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Fist Puncher Fist Puncher is a retro-styled, side scrolling beat em up with RPG elements and plenty of button mashing goodness. It follows a group of vigilantes as they fight their way through the streets of a lawless city. You can think of it as Double Dragon meets Castle Crashers.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1438
Genre Action, Beat-'Em-Up, General, 2D
Company / Developer
Team2Bit / Team2Bit
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Fist Puncher reviews ( 7 )

arhealu, Jun 25, 2013

A rivoting retro-style brawler that provides hours of fun! The characters and plethora of levels will make you chuckle while you live out your dreams of being one heck of a tough coconut. I demand action figures!

superatron, Jun 24, 2013

Crazy old-style beat 'em up. Lots of characters, lots of levels, slick gameplay. Dr. Karate. Steroid Jackson. The Beekeeper. Need I say more? Insane number of levels too. I've defeated over 30 levels and still have a lots more to get through. And it's tough. Feels like you're playing an old school NES game. Might be too tough for casual, facebook gamers. Highly recommended!

NRGMan, Jul 23, 2013

This game is huge! I can't believe how much they packed in here tons of levels, characters, unlockable moves, achievements and a massive campaign make this a bargain. Reminds me of Castle Crashers but kind of funnier depending on your sense of humor. Controls are spot on, everything is smooth and fluid, especially when you play with a controller. Glad to see someone is still making this kind of game, there aren't many quality brawlers out there these days.

Whatsupnik, Jun 24, 2013

A wonderful throwback to the era of brawlers, when street fighting seemed poised to solve all the world's problems. Graphics are the standard indie retro vibe, but Fist Puncher stands out for its smooth as silk gameplay and sizeable stable of playable characters. Some of the bosses are a little hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way. There are generous save points for the strugglers, and it doesn't take long before leveling up gets you past any tough fight. This game let's it all hang out and manages to stay interesting the whole way through (and it is massive!)

youngzen69, Jul 28, 2013

After giving Fist Puncher a try I get the impression that the developers really didn't grow up in that era and sort of misses the essence of what old school fighting games are suppose to be like. Take out the nostalgic factor and imagine for a second that Fist Puncher came out at around the same time as Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. Most gamers at that time would have looked upon Fist Puncher as being okay but not great. First off Double Dragon and Streets of Rage looked a whole lot better on NES and Genesis. The pix-elated graphics here is overdone to say the least. Second, the fighting physics in those games was much more refined. Every move felt like it was actually connecting with the enemy. Here the fighting physics feels messy and unrefined! Third, I believe character leveling up is unnecessary in this genre. Game difficulty is what its all about. Fourth, is there a reason why weapons shouldn't last for more then 3 hits? Fifth, no online multiplayer. What! Finally, despite having some faults I still think that Fist Puncher is a pretty decent fighter overall. I would also recommend checking out Castle Crushers same genre better game if your interested.

Andresitooo, Jul 11, 2013

fun beat em up game repetative but fun just not worth the 10 or 15 dollars i paid. Like the humor and the story line is funny too but even though being a retro game it could've been done a lot cooler with a lot more options to it. would've def paid 5 bux for it but no more with that with how many other great games there are out there for same amount of money (go to steam they have 5 dollar specials a lot of times on games that were once 20 30 40 or 50 dollars and were rated well at that).

Eliwood, Jul 29, 2013

Button masher with SO MANY not very clever decisions in level designing. For example if player can't target enemies properly (most the time you simply mash buttons hoping you'll hit somebody) don't make level with lawsuits who you cannot hit. Like leonlp12 said this game is unfair and repetitive.