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Football Manager 2012 Counting over 800 new features, not including changes to the rules of the games 50+ leagues, Football Manager 2012 promises to be the most realistic, immersive and playable football management simulation ever for any fan who has ever dreamed of making the big decisions, both on and off the field.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1982
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Football, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Sega / Sports Interactive

Football Manager 2012 reviews ( 7 )

InsidePCgaming, Feb 26, 2012

96% FM2012 has great presentation which is nice and clear. I like the new menu layout. The most important information is available on the one homepage from fixtures, players contracts, top average players, budget, league position and more. The match graphics are extremely sharp and the stadium's look really good. It's clear from the first match that major work has gone into improving the 3D match engine. Hostile grounds such as those found in Italy and Turkey now show flares in the crowd igniting and glistening red with smoke belowing from them. For the full review please visit

khornol, Jul 22, 2012

I played EA's football manager like 5 years ago, then quit playing after some seasons, because it was kinda boring. Well, I read many good reviews about Sega's one and finally bought the 2012 version. And what should I say, I'm in season 7 now and no end in sight. This game is so much better than EA's, like the simple design and the immense number of available teams, players and even original staff members of all teams. To be honest there are some minor bugs, but nothing appreciable. The biggest difference between the two games is that you actually can see your tactic changes on the pitch! Playing EA's manager I got more the feeling that the results are random, but not in Sega's one.

Graalsa, Oct 26, 2011

Ciao a tutti, non riesco uno Giocare con Football Manager 2012 perchè quando devo iniziare la partita Il Gioco SI chiude, ho un MacBook mi aiutate per favore grazie

rotku, Dec 19, 2011

Learning for the mistakes of the previous versions. FM12 has developed into undoubtedly the most realistic football manager game ever. The sheer depth of the game is astounding and the players now feel like they have their own thoughts and needs. The agents area has been improved upon and it now feels like a fair balance between dealing with the player and dealing with the agent. The manager interaction has improved and the new director camera adds a bit of creativity to watching the match. The only downsides would be the press conferences which still feel monotonous and irrelevant and on occasions the need to be so in depth with the tactical area can take away from the fun gameplay of earlier versions. This is minor criticism though as this game is without doubt the best version yet.

Wadeyboy, Apr 5, 2012

The latest in this long running series is the best yet. All the things that previously put me off playing previous titles for any significant time, have now been rectified and this is the most complete experience of the series so far. The detail in this game is mind boggling and will be too much for some. However, this can be alleviated to a degree with the ability to offset aspects of the game you don't like to the control of the assistant manager, who will also give you advice throughout the game. Online help is extensive and context sensitive, making the game's complexity much easier to get to grips with. Pretty much everything in the game has been improved in the latest version and it's last major update. The array of different tactics plus the ability to design your own gives you almost infinite possibilities to get your team playing exactly how you want. The setpiece designer is also well thought out and easy to use. You also get chance to praise or criticise your team at half time with the ability to single out individuals and give them the famous Alex Ferguson style 'hair dryer' treatment so that they know in no uncertain terms that you are far from happy with their performance! You can even yell instructions from the sidelines during the game as well as change tactics on the fly. You can give your opinions to the press after the game as they grill you on the performance levels of your team and things you say to the press can be picked up on by your players with the possibility of upsetting some of them with your comments. Negotiating contracts and transfers brings you into contact with player's agents as they try and demand as much as they can for their clients and themselves and you can bring players into your office for a private word or two. Pretty much everything a real football manager does can be done in the game. The only disappointment is the sound - there isn't any! Apart from a few rudimentary sound effects during the match sequences, the game is played in total silence. Maybe a little music would be nice. The Match Of The Day theme or the ITV Champions League music would have added extra atmosphere and would be far preferable to silence. Individual teams 'theme songs' such as 'Marching On Together for Leeds, 'Blue Is The Colour' for Chelsea, etc would also have been a nice touch and could be an idea for future versions? The graphics during the match sequences are pretty basic and not up to the level of the arcade football titles like FIFA and Pro Evolution. Otherwise this game comes highly recommended, A football fan's wet dream!

jollysteve, Oct 25, 2011

It was a very good game back in, let's say, 2007. The problem is that there are a number of persistent issues, that the developers decided to ignore and instead keep adding "eye-candy" (you can't really call it that in this game). The AI managers are poor, the game doesn't utilize well modern hardware, some parts of the UI make simple tasks tedious, there are inadequate situations with transfers and contracts. This title gets released every year, but the changes are not good enough to justify a new game. Nowadays it is only an okay game.

fmdbl, Oct 25, 2011

Paid £29.99 for a game I am locked out of and cannot play. Do not buy if you have previously purchased football manager games as you can easily get locked out. I have brought every installment of Championship manager then Football manager since its first edition. The problem is with the 2012 version is that is only playable through steam. On the previous edition you could either chose to use steam or not. If you used steam to initially play on the 2011 version then changed to non steam you have activated a steam account. When you go to load the new game it finds this old account but you cannot get into this account unless you can remeber 3 separte pieces of information you would have entered a year ago in trying to load football manager 2011. So basically the new 2012 football manager has been loaded to this old account I cannot get into and so cannot verify to a new account and so am locked out and unable to play. Really a frustrating erxperience from something whixh is surposed to be relaxing down time..