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Football Manager 2014 FM 2014 features a rehauled transfer module in which opposing clubs and managers adopt a more realistic approach when making or responding to transfer offers. Additional, a host of new ‘real world’ transfer clauses have been added, such as the facility to loan a player back to the club he has just been bought from and the option to offer a combination of money and loan players, as well as new contract clauses such as a sub bench appearance fee. Beyond this, the old ‘turn-based’ system of transfer negotiations can now be accomplished two ways, the tried and tested system and a new ‘live’ system, similar to that used in Football Manager’s contract negotiations.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3290
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Sega / Sports Interactive
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Football Manager 2014 reviews ( 7 )

darksoul1111, Oct 31, 2013

it is better than the other ff13 with some good improvement. it is not a perfect game by far but the best football sim out there. So if you are a new to the serie get this one you will have a good time. my personal view is that this game can be compared to a civiliation serie not to pardox game such as the excellent crusader king 2 or the europa universlast 4. to sum up this is a halve way between a casual and hardcore simulatiob game.

hrster, Nov 28, 2013

I will admit that I have not played any games in the series except for Football Manager Handheld and I really enjoy it, but due to me not having a high-end PC the saving is very slow. In-game AI is also not very smart at times, but these do not really deter from the experience.

Dragon_Fly, Jun 9, 2014

I like this game but, it's not designed for a novice who has never played Soccer before; even worse to be trying to manage a soccer team. Wrestling with the board is the least of my problems. Figuring out how to positively impact the teams ability to win is my biggest problem. It would have been nice if they allowed an option to own a team rather than sitting there fighting the board all the time. Also, while this game is far more comprehensively detailed (IE. one can use more and train for formations for a match; this can not be done in Fifa Manager) and I'd say even more realistic than Fifa Manager, I think I will be sticking with the Fifa Manager franchise until they make this game a little less hardcore; I easily lost 10 hours of my life and I didn't even make it to the regular season! But, I will admit that this game is pleasantly immersive. Just do not forget to leave autosaves on and save backups. No matter how great your computer is, the game will crash and the save will get corrupted; manually going into the files: Documents>>Sports Interactive>>Football Manager 2014>>Games>>Restore Previous Version will be the only way to salvage a would be ruined game save. But if I was aspiring to be a real Futbol Manager, this would be the game to tinker with above all others...

Motcritic, Nov 28, 2013

I played FM since the very first CM, I saw the game evolving into a complex wonderful game, getting better and better with time, then we have FM 2014, the worst by far ever made. While the interface and some features are very well done, like communication with players, training, press conferences, the fundamental core of the game, football, is just a train wreck. In FM 2013 I could see the effects of shouting at my team, of changing tactics and sliders, in this game its all a huge randomness, doesn't really matter if you change anything at all. The football simulator is so bad that I can't stop laughing at player movement, its better to just go on holiday and not lose my time. I would say that for each 10 goals scored, 8 of them are absolutely ridiculous, and the amount of goals scored is too high, football is not hockey. What I find interesting is people rating this game at 7+, we can even see a lot of 9's and 10's, specially by "high reputation game raters" which pretty much define the metacritic score. This makes me think about the reliability of this people, when you read people saying "tactically-rich" you have to wonder how can someone fail so much at something that they should be good at. The only reason I can accept this scores is because this people never played another football manager, nor understand anything about football, anything at all.

robers, Dec 12, 2013

I used to love FM and CM. But playing FM 14 is like having a nightmare. Worst game from you. Waste of money. I´m gonna play some of the old manager games, much more fun

thalen, Mar 2, 2015

Sorry i have to give this badly made excuse of a game 0 !!!!!! yes 0. so many things wrong i do not have the time to write them all down so i will just give my 5 best reasons for rating 0. 1. Ryan Giggs contact is expiring and the greedy sod wants 250k p/w the board will only allow 175k p/w so he plans on leaving, Everton put in a bid which i can do nothing about.Now when he leaves and next time i am playing Everton he is in their team and i looked at him to discover he signed for them on 20kp/w ???? 2. Wayne Rooney scores 5 in a game and has 2 assists in a 9-0 thumping of Fulham this is the one and only time i have seen a player get a rating of 10 for a match, i praise him in the after match team talk only for the rest of the teams morale to go to abysmal and almost all those who played in the match ask to leave!!! 3. A 16 year old player at Inverness is valued at 26k so i bid 100k get refused and so on till i hit 1mil and at this point i ask to discuss and they say they will start discussions at wait for it 2.5mil !!!!! REALLY? as if. 4. Lose the match that you totally dominate to an own goal, i'm talking 35 shots at goal 15 on target 10 ccc and yet still lose to that 1 shot at goal and this almost always happens to be the bottom club. 5. Then we have the game that you know you are going to lose right at kickoff, one of your guys smashes the ball off the other then they both just stand there for what i can only assume is the other guy debating why his team mate just smashed the ball off him. Then we have EVERY pass will now just go to an opposition player(even goal kicks) EVERY defensive header will go straight to an opposition player EVERY throw-in will go to an opposition player. None of your defenders will tackle the whole match except that one time when he tackles the forward running into 2-3 defenders so he can just knock the ball into the path of his unmarked partner. I played this series through all the 90s when it was CM stopping 2001 and did not play again till this version and i have to say things have went backwards. I will never buy another version EVER that's how bad i rate this game. Some people tell me they like the 3D match engine but i will still give 0 as i have seen many games with better graphics.

Jyscalus, Nov 21, 2013

Absolutely disgusting game made by an absolutely disgusting company. Nothing but excuse after excuse as to why they made this junk. Absolutely horrible game that should be avoided at all costs. You have been warned.