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Flotilla Flotilla is a turn-by-turn space action exploration game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1245
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Brendon Chung / Brendon Chung
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Flotilla reviews ( 5 )

HwoDragon, Jan 31, 2012

I really liked Flotilla. At first, it's a bit confusing, but you quickly get the hang of battling in space- all directions. The entertaining casual storyline also makes it interesting, running into cats, crocodiles, space pirates, and the authorities. I would defiantly get this game again. As I'm writing this, the game's on sale, so you should check it out.

gamenutt5, May 19, 2013

This is a well polished, beautiful game by Blendo games. The combat is fun after you get a hold of the way you control your ships. Great for when you have an hour or two to blow. I really wish there was more depth of missions, but the skirmish alone is fun. I can't speak for the mods. The bad part is the really flat campaign.

carlosgtardon, Jun 10, 2014

Los videojuegos de simulación de combate espacial siempre suelen ser complejos y barrocos. Este consigue un equilibrio muy interesante entre las posibilidades y la sencillez que lo hace accesible a cualquier persona.

tech-noir, Sep 5, 2013

Aesthetically, there is very little that is appealing to the eyes. The colors are muted, bland, and everything looks generally uninteresting and drab. The battle mechanics feel completely broken at times, and the randomly generated elements do not add anything at all to the experience.

impure, Feb 19, 2012

When you first play Flotilla, it's a nice game. Space combat feels fresh and polished. However, about 2 hours into the game you will realize that there is no option to save and each 'game' lasts a few minutes and then you have to restart all over again. At first I looked in the forums to find a save feature, but I couldn't find one. This game could have easily been a full blown space RPG, but in it's current form I just can't recommend it unless you have plenty of cash to burn.