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Football Manager 2013 Football Manager 2013 brings 900-plus new and enhanced features to the Football Manager series.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3174
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Sega / Sports Interactive
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Football Manager 2013 reviews ( 7 )

darkreign, Nov 4, 2012

I bought this game wondering how they could improve an already stellar experience, but they managed it. The AI of the players when watching the 3D match engine for me is the best improvment. It really feels like a proper game of football. Adding the FM Classic mode, whilst I prefer the standard game, is a nice addition to the series. Not everyone has the time or patience to play the full game, so a scaled down version will suit a lot of people. I would like to add aswell that the "micro transactions" only apply to this mode. People moaning about this need to realise that the main game is NOT affected by this addition. I personally don't see this an an issue, it's not hard to find a downloadable data editor which many people use anyway so if people want to cheat, then they will. Micro transactions are the future of gaming whether we like them or not, so it doesn't surprise or bother me that they're included. The simple thing to do if you don't like the idea of paying them is...Not to pay them. Simple.

HaniNachmias, Jul 11, 2013

Football Manager 2011+12 was really easy.. 2013 is more challenging, and really improved, 10/10, My most played game on steam. The new training system is great and easy to work with. The gameplay is wonderful. The sound.. meh, they could make the fans more realistic (example: Lords of Football) but it's okay.. The graphics are really improved from FM12. Fantastic game, 10 out of 10.

Firebala, Aug 31, 2013

The best manager I've ever played a game. I can only write about good things that are good for innovation. Classes can bind to the machine off. I look forward to the next part.

IMPERIUM, Jan 6, 2013

Well were to start, always been a big fan of FM but this years there are problems. Im just not enjoying as much as I thought I would of, I bought the game for not only single player but to play online with friends, Online mode is really buggy and slow when you play matches but its fine when your host. Now I done research on this and its happening to a lot of people where you play a game online and it takes around 10mins to complete a match and that's on full speed commentary only, So for me that's 1 thing that's messed it up for me because I was really looking forward to starting a league but really impossible due to the length of the games, it needs to be sorted out

tottiwin, Apr 22, 2013

prefer Fm 2012 fm 2013 * LOw Quality of game(during the game the player working like in NCL very POOr! * irreal velocity * good for training * booring for the irreal price the conclusion is if that fm 2012 is a game of 5 stars fm 2013 is a game of 2 is not good for the price of this year please working hard for the next! veramente una delusione .....vedere pattinare sul ghiaccio i giocatori e' irritante...come tutta la grafica.

blade01, Oct 2, 2014

This game is bad!!!Ive played the series since FM08, so i know how this game SHOULD work!Ive played FM2012 for years now and bought FM2013 and 2014 when they come out.FM2013 was so bad back than, i didnt played enough back than to review this **** .No FM2012 got some bugs cause it runs since it came out.Ive fought i give DM2013 a retry with the newest patch and 2014 isnt an option cause it suckz completely.FM 2012 was the best football related manager ever created in my opinion.The matchengine was a bit flawed here and there but all in all you could play with your own strategy and only the players you got are the limiting factor.In FM2013 the matchengine or the AI are the limiting factor.The players are unable to pass the ball around properly.Even the best players on this planet will screw up constantly.There are some improvements to 2012, true.The player can shield and stop the ball properly.In 2012 many ball where just cleared with a longshot to the center or your defenders produced throw-ins for you opponent.This is mostly gone.Instead SI screwed up EVERYTHING else.The passing is bad as i stated earlier.The crosses are soooo bad, the fly mostly out of the arena.And too much in the match is just random.There is no steady stream of passing, nearly no great plays.It boils down to overpowered winger and strangely goalkeepers.Sometimes a no-name GK will save EVERYTHING, even the hardest and best placed shots.But suddenly, he screws up when one of the bad crosses hits its target.Or your defenders are too passive when they play against a dribbler.Dribbler, they were too strong in 2014, now i see where this comes from.Ive played a halfe season in england and most of my goals where scorred by my wingers with dribbling.And most goals were not earned.I lost my best games 4:0 and won my worst games with 3 goals.This is random, sorry.Like i said, im not new to the series, im no noob.Ive won countless titles in every FM since FM08.But here?It never feels right.You win undeserved, this suckz.You lose undeserved, that suckz.This is part of real football, no question, but not like this and not constantly.Dont buy this game.Dont buy FM2014, its even worse.And pls, dont preorder FM2015.SI says **** you" to the consume since 2 years.Bad company.

jin718, May 9, 2013

I don't know how people are giving positive feedbacks for this game. FM2013 is the worst FM series that's been out so far. I have been playing this game since 2009 and i cant believe they messed up so hard this year. 3D engine looks like players are playing soccer on ice. 2012 was soooooo good and how can you guys ruin like this??? Don't purchase this piece of and stick with your FM2012 or wait for FM2014. Additionaly, FM2012 is the best.