developers actually don't want to do it. It is such a sad thing to see. I continued to follow the game and play it for many months after it launched, in the hopes the new direction could appeal to me, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Don't get me wrong, the game is still very unique and can be very fun at times, but for what I'm getting, I'd rather play Unreal or WoW at two different times and get the better game-play of each than the dumped down, washed out mix offered by FireFall. The lack of content, especially end-game, is depressing and what was shown in the trailers for the game that got everyone so excited still isn't even added...

HinJack, Aug 13, 2015

Game was already tedious,lack of dev. and now comes with the most boring version called 2.0, where all the fun is gone, infinite respawn of enemies, extreme boring grind, tedious and repetitive Aresjob(quests) every on same place (full of infinite and strong npcs), more nerfs on battleframes (players), 5 classes removed, pay to win lockboxes with high changes to get better end game content, players will die and die some times and quit bored when try this crap version, really RIP Firefall 2015/2016