FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction Crack With Activation Code 2020

FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction brings a new dimension to high speed destruction racing. Feel the adrenaline pulse through your veins as you barrel through insane race tracks against monster trucks, race cars, off road vehicles and much more. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction is demolition racing at its extreme. Real world physics with 9 different game modes, and over 47 different vehicles available. Players may choose to race, smash and destroy their opponents in a wide variety of online and offline options. Lay waste to farm houses, fences, and then wreak havoc in a Detroit suburb, race up the walls in giant waste disposal sewers. Let the chaos begin as you race through over 60 different tracks, narrowly avoiding wrecking balls, Double Decker buses and much more. Create as much destruction in the all new monster tuck mode. Choose from 20 different playable characters, select your weapon from the 47 available vehicles! Create as much Chaos & Destruction! In stuntman mode anarchy rules create havoc with some rag doll fun. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction offers more vehicles, game modes and different ways to demolish your opponents before crossing the finish line.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 25 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3217
Genre Driving, Racing, Demolition Derby, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Team6 Game Studios, Team 6 Games Studio
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FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction reviews ( 7 )

Vasbelt, Dec 28, 2011

Great over the top arcade racing game. There are too much realistic racing games these days. Racing, Destruction Derby, Stunts and Monster Trucks missions in one game for a small price, great!. No regrets at all I bought this game. I recommend this game if you like over the top racing games.

Snikkels3, Dec 20, 2011

Good arcade game with nice graphics. Have a lot of fun, almost got all the achievements :-) Only too bad there are not many players online for the Multiplayer.

Cyttorak, Dec 16, 2011

I was very let down by FO3C&D, if you are thinking of getting this because you enjoyed the previous' flatout'sthen you will be very disapointed.The cars feel like they are go-karts, with no feeling of weight or speed to them.No sense of speed, eg; 150 mph feels like 50 mph and the cars appear to handle the same regardless of speed.Watered down physics compared to the previous FO's, cars try very hard not to roll over as if they have a magnet under them holding them to the ground.The previous FO's, cars crumpled and deformed realistically, but here they lose the doors, bumpers, the hood and that's about it as far as the damage system goes.Sound is very generic with many public domain sound effects for the crashes and bangs.No career mode to be found, instead its simply different race modes in which you unlock other tracks by winning events.The game pace is far too fast, it feels like about x2.5 the speed of the previous FO games.I feel if they changed the title of the game to remove FlatOut from it, and sold it as something else with a cheap price like $10, it would be more well received, because as it stands it is not worthy of the FlatOut title.The good: frame-rate seems smooth, graphics while medicore are passable, seems to be a good amount of content such as vehicles and tracks.Should you play it or not? if you are looking to play it because its a FlatOut game then i would heavily recommend you to avoid it, as it looks and plays NOTHING like the previous games.If you want to play an arcade racer then possibly it might be worth your time as a fun diversion, however its current price still does not warrant a purchase IMO.

Borrelia, Dec 29, 2012

This game is absolutely horrible in so many ways. I bought the complete pack on steam about six months ago and enjoyed FlatOut 2 and UC for many many hours. They were magnificent racing games that looked very well on my PC and were a lot of fun to play. I already read the reviews about Flatout 3, so I knew what I was up for, but since this game was in the complete pack I decided to download it and give it a fair chance. It was a complete waste of my time and bandwidth. Apparantly, this game was patched many times, but they still didn't fix the menu's. It looks ridiculous. The graphics look like they are from 10 years ago. Even FlatOut 1 looks better. The gameplay is bad. You have no feeling whatsoever with the cars. And it all just looks so uninspired and boring. It's not even a bad game in a fun way (like Big Rigs). It's just embarrassing. I usually think that everyone should give a game a fair chance. Because if I don't like it, you might, or someone else. Here I make an exception to that rule. I can not imagine anyone liking this game. I don't understand the positive reviews on this site. Seriously. Stay away from this game. Don't buy it. Don't even download it. There are so many better and cheaper games to buy, that will run smoother and have a bigger entertainment value. Forget this game exists. Forget. Forget...

ItaJohnson, Dec 15, 2011

well, im against doing a review of future content, so AS THE GAME STANDS it should be avoided like aids. it has no redeeming features and is nothing like the original games. the controls, graphics, physics, menus, gameplay modes are all FILTH! AND they got rid of the career mode!! i have never seen a worse sequel to any game in over 30 years of gaming! team 6 should all be rounded up and shot!

Moxicus, Dec 14, 2011

What a troll are you Ears14U? You are the same retard that gives Metro 2033 a zero?I waste no time writing a review about this disastrous piece of junk nor will I even consider propperly rating this game. This game is a shame and a total humiliation for the FlatOut series.

TwiTch_69, Dec 14, 2011

Being a fan of the flatout series I have been waiting for a very long time for a new flatout game.Well I hafto say to any fans of the game, this isnt a Flatout game, AT ALL... Flatout was all about the Physics of the car, and the destructibility of the vehicles, and neither of thoes things exist in this game. its a HUGE joke of a game, With all the better games on the market dont waist your time on this crap, if you liked the other flatouts and want to play something like it try the DIRT series.