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FlatOut 2 Featuring an enhanced version of the original's physics engine with even faster driving track designs, FlatOut 2 also boasts numerous improvements, enhancements and additions to make the title the definitive FlatOut experience. Twice as many vehicles, a more sophisticated career mode, additional race environments, double the number of tracks, twice as many mini-games along with brand new and much requested online multiplayer modes are just some of the exhaustive features that are included in FlatOut 2. With more than 5,000 fully destructible objects on every track as well as 40 deformable parts on each vehicle, physical interaction in a racing game is taken to unprecedented heights. With a greater emphasis placed on causing destruction on the track by offering greater rewards, game play will be even more frantic than ever. Drivers will need to tear into competitors' cars, trash the local scenery, litter the track with obstacles, while at the same time trying to concentrate on their own race in a bid to cross the line first. The ever-popular Ragdoll mini-games from the original FlatOut game make a welcome return and are better than ever with 12 Ragdoll events, a Ragdoll Championship and full online support. New Ragdoll events include basketball, baseball and royal flush cards. [Empire Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3533
Genre Driving, Racing, Demolition Derby, Arcade, Automobile
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Vivendi Games / Bugbear
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FlatOut 2 reviews ( 4 )

ChristopherS., Feb 10, 2007

A magnificent game and quite possibly the best arcade racer ever made. If your a fan of intense fender to fender action then you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. Computer AI is believably aggressive and at times very difficult to beat. The city and rural landscapes are stunningly beautiful and almost totally destructible. By the end of a race the track will be thoroughly trashed and your car will be a twisted shadow of its former self. Unlike the NFS games (Underground and Most Wanted) this racer runs smooth as silk on my Athlon64 4000+ with Ati x850xt pcix and 2 gigs of ram. Awesome and highly recommended!

Bloov, Dec 22, 2012

Это одни и самых замечательных аркадных гонок, когда-либо виденных мною. Игра очень динамичная, весёлая, в меру сложная. За 6 лет не надоела до сих пор. Можно так же отметить приятную детализированную графику, без излишеств, красочно и нетребовательно. В любом случае советую. Конечно, понравится не каждому, но пропускать не стоит.

FizzZizz, Jun 21, 2007

Best car racing, car smashing game I've ever played. I am addicted to this game -- it looks fantastic, the tracks are amazingly well designed. Furious gameplay keeps me coming back for more. Only thing is that online play often crashes when trying to connect to a race or derby. I hope they make Flatout3 and fix the online issues for one of the best racing games ever. When it does work, online play is a blast. The car models are superb. The car wrecks and smashing is very satisfying on my wide LCD screen.

Pampl, Jul 26, 2013

Looks like it could be a good game, but absolutely unplayable on the keyboard. Tapping a direction will make you do a 360 degree spin. I've had no problems with Wipeout or GTA and was hoping for a similar arcade experience but it looks like it's meant for a controller or steering wheel.