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Flat Kingdom

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1335
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Games Starter / Fat Panda Games

Flat Kingdom reviews ( 1 )

PaleMimic, Aug 20, 2017

Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition or FKPCE or maybe Flat Kingdom, whatever the name, it’s a side scrolling, platformer made by an indie developer by the name of Fat Panda Games. Upon first glance at the game, the Paper Mario series might spring to mind. You wouldn’t be completely wrong on thinking that, the games does share several features of the Paper Mario games, but not many. The graphical style has the paper-made-world idea set out pretty well and the music fits well with each stage, feeling cheery when traversing the colourful world and dangerous when fighting against bosses. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mechanically however, the game doesn’t quite hit the spot. The idea of transforming between different shapes to fight off the varies enemies is a nice idea and fairly unique at that. The puzzles are fairly easy but are a welcome challenge to help players get to grips with the shape transformations. On the other hand there can be some fairly pointless puzzles that seem to serve no real purpose, and some sort of expect you to understand what the developer was thinking to solve them. Also on the rare occasion you can find enemies that you think were square, for example, only to realize they’re actually circular and you just wasted one of your precious hearts. Boss battles are another thing that seems to be on the iffy side. It takes several attempts to figure out what to do, if you can work it out at all, and you sometimes have to be in the mind of the developer to fully understand what’s supposed to happen. I’ll give the developers credit though, their enemy dies are fairly different, including the bosses. Triangular rats, spherical fish and a killer whale called Hank. The various stages are all thematically different ranging from cardboard caverns to volcanoes of paper (God knows how that works). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flat Kingdom is fun game that tries too hard at some junctures but at the same time feels unique. The art style is very reminiscent of the Paper Mario series and it’s great. The mechanics are iffy at times but for the most part they work in the games favor. Overall I’d recommend playing Flat Kingdom even if it’s for a quick platforming fix. It’s different and fun and well worth a look. Good Day!