FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Crack/Patch

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Flatout 4: Total Insanity elevates the level of hard hitting, fast paced action in the demolition derby style racing genre. The game offers bigger, louder, better and more outrageous stunts and collisions. Also, fans of the genre can still enjoy some of the popular classic stunts too, as FlatOut 4: Total Insanity offers something for FlatOut fans both new and familiar.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1258
Genre General, Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Strategy First, Kylotonn

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity reviews ( 4 )

gamerpc, Apr 19, 2017

The destruction feels more real than ever, cars go from brand new to a bunch of scrapped metal. It's not about getting there first, but about how much damage you deal. Almost anything can be torn to pieces, from a simple box to a house and not to mention the cars. It has new really cool modes, the weather changes the rules of the levels and there are cars that look like they came straight out of a Mad Max movie. Witness me!!!

SuperkenGaming, May 5, 2017

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Fun Racer with no balance Flatout 4 is an arcade racer that’s fun to play, with great track design, but broken rules and broken multiplayer… There’s a career mode here where you take place in racing cups, speed trials, and arena battles… Winning races and destroying opponents will earn you cash to buy better cars or upgrade your current car… The only problem is the payout is far too low… A low payout mixed with unbalanced rules makes getting through this career mode a drag… There is way too much emphasis on the total insanity aspect of this game… There’s a derby cup, classic, and all-star, but the rules remain the same unbalanced mess… You aren’t rewarded for being a flawless driver like let’s be honest.. I am of course… jokes... a little... I do have my moments… But there is a nitro boost to help you in races… The thing is that sure you get a little from jumps and sharp turns… but you only really get nitro for ramming into other cars.. because of this enemy ai is extremely aggressive, constantly spinning you out… doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realize that being out in front means there’s no one for you to hit.. There’s no way to fill up your nitro... you aren’t rewarded for maintaining certain speeds or dodging obstacles… because of this you have everything to lose by holding the top spot… it’s way too easy at the last moment for an opponent that’s been ramming into cars all race to use it nitro to catch up to you and then spin you out… forcing you to reset your car and be placed in the middle or near the end of the pack when you were in first place… this unbalance makes the racing segments of the game feel unfair.. Sure coming out on top against all odds is thrilling... but being first the whole time and then losing because there is no nitro reward for you makes the game feel cheap, and ultimately makes winning feel like you got lucky… this of course could be balanced out by high payouts for wins and damage.. But you don’t get that… the payouts are low so you can’t just go buy a better car... you’re stuck with playing the same tracks over and over until you can afford one… The tracks are well designed and fun to play through though.. easily the best part of the game… Outside of the grindy career there’s flatout mode which features stunt tracks where you try to nock items down for example for the most possible points, beat the bomb which is a race the clock checkpoint style challenge, carnage where you destroy as many items and cars as possible, and finally death match which like the arena modes in the career is a demolition derby style game, expect here you have infinite lives trying to get the most kills, while in the career its more last man standing… and finally there’s multiplayer.. Which is completely broken... I’d tell you how it plays but for 1 it’s a ghost town, no one’s playing it, and for 2 the game would crash every single time the match start counter got to 0, so don’t plan on buying this game for its online… The negatives of this game could be overlooked if the payout killed the grind… But unfortunately that isn’t the case… this game is an imbalanced grind that you’ll lose patience for… I give Flat-out 4: Total Insanity a 6.5/10

turbosnail, Apr 6, 2017

+ it's Flatout. + it's got the Stuntman mode - It's got PS2 graphics. No where near any modern racing game. - Feels budget, but is not priced budget - Career mode is finished in 15 minutes - Frustrating balancing

Symile, Aug 17, 2017

This game is very bad. The too long don't read I would give here is: Total Insanity... to play. And not in a good way either. Let's start with the menu. The first thing that pops into your ears is the horrible, wanna-be energetic 'rock' soundtrack, with all your favorite boy bands. One or two songs were decent. Definitely needed a quick way to turn off the 'radio' by, for example, holding the button down that changes songs. Quick play is somewhat alright. Limited and uninspired stunt modes lifted from 3 (same car too) and quite boring modes, that's either racing, racing with a gimmick, or arena. Flatout mode is at least somewhat fun actually. For the first few missions. Until you see that it's mandatory to get gold everywhere to unlock everything, including some/most cars, which require stupendously hard races to be done. The Stunt mode goals are insane in some, and easy for others. Jumps in difficulty are everywhere. career mode. People have said it to short, I would say that's a good thing with how bad it is. having to restart every race in every cup 15 times each to finish first or second isn't fun. Let's get into the real garbage, shall we? Racing itself. If you wanna race in this game, you need more determination than a certain poker-faced child. The AI is.... actually decent when it comes to racing itself. Put them on a track, with no player, and let them race, and they'll have a great time. Even the thought turns of some tracks are easy for them to master. And that's the problem. As where a player would need to exercise and practice ages to take a difficult turn or avoid a particular bump, they absolutely master it. They don't drive perfect by any means, but if they don't make an error, they do drive perfectly. It's like it's a lottery every second if they are going to make an error, with the odds heavily stacked against errors. This is even more apparent when you actually go and am one of them. Ram one in the rear, and 1/10 times, they will spin out slightly, if not fully lose control. The other 9 times your bumper will stick to theirs so hard you need to break to get loose. Which makes you go very slow. Another thing this game does is have a distinct programming in the Ai and the game itself, to increase difficulty artificially and pad out the game. If it wouldn't be for what I'm about to mention, I would have completed this game. And recommended it too! The AI in most races will specifically attempt to screw you over at every turn, while almost being friendly to each other. You won't see them go at each other with the same aggression as they treat you, especially in arena mode. if 3 people are left, you will always be chased by the two remaining ones. Always. They won't even ram into each other if one has their sides exposed for a T-bone crash. The frustration from this is tolerable, after all, a game that's made to screw you over fairly and that you can master fairly is good. That's why (most) people enjoy the dark soul's games. While they are not fair and hate you, you can master them, and they won't be that much of a challenge anymore. This game does the worst thing you can do as an AAA game, the sequel to another game that already perfected physics in a crash-based environment: Have the worst physics ever. Drive over a railroad track? get flipped on your roof. Graced a rock? Lose all control of your car as you slide over the track into the nearest wall. Fall of a wooden bridge? Expect to flip at least 2 times on impact. Hell, if you are turned around and moving backward because you spun out, and hold the button to accelerate down, you will actually not slow down faster, than by not pressing it!. That's right, it's slower to accelerate against moving backward than to not try to fight it. ???. Slippery, some people put it. Floaty. I'd describe it as: pretty tight... if you were on a flat plane with no obstacles, and no enemies. Then again, would that be fun? This game is **** and riding off a popular franchises name, luring you in with familiar features to then surprise you with a smack in the face, with a glove covered in cow manure. Avoid. You can have more fun playing bad Wii shovelware. Actually, go play Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing. Its way better than this game